Street names and numbers

We are responsible for

  • installing and maintaining street nameplates within the area
  • naming of new streets and numbering of properties within the Council boundary
  • renaming and renumbering of existing properties when required.

The Royal Mail is responsible for the allocating postcodes. Use the Royal Mail postcode finder or phone 

08456 011 110 

with question about postcodes.

The statutory addressing charter contains the processes, procedures and standards for street naming and numbering.

Download the statutory addressing charter (PDF)
Download the quick guide to street naming and numbering (PDF)

Naming streets

In general, new streets are named after people, places or events associated with the City of Edinburgh to preserve history and sustain our sense of place. Names should meet at least one of these criteria:

  • commemorate local history, places, events or culture, in particular any that relate to the site
  • honour and commemorate notable people associated with the local area or the City of Edinburgh as a whole, giving a woman’s name priority where possible
  • celebrate cultural diversity in the City of Edinburgh
  • commemorate national and international notable persons who are deceased
  • commemorate national and international events
  • strengthen neighbourhood identity
  • recognise native wildlife, flora, fauna or natural features related to the community or the City of Edinburgh as a whole.

We keep and update a bank of potential street names for the various parts of the city. You can propose names to be added to the bank through your ward councillors, local community council, neighbourhood network or by emailing Proposed names should be accompanied by some detail as to the history behind the suggestion.

Download the bank of street names (PDF)

Apply for a new street name or number

Submit applications for new addresses as soon as possible once a building warrant has been granted.

Download the statutory address application form (PDF)

Apply for a confirmation of address

To confirm the statutory address of an existing property.

Download the confirmation of address application form (PDF)

If you require a Statutory Notice a fee is chargeable. If confirmation in a letter is sufficient there is no fee. 

Street nameplates

Use this form to apply for street nameplates for a new development. You can submit this before completion of works. 

Download the street signs application form (PDF)

To report problems with a street nameplate in an existing street please complete this form. 

Download missing or damaged signs form (PDF)


Street naming and numbering is a chargeable service. The proceeds are used to cover administration costs. 

Download the statutory addressing fees (PDF)

Street naming and numbering

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