Forth Green Freeport

A Green Freeport is a zoned area within which operators and businesses can access tax benefits and other incentives.

Green Freeport objectives

  • Promoting regeneration and high-quality job creation.
  • Promoting decarbonisation and a just transition to a net zero economy.
  • Establishing hubs for global trade and investment.
  • Fostering an innovative environment.

The Forth Green Freeport is one of two Green Freeports in Scotland. It spans a 45 kilometre wide site in the Forth Estuary that encompasses Edinburgh, Falkirk, and Fife.

Within the Forth Green Freeport, there are three "tax sites"

  1. Grangemouth
  2. Mid-Forth (Burntisland and Leith)
  3. Rosyth

and four "customs sites"

  1. Edinburgh Airport
  2. Grangemouth
  3. Mid-Forth (Burntisland and Leith)
  4. Rosyth

Benefits and incentives for businesses

Businesses investing in the tax sites can potentially access the following tax benefits

Businesses investing in the custom sites can access incentives such as

  • duty suspension
  • duty flexibility
  • duty exemption for re-exports
  • simplified import declarations

Find out more about the Forth Green Freeport on their website.