Waste collections for new housing developments

If you're an architect or developer and planning a new housing development or converting any property into flats, you must agree a recycling and waste management strategy with the Waste Management team.

You need to

  • make sure the recycling and waste collection system for your properties is designed to meet the needs of the residents and the Council
  • make sure there is enough space for all waste types, it is safe to access, use and operate and helps deliver the Council’s waste policies and Scottish legislation
  • meet the neighbourhood environment services officer who deals with your area and agree a plan and the design of the service
  • put in place arrangements to pay for the infrastructure and make sure it is maintained
  • make sure the Council is given warning for anything it needs to do - for example, if we are ordering and delivering bins on your behalf.

If you don’t do this, it will lead to expensive changes later in your design process, and we might not be able to provide a service. You should meet us as early as possible. 

Download our instructions for architects and developers. Some of our downloads are not fully accessible. For help, please email waste@edinburgh.gov.uk.