Getting the most from your recycling

When the wrong items are put in recycling bins it can spoil the rest of the contents and stop them from being recycled.

Recycling is easy, if you watch our YouTube recycling top tips video you won’t go wrong, and we will be able to make the best use of what you put in the recycling bin.

Check it

Make sure it’s on the ‘yes please list’.  You can also watch our YouTube to see what can go in your recycling bin. For more options, there's also our recycling sorter.

Empty it

Make sure any bottles or containers are empty. Remember, you can leave plastic drink bottle tops on, but please remove any pump sprays.

Rinse it

Rinse any food and drinks packaging with water before putting it in the recycling bin – you can even use dish water to do this. Even small bits of food and grease can spoil other items in the recycling bin, like paper and cardboard. Make sure your efforts don’t go to waste.

Rip it

Rip off any greasy parts from pizza boxes and put those in the non-recyclable waste bin. The clean cardboard can go in your green recycling bin.

Remove it

Remove peel film lids and coverings off plastic bottles, tubs, pots and trays. Plastic film, wrapping and cellophane can’t be recycled in the mixed recycling bin. You don’t need to remove labels though. Do remove any polystyrene.

Separate it

Don’t store containers and packaging inside each other - it’s difficult to separate them at the recycling plant.

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