Lying at rest

What you need to know

Last updated 12 September 2022

Her Majesty The Queen’s coffin will Lie at Rest in St Giles’ Cathedral, giving an opportunity for the public to pay their respects.

Where, when and how to queue

Mourners will be able to file pass the coffin from around 5:30pm today until 3pm on Tuesday 13 September.

Large crowds are expected and there are likely to be delays on public transport. Please plan ahead and check the latest travel advice. Be prepared to stand in long queues.

The queue will start at George Square (south west corner), next to Edinburgh University Library. Wristbands will be issued and once you have one you can walk the designated route to the security tent at St. Giles' Cathedral.

The distance from the wristband entrance to St. Giles' Cathedral is 1.5 miles in length. There is mixed and challenging terrain due to the nature of the Old Town including cobbles, steep incline and uneven surfaces.

What you should and should not bring

There is a strict bag policy in operation. You are only permitted to bring one small bag per person into St Giles' Cathedral. It must be smaller than 40cmx30cmx20cm, with one simple opening or zip so you can move quickly through the security check.

Large items being carried in addition to bags will not be admitted. This includes sleeping bags, blankets, carrier bags, folding chairs, camping equipment, and children’s pushchairs.

Non – retractable umbrellas will not be permitted.

Remember to bring

  • clothing to protect you from cold or wet weather
  • food and drinks to consume in the queue. There are limited places to buy refreshments along the route. Any food items and liquids must be consumed or disposed of before you enter the security search point on George IV Bridge. Clear water bottles are permitted, but must be emptied of their contents before you enter the security search point
  • sunscreen, if required, which must be disposed of before you enter the security search point
  • mobile phone charger. You are likely to be in the queue for a long time so consider bringing a small portable power bank to use if you need to charge your phone
  • essential medication or equipment that you need to keep with you. Please explain this to the security staff or police at the security search point so they can check the items

Security and searches

To keep everyone safe, security measures are in place at St Giles. Please follow instructions given by the police, stewards and other volunteers.

The police may conduct security searches along parts of the queue.

Before entering St Giles' Cathedral, you will go through an airport-style security search point.

Restrictions on bags and other items will be strictly enforced. Prohibited items including food, drinks and other liquids, will be confiscated at the search point and disposed of.

If there is a security incident or you spot a suspicious item, alert the stewards or the police and follow their instructions.

You should not

  • film, photograph, use mobile phones or other handheld devices in the security search area or within St Giles'
  • bring or erect gazebos or tents
  • light barbecues and fires
  • attempt to queue on behalf of others or ask others to queue on your behalf
  • leave personal items unattended in the queue or St Giles' Cathedral. Unattended bags or other items will be removed and may be destroyed

Prohibited items

You must not bring any of the following items into the security search point or St Giles' Cathedral.

Prohibited items will be confiscated and will not be returned. Illegal items will be dealt with by the police.

  • bags larger than 40cm x 30cm x 20cm in size, bags or rucksacks with expandable compartments, bags or rucksacks with multiple pockets or complex openings, solid sided bags, or bags on wheels
  • flasks including metal reusable water bottles
  • no food or liquids of any kind. Clear plastic or glass reusable water bottles will be permitted but must be emptied before entering
  • tribute items including flowers, candles, soft toys, photographs
  • medium to large sized cameras including telescopic lens, video recorders and other electrical similar sized equipment
  • personal defence equipment such as flick knives, butterfly knives and personal defence sprays. Items which are lawful in some countries are not permitted in the UK and anyone found in possession of such items are liable to arrest
  • sharp items suchs as
    • knives, including Swiss Army knives
    • scissors
    • cutlery
    • screwdrivers
  • paint sprays
  • padlocks
  • chains
  • climbing gear
  • fireworks, smoke canisters, air horns, flares, whistles, laser devices and other items that could be used to cause a disturbance or noise
  • banners, placards, flags and similar items that could be used to cause a disturbance.

Please note, flowers can be laid in Middle Meadow Walk and Palace of Holyrood House but will not be permitted into St Giles' Cathedral.

Exiting St Giles’

As you leave St Giles' Cathedral, you should move away from the exit area straight away so that you do not prevent others from exiting. This will help everyone to keep the queue moving.

If you have left a bag or other item at the bag drop facility, you must collect your item straight after your visit.

When you leave St Giles', follow the signs and directions given by stewards to return to the bag drop facility and collect your bag or item.


The security search point and St Giles Cathedral have step-free access. Guide dogs, hearing dogs and other official assistance dogs are permitted within St Giles' Cathedral.

Conduct and behaviour

Please respect the dignity of this event and behave appropriately. You should remain silent while inside St Giles' Cathedral. In order that as many people as possible can pay their respects we would ask everyone to continue to move through the cathedral at a steady pace.

The vigil queue will be patrolled. Antisocial or inappropriate behaviour, including queue-jumping, excessive consumption of alcohol, or drunken behaviour, will not be tolerated and you will be removed from the queue.