Tram safety

Advice for everyone on staying safe 

To stay safe near trams and tram tracks, it is important that you

  • Be aware of your surroundings. Trams are quiet and you may not hear them until they are very close
  • Don't gamble at junctions, wait for the green light and until the road is clear, a tram could be coming

Advice for people walking and wheeling

  • Trams are quiet, so listen for the bell
  • Take care in wet or wintry conditions, the tracks will be slippery
  • Wearing headphones? On the phone? Look out for trams, you may not notice them until they are very close

Advice for people cycling

  • Avoid leaning when crossing tram tracks
  • Take care when cycling in the rain, the tracks are slippery
  • Mind the gap. Keep your wheels out of the tram tracks, especially when overtaking other vehicles or turning at junctions. You should cross at least at 45 degrees, 60 if possible. If you can't, you should consider getting off your bike.
  • Know your limits. Depending on the situation and your cycling experience, you may prefer to get off your bike at a safe point on the road to continue your journey
  • Think ahead and signal early. Plan how you will cross the tracks and let other road users know your intentions
  • Please follow the red cycle lanes wherever they have been provided when crossing the cross the tram tracks
  • The red cycle lanes are the safest route to cross the tram tracks to avoid slipping or getting your wheels stuck
  • Look out for and comply with the cycle early release traffic signals where they have been provided
  • Look out for and comply with the low-level cycle traffic signals where they have been provided
  • Look out for vehicles, in most cases the red cycle lanes are advisory lanes meaning vehicles can enter them.

Watch the videos below for further safety guidance and specific advice on a section of Princes Street.

Advice for people driving

  • Think ahead and signal early. Let other road users know your intentions
  • Avoid stopping on tram tracks. Give trams space, they can't swerve to avoid you
  • Look out for pedestrians, especially children, crossing the road near to tram stops
  • Give cyclists space, not just to the side but from behind. They need time and extra space to cycle safely near tram tracks
  • If you see a cyclist indicating to turn across the tracks, you should stay at least 12 metres behind them - this is the length of 2 ½ cars or a bus
  • Avoid driving on the red cycle lanes if possible

Working near or around tram

For information related to working near or around the tramway please visit Edinburgh Trams website.