Landlord registration

Most landlords in Scotland must register with their Council to ensure that they are a fit and proper person to let property. It is the owner of the property who must apply. 

Owners must declare any agent they use to rent their property. 

An agent may be a

  • letting agent
  • solicitor 
  • friend 
  • relative

who manages the property for you by arranging repairs and collecting the rent.

The maximum fine for operating as an unregistered landlord is £50,000.

If you are carrying out letting agency work, you may need to register separately, please visit the Scottish Letting Agent Register for further information.


Renew an existing landlord registration - up to 90 days before it expires or update your existing registration.

Apply to become a landlord

Find out more about prescribed information and your obligations as a landlord. Before you apply for registration, please ensure that you understand and meet all obligations as a landlord.

As of 2 February 2024, you will only be able to renew your existing registration for 12 months after it has expired. After this, you will no longer be able to do so and will have to submit a new application to continue to let your property legally. If you no longer let a property, you must email us before the end of the 12 month period, stating your name and registration number so that your registration can be updated or removed.

Registration fees

The fee for registration is £80 plus £18 per each property. The late application fee is £160. 

All discounted fees can be found on the Landlord Registration website

Find a landlord's contact details

You can search for landlord contact details to check if a landlord of a specific property is registered and to find out how to contact the landlord. If the property does not appear to be registered, please contact us.

Enforcement or complaints

If your enquiry is regarding an unregistered let, the condition of a private rental property or if you have any concerns about the conduct of a landlord, please email our Enforcement team

Contact us

Email us if you have a query about the registration process, would like to check the status of your landlord registration, or you have not received your registration number or correspondence two weeks after your initial submission