Empty homes

Bringing empty homes back into use

An empty home is a privately-owned property that has been vacant for 6 months or more.

Empty homes

  • are a waste of resource that could be used for local housing needs and demands
  • can become an eyesore, risking antisocial behaviour such as vandalism, fly tipping, graffiti and break ins
  • can place an unnecessary burden on the resourses of the Council as well as emergency services
  • can attract increased Council Tax, insurance, security and maintenance.

Owners of empty homes can face a significant financial drain. Shelter Scotland estimates an empty home can cost an owner over £7,000 a year.

If you have an empty home, you could rent it out to get rental income or sell it and get lump sum from the sale.

By bringing your empty home back into use, this could help you

  • reduce costs
  • benefit financially
  • remove a burden
  • give someone a much-needed home.

Everyone can benefit from an empty home being brought back into use. Homes that are lived in help to support safer communities and the local economy. Re-occupied empty homes improve the area and provide a home for families in need of housing, reducing redundant housing which increases housing stock.

If you are the owner of an empty home and would like advice on your options, please email us


Download more information on how to bring your empty home back into use (PDF)

How we can help

We realise properties can become empty for a variety of reasons. Our Empty Homes service which works with the Scottish Empty Homes Partnership provides help, support and advice to owners and other interested parties to bring empty homes back into beneficial use.

We can help you

  • explore options available to owners, such as selling the property or becoming a private landlord, making more homes available to buyers and renters
  • engage with other stakeholders including introductions to the Public Sector Leasing scheme which can help with loans and management of the rental of your empty home
  • access discounts on building services and VAT.

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