Smoke control

The whole of Edinburgh is a smoke control area. This means that smoke can't be emitted from the chimney of any building. The smoke control rules don't apply to bonfires.

For advice or to complain about smoke from a chimney please contact us.

Some solid fuel stoves, ovens and boilers have been approved for use in smoke control areas. These appliances are exempt from the provisions of the Clean Air Act 1993 if they are installed and used properly.

Otherwise, fuels that you can use for heating homes, buildings and water include gas, electricity and some brands of solid fuel that have been authorised for use in smoke control areas. Fuel that hasn't been authorised can't be delivered in a smoke control area unless the fuel is to be used in an exempt appliance.

See the advice on authorised fuels and exempt appliances on Defra's website.

Burning any solid fuel, even in an exempt appliance, results in the emission of pollutants including fine particulate matter (PM2.5) and Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2). Therefore, to reduce pollution and protect everyone’s health, it is best to avoid the use of solid fuel particularly in urban areas.

Environmental protection

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