Report a problem with a bonfire

Bonfires and burning outdoors

Contact your locality office team if you are concerned about problems such as bonfires

  • that would be unsafe
  • on public land.  


Edinburgh's smoke control rules don't extend to bonfires and other burning outdoors. There are no bylaws that forbid garden bonfires or restrict the time at which they can be lit.

If you are burning a bonfire however, you should take appropriate steps to avoid annoying your neighbours. It is wise only to burn dry material during suitable weather conditions and keep the fire away from trees, fences and buildings. It is best to compost garden waste and not to burn bonfires if possible.

Download a leaflet about garden bonfires (PDF, 137KB)

If you are bothered by smoke from a bonfire or other burning that is taking place outdoors you can complain to us. We will visit and consider whether the smoke is causing a statutory nuisance and take action if necessary.

You can complain if waste is being burned that is causing dark smoke. This may be an offence that can be dealt with under the Clean Air Act 1993.

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