Proposal to designate a Short-Term Let Control Area

A proposal to consult on the designation of a short-term let Control area for the entire Council area was approved by the Planning Committee on 11 August 2021.

A public consultation is now open on our Consultation Hub.

Legislation introduced in April 2021 allows a local authority, subject to the approval of Scottish Government to choose all or part of their area as a short-term let control area. 

Following the consultation, if the Council gives the go ahead and the proposal is approved by the Scottish Government, the new powers would mean all residential properties, which are not an owner’s principle home, being let as short-term lets in their totality throughout the local authority area would need approval of a ‘change of use’ to a short-term let.

Designation of a Short-Term Let Control Area for the entire Council area will not be a blanket ban. It will bring the change of use of all dwellings to short-term lets within planning control. It allows decisions to be taken under the Development Plan and material considerations. The Short-Term Let Control Area will not impact on letting out of rooms or entire property lets where the property is the principal home of the host and the host is absent.

The proposal is supported by

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