High hedges

The High Hedges Act (Scotland) 2013 came into force on 1 April 2014. It helps when neighbours cannot resolve problems with high hedges. It provides an independent assessment of a high hedge that may interfere with the reasonable enjoyment of domestic property.

Before applying for a high hedge notice you must

Apply for a high hedge notice

Apply for a high hedge notice

Complete an application form and return with accompanying documents to the high hedge notice address.


Submit the appropriate fee with your application. £350 for a basic high hedge application, plus £100

  • per property to be assessed if there are many applicants
  • if the hedge has more than 6 owners.

There will be no fee

  • for an application by someone registered disabled
  • in the case of hardship, at discretion of the head of service.

You must cover the cost where more reports are required, such as a wildlife survey.


100% refund will be given when

  • it is clear that the application is incomplete or does not relate to a hedge, or you withdraw the application before the application is registered
  • we dismiss the application under section 5 for failure to follow pre-application requirements
  • a high hedge notice is served on a Council owned hedge. 

We will refund you 50% if you withdraw the application within 28 days of the application being registered.

There is no refund if you withdraw the application after 28 days.