Hearing aid batteries

New batteries

If you have hearing aids from the NHS Lothian Audiology Department, you can collect new batteries from Edinburgh libraries. If you have purchased your hearing aid battery privately you must return to the original supplier.

You can collect your hearing aid battery supplies from all libraries in the city and recycle NHS hearing aid batteries.

Please bring your yellow audiology battery book with you to collect your new batteries. This will tell the library staff what kind of battery you need.

Find a library

Individuals will get two packs of batteries for each hearing aid every four months.

If you have any queries regarding increased battery use please phone the Audiology office

0131 536 1637.

Deaf Action on Albany Street will also have hearing aid battery supplies for NHS hearing aids

0131 556 3128.

Fitting hearing aid batteries

Staff at Deaf Action will fit new hearing aid batteries for you.

Library staff will not fit new batteries.

Maintaining your hearing aid 

NHS Lothian have put together some short films on how to maintain your hearing aid

Recycling points

Libraries have recycling points for old batteries. Most large supermarkets and rubbish tips have bins to recycle batteries.

Find your nearest recycling point by entering postcode into the Battery Back website.