The Edinburgh promenade

The Edinburgh promenade is on the banks of the Firth of Forth and stretches 17 km from Granton to Joppa. The promenade's design code was developed in 2008 and shows the phases and nodes for development, which includes

  • bins
  • signage
  • benches
  • public art.

The first two sections of the promenade were complete in 2009 and 2011. The complete section of just under 4 km is ideal for a short

  • run 
  • walk
  • bike ride.

On your way you can also see the brass rubbings trail at Granton and Silverknowes, designed by children from local schools. See if you can find them all.

Podcasts on the prom

Find out more about the history and wildlife surrounding the promenade near Cramond and Granton by downloading the podcasts, made by pupils from P5 at Granton Primary School and Victoria Primary School.

The children researched the history of this area of the promenade by visiting the Maltings Museum 500 at Cramond Harbour.

Some of the things you can learn about are the

  • old buildings around Cramond 
  • history of Cramond Island and Granton Harbour
  • types of birds and wildlife you can see.

Thank you to teachers and and P5 at Granton Primary and Victoria Primary for all your hard work.