Edinburgh Living Landscape

Nature in your neighbourhood

The Edinburgh Living Landscape is a partnership project that creates, restores and connects green areas of the city to make attractive and biodiverse landscapes. Landscapes will be healthy, nature rich and resilient to climate change.

How a Living Landscape looks

Edinburgh Living Landscape means changes to how some of our outdoor spaces will look. The project involves measures such as

  • creating annual and perennial meadows 
  • reducing how often some areas of grass are cut and allowing natural grassland to thrive
  • mowing pathways through areas of longer grass so they can still be explored and enjoyed
  • planting trees and creating woodlands
  • increasing our use of herbaceous perennial planting
  • planting bulbs .

View additional examples on Edinburgh Collected. View the finalists from our Living Landscape photography competition on Edinburgh Collected

Benefits of Living Landscapes

Allowing grassland habitats to develop in a more natural manner in urban settings by reducing grass cutting or sowing flowering plants offers

  • increased biodiversity as birds, mammals and insects are attracted to wilder or more natural areas
  • reduced costs of maintained areas of grassland
  • added colour to the cityscape as we plant flowering species
  • reduces CO2 release due to less cutting, which also helps lock-up carbon in soils.

Map of Living Landscape features

View a map of Living Landscape features across the city from 2019. Search for features near you, and click on the coloured areas on the map to find out more. If you have suggestions for additional sites, please contact us.   


  • The City of Edinburgh Council
  • Scottish Wildlife Trust
  • Edinburgh and Lothians Greenspace Trust
  • Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh
  • University of Edinburgh

View the latest news, project updates and information about our key partners.

The Living Landscape Programme so far

Get a detailed review of the programme over the last 3 years and our plans for the coming season in the evaluation report below. 

Download Edinburgh Living Landscapes resources - PDFs
Download evaluation report 2018 - PDF

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