Access our parks and greenspace

Enjoy parks responsibly

Please note that following Government advice regarding the Coronavirus pandemic, there are car park closures in force and some restrictions around the use of parks. This page will be updated when more information becomes available.

The Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2003 introduced access rights to most land throughout Scotland. The act, and the accompanying Scottish Outdoor Access Code, set out how to enjoy the outdoors and manage land responsibly. Users of Edinburgh's parks and greenspaces should enjoy them responsibly.

 The Scottish Outdoor Access Code explains access rights.

Management rules for parks and green spaces

For event organisers, temporary restriction of access - section 11 orders.

We have a duty under the Land Reform Act to uphold and promote access rights. To do this and ensure park users behave responsibly, we have introduced management rules for public parks and green spaces. 

Download the management rules for parks and greenspaces - PDF 

Core paths

Core paths can be

  • rights of way
  • signposted paths 
  • cycle tracks
  • footways
  • any other routes that provide the public with access to places they want to go.

Core paths form the basic system of paths around the city. One of the key duties of the Land Reform Act is to produce a core path plan.

Download the Edinburgh core paths plan - PDF

Download the map of Edinburgh's core paths - PDF

See the core paths by selecting the layer list, the middle icon in the top right-hand corner, then selecting the Atlas then Transport then Core paths.

View an interactive core path map

To find out more about core paths please contact

Local Access Forum

Edinburgh's Local Access Forums (LAF) is an advisory body established under the Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2003. It advises us, as well as other individuals and organisations, on access rights. It

  • assists in resolving access disputes
  • advises on the existence and delineation of rights of way
  • assists with producing Edinburgh's core paths plan.

Members of the LAF are appointed by the Access Authority and represent four main groups

  • recreational users
  • landowners and managers
  • community groups
  • local or national organisations

ensuring a balance of land management and recreational interests on the LAF.

Edinburgh's LAF meets about once every six months.

If you are interested in finding out more or becoming a member please contact

Commercial dog walkers

We encourage commercial dog walkers who use Edinburgh's parks and greenspace to sign up to a code of conduct and register their details with us.

By complying with the code of conduct, you can

  • reduce your impact on the parks and other user
  • set a good example to other dog walkers
  • deliver a safe and quality service to your customers.

Register as a professional dog walker 

Outdoor fitness instructors

Outdoor fitness trainers who charge for their services need permission to use our parks and green spaces.

Register as an outdoor fitness trainer