Job, Education and Training (JET) Programme

The JET Programme is a work-based learning programme. It is for pupils in the senior phase of high school. It combines school education with vocational training and real life work experience.

You will

  • work towards a national qualification in employability as well as your national 4s and 5s
  • have a full day's work experience placement each Friday from September to April.

Speak to your depute head or guidance teacher if you want to take part in JET.

Christmas leavers

If you are a Christmas leaver, you can have a full time extended work experience placement with an employer in the city. This is from August until Christmas instead of going to school.

You will take part in employability training sessions before starting your work experience.

Near the end of the programme, we will help and support you decide your next steps.

Speak to your depute head or guidance teacher, if you want to take part in JET for Christmas leavers.

Health and safety

If you are supporting a self-found or JET placement, please complete the form below where you will be asked placement, health and safety and employers liability insurance details. 

Self-found or JET placement form

If you have any questions about work placements in Edinburgh please contact us.

The City of Edinburgh Council DYW team

Telephone: 0131 529 6900