Commercial and construction noise

Report noise from businesses

To find out how we can help with noise from businesses contact us on

0131 608 1100

The types of noise could be 

  • vibration
  • entertainment
  • industrial noise
  • noise from road works
  • early morning deliveries
  • commercial, house or car alarms
  • construction or demolition noise
  • commercial noise such as air conditioning units .

Building and construction sites

As a general rule noisy work from construction sites should usually only disturb you Monday to Saturday 7am to 7pm. There are some exemptions to this and other restrictions which may apply. Please contact us for more information.

Pubs and clubs 

You should not be able to hear amplified music from nearby pubs and clubs in your home. This does not include temporary venues and events. 

If you are disturbed in the evening or at the weekend, call Licensing Standards Officers on 

0131 200 2000 

  • Monday to Thursday 12.15pm to midnight 
  • Friday and Saturday 5.15pm to 4am 
  • Sunday 3.45pm to 2.30am.

For general information regarding noise from pubs or clubs email

New premises or change of use of a property

Sometimes new premises, or one that has a change of use may have noise conditions imposed on it by its planning permission. Check relevant planning permission via the planning portal.