Communal bin roll out continues to be a success

The first phase of new communal bin hubs rolled out by the City of Edinburgh Council is continuing to lead to a massive drop in the number of overflowing bin reports to the local authority.

Figures reported to the Transport and Environment Committee last week for January to September (Thursday, 16 November) show that the number of requests reporting overflowing bins in the areas in phase one where new communal bin hubs have been installed have decreased significantly, with a drop of 85% continuing to be recorded for communal mixed recycling bins compared to pre-pandemic levels.

The Cleansing Performance report considered at the same committee shows the cleanliness scores getting back to normal after the Covid pandemic and Edinburgh comparing well to other urban areas. The report includes the steps being taken to further improve the cleanliness of all areas across the city.

Cllr Scott Arthur Environment Convener said:

Both of these reports and all of these figures show that we are continuing to get the basics right for residents. The communal bin hubs are making a real difference to communities and helping to keep areas looking clean and tidy so residents can take pride in where they live. In May, I said I was confident that these positive trends would continue and it is good to see that happening.  I look forward to further reports on the continued success of this project when it is complete and we do more analysis next year.

I’d like to thank residents and Council staff for all they have contributed to the success of this project.



Published: November 21st 2023