Transport Convener: Zero tolerance for anti-social behaviour on city’s buses

The City of Edinburgh Council’s Transport and Environment Convener has condemned anti-social behaviour towards Lothian Buses employees.

Councillor Scott Arthur’s comments follow an open letter from Sarah Boyd, managing director of Lothian Buses, which acknowledges an increase in abusive behaviour towards drivers and other customer-facing people, as well as frontline workers around the city. 

In the letter, published in the Edinburgh Evening News, Sarah Boyd appeals for respect and courtesy from customers. 

Councillor Scott Arthur, Transport and Environment Convener, responded to the letter, saying:

It’s extremely disappointing to hear that Lothian Buses’ employees are having to endure abusive and anti-social behaviour. These keyworkers work hard to provide a trusted, essential service for the city and it’s appalling that they’re having to put up with this kind of treatment. 
We’ve pulled through an exceptionally challenging few years together, as a city, and I’m grateful for the indispensable role Lothian Buses played during the pandemic. We should not forget that drivers faced unknown risks everyday getting keyworkers to work.
The current Europe-wide driver shortage means all bus companies face huge challenges in maintaining their network, but I know the vast majority of people in Edinburgh understand this and will continue to support Lothian Buses by reinforcing a zero tolerance stance on anti-social behaviour.

Visit Lothian Buses website  for more information on services.

Published: November 21st 2022