Edinburgh residents asked to buy responsibly this Christmas

A new campaign encouraging residents to have a less wasteful Christmas and help reduce their impact on the environment
Have a less wasteful Christmas and help reduce their impact on the environment

A new campaign encouraging residents to have a less wasteful Christmas and help reduce their impact on the environment has been launched today (22 November).

Following on from the city-wide Net Zero Challenge, which encourages people learn about the cost to the climate of everyday actions by measuring their carbon footprint, the new multi-media campaign aims to build upon the momentum gathered by the COP26 conference. Edinburgh residents are being urged to buy more responsibly and to avoid waste where possible, by choosing local suppliers and products, asking for pre-loved or home-made gifts and cutting down on food waste.

Residents will also be encouraged to use the Edinburgh Reuse Map, developed in partnership with Changeworks, to discover where items can be sourced second-hand or for free, fixed, donated or even upcycled.

As well as content promoted through billboards, bus shelters, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and radio, additional practical information and support on wasting less over the festive season, including details on recycling and Christmas tree uplifts, and plastic-free shops across the city is also available to residents at http://www.Edinburgh.gov.uk/GreenChristmas

Council Leader, Councillor Adam Mcvey said:

The Green Christmas campaign aims to build on the momentum and interest in the climate crisis from COP26 coming to Scotland, to encourage even more people across the city to take climate action and help deliver a cleaner, greener capital.

The vast majority of people in Edinburgh agree that we  need to cut down on waste over Christmas. 

And from choosing gifts with recyclable or minimal packaging, avoiding items that can’t be recycled – such as glittery cards or shiny wrapping paper, to supporting local shops and choosing local food to cut down on air miles - there’s lots of ways we can all be greener in the run up to holidays to be more sustainable and look after our beautiful city and precious planet.

Depute leader, Cammy Day said:

Although going totally waste free this Christmas may be a tall order, there’s still lots we can all do to cut down.

Small changes do add up and, as well as being good for the environment, can often save you time and money too. For example, planning your meals ahead of time so you only buy the food you need can help you save up to £437 a year, and helps us tread more lightly.

Have a Greener Christmas

  • Use the Zero Waste Edinburgh map to find your nearest plastic free and wholesale grocery shops
  • Support local shops and choose local food to cut down on your carbon footprint.
  • New Christmas electronics? Join others and donate unwanted laptops and phones to Edinburgh Remakery for refurbishment and help cut down on waste.
  • Broken items? Borrow any tools you may need from the Edinburgh Tool Library, to try and fix it yourself or find a local businesses that can do it for you.
  • Buy more responsibly this Christmas by asking yourself these 5 questions:
    • #1 How sustainable is this? What’s it made of? What’s the energy efficiency rating?
    • #2 Can I find this second hand? You may find the same for much less
    • #3 How long will it be loved for? Choose things which will last
    • #4 Who made it? Can the brand you’re buying from guarantee that everyone in the supply chain was paid fairly and had safe working conditions?
    • #5 Do I really need it? Check what you already have
  • The number of brussels sprouts wasted over Christmas in the UK could power a home for 3 years. Turn any leftovers into tasty meals www.lovefoodhatewaste.com


Published: November 22nd 2021