Former Royal High School on the open market

The former Royal High School has been put on the open market by the City of Edinburgh Council for interested parties to submit development proposals in return for a long lease of the building.

The Council’s Finance and Resources Committee agreed in January in a private session that the historic and iconic building on Calton Hill would be remarketed, signifying the start of a new chapter for the site which lies at the heart of Edinburgh’s original World Heritage Site.

Any proposals need to ensure a sustainable long term future for the Royal High School, be of the highest architectural quality and take into account the conclusions drawn by the Scottish Ministers following the public inquiry.

Councillor Rob Munn, Convener of the Finance and Resources Committee, said:

“This an important step forward for the future of this iconic site and means we can identify the best value option for the city and our residents in the future. We know there are a number of interested parties and having it back on the market allows them to submit any development proposals.

Councillor Joan Griffiths, Vice Convener of the Finance and Resources Committee, added:

“There was unanimous agreement earlier in the year to remarket the old Royal High School and I look forward to seeing the options presented to us at a future committee which could occupy this very important building, so prominent in our World Heritage site.

Published: July 2nd 2021