Council Leader statement on anti-social behaviour in the Meadows

Councillor Adam McVey has condemned the scenes in the Meadows yesterday (Saturday 3 April) thanking the police and praising the efforts of local residents and Council teams in clearing up the mess.

In the run up to the Bank Holiday Easter weekend we urged people to be responsible, follow the national guidance and respect and care for our parks. So it was shocking to see what happened in the Meadows last night with people behaving appallingly - fighting amongst themselves and with the police.

This behaviour was simply disgraceful. I want to thank the local residents for the great community spirit they showed by picking up litter and our street cleansing teams who were out early this morning clearing everything up. I also want to thank the park rangers and police for their work keeping the majority of responsible residents safe. We’ll continue to work closely with Police Scotland to keep our parks safe for all to enjoy and remind everyone to be responsible over the rest of the holiday weekend and through spring and into summer.




Published: April 4th 2021