Be Bright Be Seen on Edinburgh’s roads this autumn

We’re encouraging all road users to take extra care and look out for one another as winter approaches.

Our annual Be Bright Be Seen campaign urges drivers, cyclists and pedestrians to be particularly careful during the darker months.

Throughout autumn and winter, we’ll be sharing tips for travelling safely in the dark mornings and evenings online, on social media and in advertising around the city. 

Transport and Environment Convener Councillor Lesley Macinnes said:

Over recent months we’ve seen the way people move around the city change and a significant rise in the number of trips by foot or bike. We want to support people to continue making these healthy, active travel choices as the weather turns colder and daylight hours shorten.

It’s essential that all road users look out for one another if everyone is to enjoy safe, convenient journeys around the city. Our Be Bright Be Seen Campaign highlights the need for all drivers to take extra care of more vulnerable road users while encouraging cyclists and pedestrians to wear bright or reflective clothes. Please keep your vehicle speed down, paying extra attention when weather conditions are difficult and remember Operation Close Pass, which states that you must only overtake cyclists when it is safe to do so and that you must give them at least 1.5m space.

Tips for road users include:


  • Take extra care in the dark and keep an eye out for cyclists and pedestrians, particularly at junctions, who are not always visible
  • Allow cyclists plenty of room – at least as much room as you would for another vehicle (Operation Close Pass – Police Scotland)
  • Pay close attention to vehicle speeds, particularly in poor weather

Cyclists and pedestrians

  • Take extra care in the dark. Make yourself as visible as you can - wear bright clothes or reflective accessories 
  • Cyclists’ bikes must have a front and rear light, which must be lit
  • Pedestrians should look properly before crossing and avoid distractions such as mobile phones

Since May we’ve implemented changes across the city as part of our Spaces for People programme to help people walk, cycle and wheel while maintaining a physical distance. Measures include temporary cycle lanes, widened footways and road closures. The positive effect of these can be helped by all road users looking out for each other.

Find out more about Be Bright Be Seen on the Streets Ahead website.

Published: October 12th 2020