2050 Edinburgh City Vision given seal of approval by Councillors

Edinburgh City Centre View

Fair, Pioneering, Welcoming and Thriving endorsed as Edinburgh’s city values for the next 30 years.

-          Lord Provost will sign charter on behalf of City of Edinburgh Council as soon as possible        

-          Next steps include encouraging local business to sign up, setting out metrics for success and an annual youth council for accountability 

Edinburgh’s 2050 City Vision principles of Fair, Pioneering, Welcoming and Thriving have been endorsed by the Council’s Policy and Sustainability Committee, confirming them as integral to both Edinburgh’s recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic and the city’s future.

Produced by a steering group led by Lord Provost, Frank Ross, Councillors had previously agreed that the four values were to be central to the Council’s Adaptation and Renewal Programme. Once finalised, the Lord Provost will sign the charter and businesses and organisations will be asked to join, committing to keeping the values central to their future plans. 


In addition to the formation of an annual youth council to provide oversight on progress and delivery of the 2050 Edinburgh City Vision, the steering group will be asked to consider measures for the city’s success in meeting the Vision’s aspirations.


Council Leader, Adam McVey, said: “Our recovery plans have already embedded the 2050 Edinburgh City Vision principles to ensure we rebuild better with an eye to our future. We’ve seen partners across the City adopt these principles and will continue to reflect them in our strategy and business planning. 


“It’s important to note that we are not charting a fixed journey for everyone to follow – the City Vision gives us all principles to help shape and inform our actions now and push towards a vision of what Edinburgh could and should look like in 30 years’ time.  


“Building a city that is led by these values is only possible when we work together. I have every confidence that we can all come together as one Team Edinburgh to adopt and reflect these principles in the plans and strategies of businesses and organisations throughout Edinburgh and in our own lives as citizens.”


Depute Leader, Cammy Day, said: “My thanks go to our Lord Provost and all members of the steering group for the great time and effort they have put in to determining the 2050 Edinburgh City Vision. It establishes an image of Edinburgh that, should we all do our best, we can achieve in 30 years.


“There is still important work to be done and the development of a Vision charter is a crucial step towards our future, one that we are all jointly responsible for and that all organisations, partners, communities and residents need to play their part in. We look forward to the Council signing it in due course and to seeing other businesses and organisations from across Edinburgh embrace it too.”


The 2050 Edinburgh City Vision principles were shaped by over 22,000 public consultation responses from residents across the city – the largest such exercise ever undertaken by the Council. It identified four key values that people wanted Edinburgh to stand for: welcoming, thriving, fair and pioneering. These values reflect a positive ambition for the city and will underpin a long-term vision for how the Capital will mould its future. 

Published: June 16th 2020