Redistributing valuable food to vulnerable citizens

Our catering service has been busy over the last two days removing perishable items from school kitchens to make sure that valuable food doesn’t go to waste during these challenging times.

We managed to donate 2000 eggs, over 3500 pieces of fruit, 150 packets of cooked meat, 3000 cartons of milk, 1700 portions of cheese and 1200 yogurts to some of our most vulnerable citizens.

Foods drops were made to food banks run by the Cyrenians and Salvation Army as well as local care homes.

Adam McVey, Council Leader said, said: “It’s so important, particularly now, that we use the food we have. We have to make sure everyone in the city gets through this very difficult time together, particularly the most vulnerable. I would urge everyone do the same and try where possible to use what you’ve got and avoid wasting food.”

Cammy Day, Depute Leader, said: “It was very humbling to hear how grateful these organisations were to receive the food that they so desperately need to keep them going in such hard circumstances for everyone. Our thanks to our hard working and forward thinking catering staff.”

Published: March 24th 2020