New 'people first' tourism strategy welcomed

Edinburgh City Centre View

Proposals for a new-look tourism strategy to guide Edinburgh’s visitor economy over the next 10 years have been endorsed by members of the Sustainability and Policy Committee.

Council Leader Adam McVey, who convenes the Committee, welcomed the sustainable way forward which is outlined in Edinburgh’s draft 2030 Tourism Strategy, saying it will put people at the heart of decisions made about tourism in the Capital.
Commenting, he said: “This is a fundamental shift in policy from generating growth to managing the continued success of our tourism industry for our people, environment and sense of place. This strategy is about making the experience of tourism better for everyone – for our visitors but also the 35,000 people working in hospitality and the 500,000 people who call this city home.
“The vast majority of people who took part in the consultation process agree with the strategy’s key aims - prioritising putting people, place and environment first. It’s about fair work and a fairer and stronger footing for residents to have their say too.

“Industry should be commended for their acceptance of this ‘new normal’ and for recognising Edinburgh’s tourism success shouldn’t be taken for granted. The feedback from the sector acknowledges that the best way to create a sustainable future for tourism in the city is for all of us to work together. I’m looking forward to discussing this further at ETAG’s conference next week.”

Donald Emslie, Chair of ETAG (the Edinburgh Tourism Action Group), said: “The City of Edinburgh Council’s endorsement of the strategy is a significant milestone and their support and leadership in the development process to date has been key to ensuring that the city will continue to be recognised as an extremely successful, innovative and forward thinking exemplar of tourism development in the UK.
“The 2030 Tourism Strategy reflects this, presenting a significant step change in the approach to tourism in the city that responds to the changes, challenges and opportunities that the 2020’s will bring. We’re looking forward to further discussion on the strategy at the ETAG Conference, as well as hearing from Barcelona and Amsterdam on how they have created new initiatives to manage tourism success and what Edinburgh can learn from these.”
The ETAG 2020 Conference is being held in the Edinburgh Assembly Rooms on Thursday 30th January.

Published: January 22nd 2020