Trinity Academy

An image of what Trinity Academy will look like once it's been refurbished.

We are rebuilding Trinity Academy in two phases. When both phases are complete the school will have space for 1,200 pupils.

Phase 1

Phase 1 of the project involved the construction of a new sports building at the Bangholm Recreational Grounds which opened in 2022. The centre provides excellent new PE facilities for the school as well as improvements to the existing playing fields. The building features a

  • four-court sports hall
  • gym hall
  • dance studio
  • fitness suite
  • classroom
  • changing facilities.

Outside retains the grass pitch and a refurbished 2G sand dressed pitch.

The facilities are designed to meet the curricular and extra-curricular requirements of Trinity Academy. It also supports local hockey and rugby clubs and local primary schools.

Phase 2

Phase 2 of the project is to build a new school building and refurbish the Victorian building.

The current plan for the construction programme is that it will run for three school sessions from 23/24 to 26/27. The exact construction phasing still needs to be finalised but will include

  • initial demolition and enabling work (this started Spring 2024)
  • construction of on-site temporary decant accommodation
  • construction of the new school building
  • demolition of remaining buildings
  • landscaping
  • Victorian building refurbishment.

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