Currie Community High School

We are building a new Currie Community High School next to the existing building on Dolphin Avenue, Currie.

The new building is being built to Passivhaus standards which provides comfort but uses little energy for heating and cooling. It is aiming to be the first Passivhaus secondary school in Scotland.

Key Milestones

  • November 2021 - New 3G pitch delivered
  • October 2022 - Phase 1 main construction start
  • February 2025 - Phase 1 main construction complete
  • October 2025 - Demolition of existing building and additional landscaping complete

A brief was developed for the new school which was influenced by the school's vision and the feedback from engagement. A series of education workshops were held with the school’s senior team to plan their principles for

  • education
  • inclusion
  • outdoor learning and sustainability
  • digital learning 
  • community access.

We had virtual meetings with colleagues from the Council who are specialised in these five areas. This has informed building's design.and learning landscapes.

Currie Learning and Community Campus will be an inviting and welcoming place where all users are greeted as they enter the building. There will be shared community spaces that are easily accessed from the main foyer throughout the day and spaces that are made available out of school hours or for hire.

The school will include a

  • four-court sports hall
  • gym hall
  • fitness suite
  • dance studio,
  • Passivhaus four lane swimming pool
  • 3G pitch.

There will be a library and café alongside the fitness suite and pool which will be accessible for the community during the day. A wellness centre has been introduced by the school which can be let for activities such as yoga, parent and baby / toddler groups etc. and community meetings. A meeting room in the foyer will be able to be booked as well, but the open nature of the foyer with the café lends itself to more informal, non-booked spaces for people to meet.

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An artist's impression of the new Currie High showing the two storey building with windows lining all visible sides and vertical lines on the outside walls. The entrance way is bordered by floorbeds with wildflowers and young trees.
An image of construction work of the outline of Currie High.