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If you are renting accommodation, your rights will vary depending on the type of accommodation you are living.

If you are renting from a private landlord or letting agency, and your tenancy started on or after 1 December 2017, you will probably have a private residential tenancy (sometimes called a PRT). A PRT does not have an end date.

Most private landlords must be on a council register. Check if your landlord should be registered. Your landlord has legal responsibilities which include

  • giving you a tenancy agreement and notes that explain the agreement. They cannot put anything in a tenancy agreement that takes away your rights.
  • paying the tenancy deposit into a deposit protection scheme and sending you details within 30 days of your tenancy starting
  • being responsible for most repairs to the property you live in
  • making sure the property has interlinked fire alarms
  • providing gas and electrical safety certificates.

Your rights may be different if you

Where to get help and advice

Shelter Scotland has some excellent information and guidance on landlords, your rights and how to complain