Your personalised ceremony

A marriage or civil partnership ceremony is a solemn and dignified event, however, this should not stop you from having the type of ceremony that suits you both as a couple.

We encourage you to personalise your civil ceremony by adding stories of how or when you met, how life has changed for you both since meeting or how much you are looking forward to your future and becoming part of a wider family group.  You can lighten the mood by adding readings, poems, songs or live music.

You may wish to write your own personal vows or include your promises to each other through the means of a traditional Scottish hand fasting ceremony.  There are many other types of ceremony enhancements that couples can include e.g. unity candles, sand blending ceremony etc.

The only legal provisions that exists within the Marriage (Scotland) Act 1977 requires that you make the legal vows, your names are verified by the celebrant and you are pronounced as partners in marriage or husband and wife within the wording of your ceremony.

We provide a booklet with many different examples of wording to get you started.  Once you have had an opportunity to consider what you would like to include in your ceremony, the registrar can discuss this with you when you lodged your notice forms.  If you require any help please do not hesitate to ask any member of the team.

However, should you wish to have a simple straight forward legal civil ceremony we are happy to make sure that happens for you!

Download our ceremony booklet - PDF