The Edinburgh Local Heritage Network

This network is for local groups and societies with a focus on the heritage of Edinburgh. The purpose of this network is to develop and maintain partnerships between local heritage groups and with Council services (mainly Archives, Libraries, and Museums and Galleries) so they can better safeguard, enrich and promote the city’s heritage together.

The network meets quarterly and focuses on subjects of interest to local heritage groups. Groups can also raise any specific issues or questions facing them that network members might be able to help with.

Join the Edinburgh Local Heritage Network

The network is open to new members and aims to foster an enthusiastic and collaborative approach to local heritage. To find out more about the network, or to request to join email

To find out more about your local heritage groups and societies view our Edinburgh Local Heritage Network directory 

Heritage collections at risk

If you need to contact the network about a heritage collection that you feel is at risk of being lost or damaged email