Council Tax account online

We plan to fix the following issues as soon as possible.

Tables and PDF documents do not provide adequate information about the page structure or the role of components, which may makes access with a screen reader difficult. This fails success criterion 1.3.1 info and relationships.

Text in PDF documents is not read in the correct sequence by screen readers. This fails success criterion 1.3.2 meaningful sequence.

Inputs do not allow you to use autocomplete accurately to help you fill in your details. This fails success criterion 1.3.5 identify input purpose.

Content on the main page and some content in the account summary page cannot be accessed with small screens without scrolling in two dimensions. This fails success criterion 1.4.10 reflow.

Content that’s not within the scope of the accessibility regulations

We do not plan to fix the following issues as the fall outside of the scope of the accessibility regulations. Where this is due to a certain deadline, we will provide accessible content from that deadline.