Objecting to a licence application

How to make an objection

If you want to make an objection to a licence application on any of the online registers, you must do so within 28 days of the date the application was received by the Council. For Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO) licences, you have 21 days to make an objection.

If you miss this deadline you can submit a late objection but you must explain why it is late. This explanation will be considered by the Council before deciding whether or not to accept your objection.

The objection must be in writing and signed by the objector. For a premises alcohol licence you can use the form below.

Objection process

When you submit your objection, we will confirm that we have received it.  Under licensing laws we must share objections with the licence applicant.  This will include your name and address.  At least a week before the committee meets to consider the application, we will invite you to attend the meeting and talk about your objection.

At the committee meeting the Councillors will hear from everyone and ask any questions that they have, and then give their decision about the licence application. That decision will be confirmed in writing within a week of the meeting.

More information about what we do with your personal data is on our privacy notice.

Download our privacy notice for civic and miscellaneous licensing (PDF, 290KB)

Download our alcohol licensing policy (PDF, 8MB) 

Temporary licences

You can use the links below to find out how to make an objection or representation to a temporary licence application:

Object to a temporary civic licence application
Object to a occasional alcohol licence application
Make objections to an premises with an alcohol licence
Download a list of civic licence types

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