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Welcome to Teen Titles

We are a collaboration of School Librarians and Publications Team within the City of Edinburgh Council. The librarians on the team are John Clarkson (co-editor), Moira Paton (co-editor), Lucrezia Gaion, Julie Sutherland, Kelly Smith, Steven Hume, Tomi Adenekan, Andrea Wallace and Lindsay Nealon. Nicola Brigain manages the Publications Team side, handling the subscriptions, adverts, design, layouts and permissions. The magazine has been reviewing books for Young Adults since the 1990s and we produce 3 issues a year.

Publishers send us out recently published and/or advance copies, these are divided up to the team who then write short blurbs and further divide up the books to 2 or 3 other schools, ensuring that every City of Edinburgh Council secondary school has new titles. Students in these schools are then invited and encouraged to read these books and tell us what they think. These reviews are then published, warts and all, ensuring that our young people’s voices are well and truly heard!"

Readers can join in by sending in their own book reviews to our Readers Write section.

We aim to promote reading in a fun way that will appeal to young people.

For librarians, it is a great ordering tool for the newest young adult titles.