Literacy Rich Edinburgh

Synthetic phonics programme for Primary 1 and 2

Literacy Rich Edinburgh cover art

The Primary 1 programme covers

  • letters
  • digraphs like ‘sh’ and ‘ay’
  • consonant blends like ‘fr’ and ‘st’
  • silent ‘e’.

The Primary 2 programme covers

  • soft ‘c’ and ‘g’
  • two-syllable words
  • connectives
  • the endings ‘ing’ and ‘ed’.

Components of the programme

The programme has five components.

The following are provided as PDF files on CD for £12 each:

  • P1 Phonics Programme and P2 Phonics Programme include planners, teaching procedures, sample lesson plans and literacy activities.
  • P1 Resources contains a range of resources needed for the P1 programmes, including illustrated worksheets, card activities and assessment materials.
  • P2 Resources contains practical materials to supplement the P2 programme, including activity sheets, games and Smartboard activities.

Achievement in Literacy Readers are colourful and engaging picture books for the first four blocks of the programme, covering P1 and early P2. Each block has a set of six different books, using only the words and letter combinations learned so far, so the children can read them themselves. The block 1 reader set is £9. The block 2, 3 and 4 reader sets are £18 each.

Download Literacy Rich Edinburgh sample pages - PDF
Download Achievement in Literacy Readers sample pages - PDF


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