Sensory impairment

Services for deaf or blind people

We offer a specialist assessment through Deaf Action or RNIB or as part of the Lothian Sensory Partnership.

For people who are deaf or hard of hearing

Deaf Action helps you to

  • assess your needs, provide advice and long term support
  • assess for and provide specialist 
  • provide British Sign Language interpreters, deafblind communicators, lip speakers and note takers.

Lothian Deaf Counselling service offers free one to one counselling for

  • deaf
  • deafened
  • hard of hearing
  • deafblind adults

available in British Sign Language, without interpreter and English. A personal  loop system and communication written in English are available for people who are deafened or hard of hearing.

Lothian Deaf Community Mental Health service can give

  • deaf
  • deafened
  • deafblind
  • hard of hearing

people support with mental health or emotional issues that make every day life more difficult.

For people who are blind or partially sighted

RNIB support services can help by

  • assess your needs, provide advice and provide long term support
  • assess for and provide specialist equipment and a mobility service
  • give advice at the Vision Support Centre at the Princess Alexandra Eye Pavilion.

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