Council rent advice

Council tenants rents were frozen for 2022/ 23

The rent for your home pays for services such as repairs and will continue to deliver improvements to Council homes throughout the city. You are responsible for making sure the rent for your home is paid in full. If you experience difficulties paying your rent it is important that you seek early advice.

When you get into rent debt we will contact you to discuss what help we can give you to keep you in your home and avoid further action.

We can

  • advise you how to apply for help in paying your rent through housing benefit and Universal Credit housing costs
  • discuss the different ways you can pay rent
  • put you in touch with money advice services
  • advise you how to pay any arrears by affordable instalments
  • discuss extra money you may be entitled to but are not claiming
  • give you advice and assistance to apply for benefits to resolve your benefit problems

How to pay your rent

Worried about paying your rent?

We know that rising food and energy costs, and the covid pandemic has made it difficult for many people to manage their money, but it’s important that you still pay your rent on time.

If you’re worried about paying your rent please speak to us now. We can help by:

  • referring you for money and debt advice
  • helping you to apply for benefits and funding to help pay rent
  • setting up a repayment plan.

If you miss rent payments it can get harder and harder to catch up. Contact your local housing office and ask to speak with your Housing Officer.

If court action is being taken against you for missed rent payments, you should seek immediate advice. 

Download rent payment dates - PDF

How to get advice

Get advice by

To get help with any debts speak to the Advice Shop on

0131 200 2360.

Read more about welfare reform and benefit changes.

Court action

If court action is being taken against you or decree has been granted for your eviction, you are at risk of homelessness. It is important that you seek immediate advice contact;

Community Help and Advice Initiative (CHAI) on 0131 442 2100 or email

Or Civil Legal Assistance Office (CLAO) on 0131 240 1960 or  email

You risk losing your home if you don't ask for help when behind with your council rent.       

Download council rent payment dates

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Cost of living help

Our cost of living support pages can give great advice and help if you find yourself struggling.

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