Housing Benefit paid straight to a landlord

Housing Benefit paid straight to a landlord

If you or your tenant may have difficulty paying your rent on time, you can ask us to pay Housing Benefit straight to the landlord.

We may decide that a tenant is vulnerable. We will ask for evidence that the tenant cannot manage their money. The evidence should be in writing. It can come from anyone who knows about tenant's vulnerability, like their GP, social worker or landlord.

We will work with the tenant in making our decision, and will decide as quickly as possible once the evidence has been provided. We may suspend payments of Housing Benefit until the decision has been made.

We will write to the tenant and explain the decision.

Please contact us if you wish to request Housing Benefit is paid directly to a landlord.

If you disagree with the decision

If the tenant or landlord disagrees with our decision they can appeal. Please contact us if you wish to appeal.

We can look at the decision again, this is called a review. A review usually takes place after an agreed time.