How to claim Housing Benefit

Claim Housing Benefit

Housing Benefit helps with the cost of renting a room or home in Edinburgh from the Council, a housing association, or a private landlord. 

  • You cannot claim Housing Benefit if you are eligible for Universal Credit
  • You can apply for Council Tax reduction at the same time as you claim for housing benefit

Claim Housing Benefit

We will include the income and savings of your partner when we process your claim. We may also take into account:

  • the income of other people who live with you
  • any persons in receipt of Carers Allowance to help care for you but who lives in another household.

If you are entitled to Housing Benefit, we will usually pay it from the Monday after receiving your claim.

Self-employed assessment sheet

If you are self employed you will need to declare your income by filling in an income assessment form.  Email the completed form to

Backdating your claim

The maximum we can backdate a benefit award will be one month from the date you request backdating.

Don't have computer or access to the internet

We offer access to 

  • internet 
  • printers
  • computer 
  • digital support

and many other digital services in Libraries, Community Centres, Locality Offices and Jobcentres. 

Use the Digital Access Support Interactive map to find locations and details of all the digital access points in Edinburgh.