Freedom of information (FOI) disclosure log

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Request no. 33499. Received: 02/08/2021

‘Monitoring cycle counters’ Tables

Q1. Please provide the exact numbers behind each point of the four graphs. Q2. Please provide a record of the equipment used. Q3. Please provide a split of the figures between cycle lane and road use?

Request no. 33500. Received: 02/08/2021, Resolved: 18/08/2021

CEC FOI Response times

‘Proportion of requests for information under FOISA in the last year which were responded to in the last three days before the statutory deadline or later, and on the last day before the statutory deadline or later?’

Request no. 33501. Received: 02/08/2021, Resolved: 31/08/2021

Preston Street Primary School 2007 - 2010

Who was Head Teacher of Preston Street Primary School in 2009? Can I view any complaints about Preston Street and any of the staff, in particular the head teacher from that time? 2007-2010.


Request no. 33507. Received: 02/08/2021, Resolved: 31/08/2021

Trams to Newhaven Project

Who is responsible for approving site plans for the tram works? Do they subsequently visit areas once established to see that what appears on paper is what is happening in practice? or to see if it is effective? Plus additional questions.


Request no. 33509. Received: 02/08/2021, Resolved: 30/08/2021 16:31:00

Details of sender/recipient of emails

Please could you let me know the sender and recipient of each piece of information you have identified?

Request no. 33510. Received: 02/08/2021, Resolved: 31/08/2021

Watertoun Road Site

Can you confirm please if overage payments are contemplated in the land deal between the Council and Cala?


Yes, overage payments are contemplated in the land deal between the Council and Cala.

Request no. 33511. Received: 02/08/2021

Saunders Street

Asbestos - Request for a copy of the initial report carried out in the winter and in May 2020, as well as an additional study undertaken later in the year.

Request no. 33512. Received: 02/08/2021, Resolved: 31/08/2021

Reinstatement of Permitted Development Rights to a Green Belt Property

I would like a copy of the last three successful applications to you for the reinstatement of Permitted Development rights to a green belt property [ideally a barn conversion].


Request no. 33513. Received: 03/08/2021, Resolved: 03/08/2021

No One Left Behind Funding

Total funding from NOLB to City of Edinburgh Council for the current financial year (2021/22). Breakdown of NOLB funding that has been awarded to third sector by City of Edinburgh Council in the financial years 2019/20, 2020/21



Request no. 33514. Received: 03/08/2021, Resolved: 31/08/2021

Care Provision for Adults

A list of every adult social care provider which serves adults funded by you and has over 5 adults under care. For each of these providers, please enter the number of adults as at the 31st March 2021 placed within a supported living placement.


Request no. 33517. Received: 03/08/2021, Resolved: 31/08/2021

Empty Properties

In each of the above areas how many City of Edinburgh council properties are empty and unrented at this moment in time. Of the empty properties within each area above how many of these are houses with two or three bedrooms.


Request no. 33518. Received: 03/08/2021, Resolved: 31/08/2021

Data Processing Agreement with NSL

Please can you confirm the data protection relationship between City of Edinburgh Council and NSL (i.e. the company which employs the parking wardens)? Who is the data processor / data controller?


Request no. 33519. Received: 03/08/2021, Resolved: 18/08/2021

New Builds

How many houses are being built over the next five years – broken down by type of home (affordable housing etc.)

Request no. 33520. Received: 03/08/2021, Resolved: 18/08/2021

Funding for new houses

How much funding has the Scottish Government provided for building more houses in each of the last five years and how much funding has been committed for building more houses in the future?


Request no. 33521. Received: 03/08/2021, Resolved: 31/08/2021

Phase 1 Environmental Report Update - 231 Canongate

Please confirm that the answers to our questions provided in August 2021 still remain valid.


It is confirmed that the answers which were previously provided in August 2020 in relation to EDIR 28556 remain valid.

Request no. 33522. Received: 03/08/2021

School Crossing Patrol Officers

How many lollipop people have been employed by the Council in each of the last ten years?

Request no. 33535. Received: 03/08/2021

Emergency Funding

How much Covid emergency funding have the Council received from the Scottish Government, since the start of the pandemic and how much Covid emergency funding has been spent to date, broken down by what the money was spent on?

Request no. 33536. Received: 03/08/2021, Resolved: 31/08/2021

Homeless applicants

Request for information for each of the last five years in regard to homeless applicants


Request no. 33537. Received: 03/08/2021, Resolved: 31/08/2021

Parking Charges Revenue

How much revenue has been made from parking charges in each of the last five years, including so far this financial year?

Request no. 33538. Received: 03/08/2021, Resolved: 31/08/2021

New Smart Building Projects

What plans do you have for creation of new smart buildings in your area (a building that employs a network of interconnected devices and appliances using technologies to allow the remote management and control of aspects like lighting, etc.)


Request no. 33539. Received: 03/08/2021

Complaints Regarding people being injured

How many total complaints has the council received in regards to people being injured, in each of the last five years and this year to date?

Request no. 33540. Received: 03/08/2021, Resolved: 31/08/2021

Insurance Claims

How much insurance has Edinburgh Council paid for the Spaces for People scheme and how many claims have been made against the scheme.


This is included in in the Council’s Public Liability insurance, and therefore we would not be able to provide a figure for this specific area.

As at 09/08/21 we have had 12 claims.

Request no. 33541. Received: 03/08/2021, Resolved: 31/08/2021


What percentage of waste was recycled between 1/1/2021 & 30/6/2021 at your Local Household Waste Recycling Centres? (Provide a percentage per month for both time periods.) How many Local Household Waste Recycling Centres are you responsible for?


Request no. 33542. Received: 03/08/2021, Resolved: 01/09/2021

Homelessness Demographic

A demographic breakdown of those presenting as homeless in each of the last five years (2016-2021).


Request no. 33544. Received: 03/08/2021, Resolved: 13/09/2021

Main Street Pavement

Details of all works, planned or otherwise on Main Street, Edinburgh, EH4 5BZ in the period of 01 June 2019 to date. Whether or not the pavement at Main Street, Edinburgh, EH4 5BZ is adopted in terms of Roads (Scotland) Act 1984.


Request no. 33545. Received: 04/08/2021

Looked after Children

How many children have become LAC in your area each calendar year for the past 10 years. How many LAC children are diagnosed with mental health issues in any catergory in your area each calendar year for the past 10 years.

Request no. 33549. Received: 04/08/2021, Resolved: 31/08/2021

Gully Cleaning Rolling Programme

Please provide the full details of the rolling programme mentioned in your online statements including a full listing of streets and the frequency they are due to be cleaned.


Request no. 33550. Received: 04/08/2021

Youth Services Funding and Provision

Youth centre list & for each centre: opened or closed; fully or part-funded; annual council budget; number of FTE staff; number of children & young people. 23/2/20 to date: dates open & closed. 2016 to date: youth services budget.

Request no. 33551. Received: 04/08/2021, Resolved: 31/08/2021

Lauriston Castle

Swords. Where are these items now and do they appear on the current inventory?


Request no. 33568. Received: 04/08/2021, Resolved: 26/08/2021

54 Pitt Street

28/03/2020 to present re 54 Pitt Street - Documentation regarding complaints, documentation you hold regarding accidents, documentation you hold regarding maintenance, documentation you hold regarding inspection


See attached response


Request no. 33569. Received: 05/08/2021, Resolved: 02/09/2021

Queensferry High School

Any noise assessment created during or after the planning of the new site of Queensferry High School between August 2018 and August 2021; any documents relating to noise assessment and/or resident impact during the same period


Request no. 33571. Received: 05/08/2021

Cleaned Customer Data

Can you advise whether you have cleaned the consumer data you hold within the last six months.

Request no. 33572. Received: 05/08/2021, Resolved: 31/08/2021

Electric vehicle chargers

Electric vehicle charging point with highest £p/kw & lowest £/kw; Number of & revenue generated by council owned electric vehicle chargers in 2019, 2020 and 2021 to date. Broken down by charging point type – a) ultra-rapid b) rapid c) fast or d) slow


Request no. 33573. Received: 05/08/2021, Resolved: 25/08/2021

Financial Management/ERP System

System the council uses; person responsible; number of users; hosted locally or cloud; move the system to the cloud?; contract commenced and when it expires?; intend to evaluate alternatives when the contract expires?; in a shared service?


See attached response


Request no. 33576. Received: 05/08/2021, Resolved: 31/08/2021

Fully Funded Care at home

Number receiving fully funded care at home where the hourly rate of care is above the standard rate of £17.46 per hour. Number receiving care at home package funding through: SDS, Local Authority funding, A combination of both SDS and LA funding


There are 4,871 people who have an hourly rate in excess of £17.46 for purchased care at home. Option 2 – 317, Option 3 – 4,511, Option 4 – 43

Request no. 33577. Received: 05/08/2021

Number of Looked After Children

The total number of Looked After Children under your local authority care, where family members outside the United Kingdom were explored* for each calendar year between January 2018 and December 2020 inclusive.


Clarification requested

Request no. 33578. Received: 05/08/2021, Resolved: 27/08/2021

Spaces for People Integrated Impact Assessment

Please provide all correspondence, notes and emails relating to requests for approval provision of approval of the Integrated Impact Assessment for the Lanark Road and Longstone Spaces for People scheme both between council officers


Request no. 33580. Received: 06/08/2021, Resolved: 31/08/2021

Noise complaints

From 2015 to now - The number of noise complaints made for the whole city of Edinburgh, including the postcode (eg EH3 5QS) of each complaint, and the date of the complaint.


Please see attached response


Request no. 33581. Received: 06/08/2021, Resolved: 01/09/2021

Housing Inspection

Inspection by housing staff been carried out at Minto Street shared housing hostel? How often in last 18 months?


Request no. 33582. Received: 06/08/2021, Resolved: 09/09/2021

Housing at 2 Minto Street

Number in permanent housing, 18 months. 2 Minto Street: Cost accommodating one person & longest time housed; 'housing First ' model active & how many times used?; Process to review applications; re deaths, any review/risk assessment/support?


Request no. 33586. Received: 06/08/2021, Resolved: 01/09/2021

Roadsure Signs

I would like to have access to all contracts signed between the Edinburgh Council and Roadsure Signs and Lines Ltd.


We have checked our records and the Council has no contract with this supplier.

Request no. 33587. Received: 02/08/2021, Resolved: 31/08/2021

Footpath East Claremont Street

Will the City Council please list all the dates since the 1st January 2021, when the footpath on both sides of East Claremont Street has been swept from the junction of Bellevue Terrace to Broughton School?


Request no. 33588. Received: 06/08/2021, Resolved: 03/09/2021


Copy of all contracts between the Council & Lothian DAF, Markon Ltd, Geveko Marking UK Ltd, Jack Couple & Sons Limited, Mallatite Ltd, Saint-Gobain Building Distribution. And list of payments made to each in last 5 years.


Information provided

Request no. 33590. Received: 06/08/2021, Resolved: 10/09/2021

Pay Scales

Can you please provide me with the job descriptions and pay scales for your tradespeople/operatives positions in terms of salaries and associated pay scale criteria’s?


Request no. 33591. Received: 06/08/2021, Resolved: 20/08/2021

Real Time Bus Software System

Current Real Time Bus Software System: Current Provider, Contract End Date, Annual Spend


Ineo Systrans, 31/12/2021, Circa £452k - Please note that the City of Edinburgh Council costs tend to fluctuate as some of the costs are variable i.e. electricity costs etc. Therefore the costs provided were the total spend for 2020.

Request no. 33595. Received: 09/08/2021, Resolved: 03/09/2021

Priority parking scheme

I would like to know how many such requests have been received from the Newhaven South area over the past five years


Request no. 33596. Received: 09/08/2021

Statutory Notices

City of Edinburgh Statutory Notice References 09/00767/24_R, 09/00318/31_DE

Request no. 33597. Received: 09/08/2021, Resolved: 06/09/2021

Additional capacity at Sports Grounds

Please provide the dates of submission and response, and the relevant decision to reject or approve any applications for additional capacity at sports grounds within your council area above the Scottish Government’s Level 0 capacity limit of 2,000


Request no. 33598. Received: 09/08/2021, Resolved: 13/08/2021

Business rates

July & August 2021: list of business rates credits on business rates accounts that are live & closed, rate payer, address, when moved out of premises, start date, if account live or date ended, date /year credit created, credit amount.


Request no. 33600. Received: 09/08/2021, Resolved: 02/09/2021

Private Groundwater Abstractions

I am looking for some information on private groundwater abstractions that do not require a licence from the Environmental Agency.


There is no information held relating to known private groundwater abstractions which are located within a 1km radius of the premises at Shell Maybury, Glasgow Road, Edinburgh, EH12 8LS.

Request no. 33601. Received: 09/08/2021, Resolved: 06/09/2021

Private Groundwater Abstraction - Shell Little Waitrose Circle

Request for information concerning any private groundwater abstractions which are present within 1km radius of the location: Shell Little Waitrose Circle, Telford Road, City of Edinburgh, EH4 2NT.


No information is held concerning groundwater abstractions that do not require a license from the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) that are located within 1km of the site of interest.

Request no. 33602. Received: 09/08/2021, Resolved: 02/09/2021

CCTV Footage

CCTV footage from traffic light camera at Dundas Street: 31/07/2021 between 23.30 and 23.50


No relevant footage held.

Request no. 33603. Received: 09/08/2021, Resolved: 06/09/2021

Private groundwater abstractions - Shell Leith, 7, Seafield Road, Leith Links

Request for information concerning any private groundwater abstractions which are present within a 1km radius of the location above.


No information is held concerning any private groundwater abstractions that do not require a license from the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) which are present within 1km radius of the site of interest.

Request no. 33605. Received: 09/08/2021, Resolved: 02/09/2021

Children Missing From Education (CME)

Please can you provide me with the number of children currently open to CME?


We do not have any Children Missing in Education (CME).

Request no. 33606. Received: 09/08/2021, Resolved: 06/09/2021

Gull-proof Bag Service

The Council’s report states that 2359 properties are covered by the gull proof bag service but it is not clear how this number has been calculated. Please could you provide further information.


Request no. 33607. Received: 06/08/2021

Pollution in the Leith area

Pollution in the Leith area to now include up to date measurements/reports as well. I would like an explanation as to why I am not able to request and receive this information free under the Environmental Information Regulations.

Request no. 33612. Received: 09/08/2021

Rat Complaints

Could you please provide an annual breakdown of the number of times, if any, a cleansing worker has reported being attacked, bitten or come into physical contact with a rat while on shift for each of the five years?

Request no. 33613. Received: 09/08/2021, Resolved: 06/09/2021

Public houses

The number of public houses (pubs) which have closed in the years 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021 (from the 1st of January - 31st December in each case).


Request no. 33622. Received: 09/08/2021, Resolved: 02/09/2021

Missed Waste Collections

How households receive waste collection services within the Council area? How many missed collections for a) household, b) recycling or c) garden waste have there been in each month of the last two years?


Request no. 33623. Received: 09/08/2021, Resolved: 07/09/2021

Notifying Residents of Delays

How many times have you issues a council wide communication about delays to refuse collection services as a result of a shortage of drivers in each month of the last two years?


We do not send out a council wide notice of bin delays due to driver shortage. Where we can, the dedicated web page is updated advising of delays, but no reason is included.

Request no. 33624. Received: 09/08/2021, Resolved: 02/09/2021

Concrete Bridges

How many concrete bridges are you responsible for?


The City of Edinburgh Council (CEC) Structures Department has a total of 211 bridges with either a concrete deck or steel beams with a concrete slab recorded as being maintained by CEC.

Request no. 33625. Received: 09/08/2021, Resolved: 02/09/2021

Parking Permit Proposals

Proposed parking permit zone in Portobello consultation survey - Could I ask that all information regarding the selection of questions to be asked in the survey is released.


Request no. 33626. Received: 10/08/2021, Resolved: 12/08/2021

NA Funerals

Please include as much of the following information as you are able to. If some parts of the information are not available or are undisclosable, please send as much as you can:

Request no. 33631. Received: 10/08/2021, Resolved: 13/09/2021

Edinburgh, 152 Morrison Street, Edinburgh EH3 8EB

Has the site been identified for inspection or further review under the Council's Contaminated Land Strategy (or other Part 2A undertaking)?


Request no. 33632. Received: 10/08/2021, Resolved: 02/09/2021

Social Housing Repairs

Number of repairs/modifications yet to be carried out, but already requested by social housing occupants in 2020/21. Average timescale for such a repair/modification to be carried out. Comparative figures/timescales for each year since 2007.


Request no. 33634. Received: 10/08/2021, Resolved: 07/09/2021

Afghan Locally Employed Staff Relocation Scheme

Request for information regarding the Afghan Locally Employed Staff Relocation Scheme.


Request no. 33635. Received: 10/08/2021, Resolved: 07/09/2021

Sites of Ecological Interest

A list (including address and postcode) of any of the following that are found within the local authority: • Local Nature Reserves (LNRs) • Non-Statutory Nature Reserves • Local Wildlife Sites • Sites of Nature Conservation Interest (SNCls)


Request no. 33637. Received: 11/08/2021, Resolved: 06/09/2021

Firrhill High School - National 5 Results 2020/21

For fourth year pupils in the year 20/21 the percentage of passes and No Awards for each National 5 subject taught


Request no. 33641. Received: 11/08/2021, Resolved: 06/09/2021

Free public toilets

I would like to find out how many free public toilets there were in your region in both the 2019/2020 tax year and the 2020/2021 tax year please. I would like separate figures for each year.


The information you have requested was released recently in response to a previous request under reference 32959 and is available on our disclosure log.

Request no. 33642. Received: 11/08/2021, Resolved: 06/09/2021

Digital Transformation and Licensing

The Head/Manager of Digital Transformation, their contact details including telephone number and email address. Details of your current licensing platform including expiry date, contract cost and duration of the contract.


Request no. 33643. Received: 11/08/2021, Resolved: 06/09/2021

Social care systems suppliers and costs

Information regarding the case management system used for Adult and Children’s Social Care?


Request no. 33644. Received: 11/08/2021, Resolved: 07/09/2021

Temporary teacher contracts

The percentage of teachers employed by this local authority who are on temporary contracts. I would like this information for each of the last five academic years.


Request no. 33645. Received: 11/08/2021, Resolved: 07/09/2021

SfP - Wooden planters

All information regarding the decision to place wooden planters across the entrance to Montpelier, and to partially block the entrance to Bruntsfield Place with a wooden planter.


Request no. 33646. Received: 11/08/2021, Resolved: 06/09/2021

Main Street & Newmains Street, Kirkliston - Contaminated Land

Would you be able to advise if there are any ground contamination issues present in each of the areas?


Information provided


Request no. 33648. Received: 11/08/2021

Acceptance of Cash Payments

Has the council stopped accepting cash payments in any areas of council business?

Request no. 33649. Received: 11/08/2021, Resolved: 07/09/2021

Land slip at Meadowspot/Craighouse

I would like all information, reports, testing information and correspondence relating to the landslip/asbestos contamination at Meadowspot/Craighouse.


Request no. 33650. Received: 12/08/2021, Resolved: 07/09/2021

Affordable Housing

Of the 60 homes built under the affordable housing scheme on the Persimmon Lang Loan estate, how many of these were allocated as social housing?


The Lang Loan development was led by Dunedin Canmore Housing Association.

31 homes for social rent were completed within the development along with 14 homes for Mid-market rent. All the affordable housing was completed in 2020.

Request no. 33651. Received: 12/08/2021, Resolved: 07/09/2021

Contractors - Granton PS - New Nursery

Please could I request a full list of all main contractors, consultants, sub-contractors & suppliers (including postal address/postcode and office telephone number details which are already in the public domain so if not effected by GDPR)


Request no. 33654. Received: 12/08/2021, Resolved: 07/09/2021

Self-isolation Claims

Is the council using information and/or documents provided during, or in support of, or in discussion about, the making of self-isolation claims to amend Council Tax and other records?


We do not use any information from self isolation claims to alter any records.

Request no. 33657. Received: 13/08/2021, Resolved: 06/09/2021

Respite care

1) How many weeks of respite care have been provided and for how many clients in the years 2019/20 2) How many weeks of respite care have been provided and for how many clients in the years 2020/21


Request no. 33658. Received: 13/08/2021

North Bridge Advertisements

The total amount spent on the large City of Edinburgh Council advertisement posters on Edinburgh North Bridge since it closed for renovation work. The dates these posters appeared.

Request no. 33659. Received: 13/08/2021, Resolved: 09/09/2021

Pesticides around the city

What is a content of pesticides being used on public spaces how much is being used around the city yearly


See attached response


Request no. 33663. Received: 10/08/2021, Resolved: 18/08/2021

Request for CCTV

Location: Sheriffhall Roundabout, Dalkeith EH22 IRU


The City of Edinburgh Council has no public space CCTV cameras with coverage of the location described and consequently we will be unable to provide any data in connection with this incident.

Request no. 33664. Received: 13/08/2021, Resolved: 17/08/2021

Small Business Covid 19 Grant

Small Business Covid 19 Grant paid to landlord not Business


Cancelled - Business as usual request.

Request no. 33665. Received: 13/08/2021, Resolved: 18/08/2021

Social Value Submission Data

I would like to request any information you have regarding procurement and/or tender results decided by the authority, relating to the Social Value (Public Services) Act 2012.


The act (Social Value (Public Services) Act 2012) does not apply in Scotland so we are not able to provide the information required.

Request no. 33668. Received: 14/08/2021, Resolved: 09/09/2021

Cycle Lanes

Request for a map (or other format such as a listing of roads / parts of roads affected) indicating separately the locations of the soft-segregated cycle lanes and non-segregated cycle lanes in the city of Edinburgh at present.


Request no. 33673. Received: 13/08/2021, Resolved: 09/09/2021

B6415 road near the Ormelie Pub

The repair and maintenance records for the B6415 at the location described above for the past two years; including inspection records; copies of reports and any complaints.


Request no. 33675. Received: 16/08/2021, Resolved: 09/09/2021

Christmas Lights Switch-on Costs

The total expenditure by the council on hosting Christmas light switch on events in the area, including decorations and lights. Could I please receive the above for both 2019 and 2020 (if applicable).


Request no. 33676. Received: 13/08/2021, Resolved: 09/09/2021

Business Rates

The start date of the business rates account If the account is still live or the date it ended The full property address of the property with the credit on


We hold no information regarding business rates credits in the name of Betfred, Done Brothers (Cash Betting) Ltd, Tote Bookmakers Ltd or variations thereof.

Request no. 33678. Received: 13/08/2021, Resolved: 07/09/2021

Procurement of External Litter Bins

Seven questions including, what has the council spent in each of the last 4 years to March 2021 on external street and park litter bins?

Request no. 33679. Received: 13/08/2021, Resolved: 13/09/2021

Peffermill Road, Edinburgh

Can you please provide us with a copy of the maintenance schedule and the inspection doquettes for Peffermill Road between the dates of 28 February 2019 and 28 February 2021.


Request no. 33680. Received: 16/08/2021, Resolved: 13/09/2021

Landlord Register

I would like to receive a full copy of the landlord register if possible including current landlord, property, and date of registration.

Request no. 33681. Received: 16/08/2021, Resolved: 09/09/2021 12:28:00

Lock-up domestic garages

The total number of lock-up domestic garages owned by the council and all other information relating to the above.


Request no. 33682. Received: 16/08/2021, Resolved: 13/09/2021

Climate Emergency Actions

Further to your local authority declaring a climate emergency and setting a target for your area to be carbon neutral by 2030. Please provide all information requested relating to the above.


See attached response


Request no. 33683. Received: 16/08/2021, Resolved: 10/09/2021

Courier Service Contracts

The total value of the courier service contracts that were outsourced. The name of your primary courier supplier.


Request no. 33684. Received: 16/08/2021, Resolved: 18/08/2021

FOI Requests

How many FOIA requests were made within the past 12 months? Of those how many were responded within 19 working days?


Request no. 33685. Received: 16/08/2021, Resolved: 10/09/2021

Pitt Street

We request any records you may hold relating to fuel tanks at the site, which may exist now or have existed in the past.


Request no. 33686. Received: 16/08/2021, Resolved: 14/09/2021

EV Charging

What is your current budget for purchasing public EV charging points per annum? If you do not have a set yearly budget, please can you confirm how much money has been spent on purchasing EV charging points over the last 12 months?


See attached response


Request no. 33687. Received: 16/08/2021, Resolved: 09/09/2021

Street cleaning

I would like to know the regular street cleaning routines for the following streets. Princes Street, Leith Walk and Abbeyhill.


These locations are scheduled for a daily clean when resources are available

Request no. 33690. Received: 16/08/2021, Resolved: 16/09/2021

Swimming Lessons to pupils

In your local authority, how many (i) primary schools and (ii) secondary schools have offered swimming lessons to pupils in each of the last 10 years, including this year and number of primary schools and secondary schools for same period.


Request no. 33691. Received: 16/08/2021, Resolved: 09/09/2021

Weed Killer Spending

How much has the council spent on weed killer in each of the last five years, including this year?


2017 - £30,156
2018 - £18,640
2019 - £24,326
2020 - £5,888
2021 to date - £21,800

Request no. 33692. Received: 16/08/2021, Resolved: 09/09/2021

Weed Complaints

How many complaints has the council received on weeds in each of the last five years, including this year to date?


See attached response


Request no. 33701. Received: 16/08/2021, Resolved: 25/08/2021

Empty commercial properties

Details of all current empty commercial properties: Property Billing Reference, Property Type, Rateable Value, Property Vacant Date, Property Address, Liable Party Name

Request no. 33702. Received: 16/08/2021

Belford Road, Edinburgh

Confirm the date Belford Road, Edinburgh, was last inspected prior to 7 March 2021. How often inspected. Provide copies of the inspection records for Belford Road, Edinburgh, from March 2019 to date.


Request no. 33703. Received: 17/08/2021, Resolved: 14/09/2021

Portobello Zoned Parking Proposals

Processes & approval of the questions; Equality Impact Assessment; Evidence to prevent unconscious bias; Questions used in other parking consultations; Cost modelling; Evidence of need; Approval of the scheme by elected Councillors.


Request no. 33704. Received: 17/08/2021

Residential or Nursing Homes

How many adults with income does Edinburgh have in Residential or Nursing Homes (in and out of Authority) who pay nothing towards cost of care? How many have been resident over 6 months up to over 5 years? Annual Costs?

Request no. 33711. Received: 17/08/2021, Resolved: 06/09/2021

East Hermiston Depot, Calder Road, Edinburgh, EH14 4AJ

Confirm whether or not the Site is on your list of prioritised sites under Part 2A and, if so, what priority it is considered to be, also, please advise if you are aware of any previous intrusive investigations and/or remediation at the Site?


Request no. 33712. Received: 17/08/2021, Resolved: 14/09/2021

Catalyst Trade Park, Bankhead Drive, Sighthill, Edinburgh EH11 4EJ

Could search your records for this site. In particular, any additional information would be useful.


Request no. 33714. Received: 17/08/2021, Resolved: 06/09/2021

Brewers Court, Edinburgh

Is it on our list for further inspection re Part IIA of the Environmental Protection Act (1990) & if yes what priority is it? Are we are aware of previous intrusive investigations and/or remediation at the Site or any known contamination.


Request no. 33715. Received: 17/08/2021, Resolved: 08/09/2021

List of HMO landlords in Edinburgh

I am requesting a list of ALL licensed HMO landlords within Edinburgh.

Request no. 33716. Received: 17/08/2021, Resolved: 09/09/2021

Managing markets and street trading/traders

The name and contact details (email address and phone number), of the person responsible for managing markets and street trading/traders


The Council does not manage markets or street trading/traders.

Request no. 33717. Received: 18/08/2021, Resolved: 09/09/2021

School Transport Procurement

Provide full details of the decisions made in connection with school transport procurement for the 2021/22 year. A full list of successful taxi firms and scoring associated with the tender process showing the ranking of all tenders received.


See attached response


Request no. 33721. Received: 19/08/2021, Resolved: 10/09/2021 10:43:00

Investigation by Chris Phillips Reporting

Any information, created before 9 October 2019, which indicates that this investigation by Chris Phillips reporting in December 2015 was commissioned by specifically in his role as the Council’s Monitoring Officer.

Request no. 33729. Received: 20/08/2021, Resolved: 10/09/2021

Investigation by Chris Phillips

Please could you let me know if the council holds any information, created before 9 October 2019, which indicates that the December 2015 report of this investigation by Chris Phillips was considered by any Monitoring Officer.

Request no. 33731. Received: 18/08/2021, Resolved: 06/09/2021

10-15 Princes Street, Edinburgh, EH2 2AN

Confirm whether or not the Site is on your list of prioritised sites and, if so, what priority it is considered to be? Whether you are aware of any previous intrusive investigations and/or remediation at the Site.


Request no. 33732. Received: 18/08/2021, Resolved: 14/09/2021

Lauriston Castle Trust

Please provide copies of all communications, legislation, advice, etc. supporting the assertion that the City of Edinburgh is the sole trustee of the Lauriston Castle Trust.


The Council will not provide all of the information sought.

The advice given to the Council relating to Lauriston Castle Trust and the trustee position is legal advice and is therefore covered by legal privilege.

Request no. 33735. Received: 18/08/2021, Resolved: 09/09/2021

Value Added Tax (VAT) on Landfill Tax (LFT)

Has your Council ever received historic rebates from HMRC relevant to the application of Value Added Tax (VAT) on Landfill Tax (LFT)?


No such rebate has ever been received relating to VAT on landfill tax.

Request no. 33736. Received: 18/08/2021

Managing data retention

Management of files, deleting emails & destruction of files. Projects to reduce data & duplication. Software to remove redundant/duplicate data. Encouraging employees to manage paper & electronic records correctly & adhering to retention schedules

Request no. 33737. Received: 18/08/2021

Use of Drones & Dash Cams

Please provide me with an electronic copy of any Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIA’s) undertaken for the operation of Drones, Dash Cams, or Body-Worn Cameras within your Organisation.

Request no. 33738. Received: 17/08/2021, Resolved: 14/09/2021

Bankhead Drive, Edinburgh

Request for inspection report for Bankhead Drive on 28/1/21.


Information provided.
No defects found

Request no. 33739. Received: 18/08/2021, Resolved: 15/09/2021

Allotments and Bonfires

Does you authority provide allotments? Do you currently allow tenants to have bonfires on their plots? Plus other questions.


Request no. 33740. Received: 18/08/2021

Drainage & gully maintenance re EH12

Details of any/all: Drainage improvement works, Gully maintenance works (cleaning/clearing etc.), Reported flood instances, Requests for gully maintenance - Within the last 5 years for EH12

Request no. 33742. Received: 19/08/2021

Wheatfield Road, Edinburgh

Contamination, water abstractions, investigations, nuisance/disturbances. Tanks: Number, location, details, capacity, decommissioning, leakage, spillage, products, leak systems, petrol interceptors, outfalls and discharge consents. Prosecutions.

Request no. 33743. Received: 20/08/2021, Resolved: 09/09/2021

10-14 Picardy Place, Edinburgh

Please provide Petroleum Officer information on any fuel tanks at the address or next door at 10 Picardy Place to inform our contamination assessment of the property.


1935: 1 x 2500 gallon tank sunk, decommissioned & sand filled 1967. 1968: 3 x 2000 gallon tanks sunk, decommissioned with slurry mix in 1992 & final tank decommissioned (product removed, cleaned out & RG22 hard foam filled in 1997.

Request no. 33744. Received: 20/08/2021, Resolved: 15/09/2021

Gyle Park

I would like to know why there are very large pipes being laid across Gyle Park in the west of Edinburgh. Are they required for future housing development?


Request no. 33751. Received: 19/08/2021, Resolved: 15/09/2021

Corporate Software/Enterprise Applications

Please provide me with contract information relating to corporate software/enterprise applications.


Request no. 33752. Received: 20/08/2021, Resolved: 16/09/2021

Granton Harbour Estate - Compulsory Purchase Order

Please advise if you have complied within the timescale set by SIC. If you have not published the information, please send me a copy of your explanation.


See attached response


Request no. 33753. Received: 20/08/2021

Self-Directed Support

Self-directed support: Number received it from 2018/19 to now; total spend from 2018/19 to now; notional budget allocation from 2018/19 to 2020/21; any underspend in budget for 2020/21 due to covid and if so how much that was.

Request no. 33755. Received: 20/08/2021, Resolved: 15/09/2021

Lauriston Castle

Antique firearms were located in Lauriston Castle at the time of Mrs Reid's Death. Where are they located now and where in the inventory do they appear?


Request no. 33756. Received: 20/08/2021, Resolved: 17/09/2021

McGuigan Review

I note that at paragraph 6 the Commissioner says: The Council referred to paragraph 1 of the McGuigan Review, which states that the review was instructed by a person other than the Monitoring Officer.

Request no. 33760. Received: 23/08/2021, Resolved: 10/09/2021

Care provision In Edinburgh

Number of elderly in residential care & those receiving care at home, run privately, by the Council, & by voluntary/not-for-profits. And hrs of care provided by each. Number of private organisations & not for profits providing care at home.


Request no. 33761. Received: 20/08/2021, Resolved: 15/09/2021

Payment Data

I am requesting information on all payments to external suppliers for purchases of goods and services between 01/01/2019 01/01/2020.


See attached response


Request no. 33762. Received: 20/08/2021, Resolved: 15/09/2021

Meals on Wheels, Local and District Councils

Does the Council supply any form of Meals on Wheels service either 1) directly or 2) via a third party and if so could you please provide respective contact details.

Request no. 33763. Received: 20/08/2021

Adult Social Care Building-based Day Services

How many hours years 2019/20 and years 2020/21? Has day services been fully restored as of the 10th of August 2021 or when will it be restored?

Request no. 33765. Received: 20/08/2021, Resolved: 10/09/2021

Edinburgh Social Housing

Number registered for 3 bedroom & number waiting that have Gold Priority. Average waiting time. How the points/waiting days system work & alongside a priority award & how length of time in current council property affect this.


See attached response


Request no. 33766. Received: 23/08/2021

Referrals to Children's Services

How many referrals of children have been made to the council's Children’s Services department in each of the past 36 months? Reasons, sources of referral, outcomes, costs and budgets.

Request no. 33767. Received: 20/08/2021


How many engagements of supply teaching were offered out and confirmed for: January - March 2019, January - March 2020, January - March 2021

Request no. 33769. Received: 20/08/2021, Resolved: 10/09/2021

CIA Report Phase 2

Copy of Introduction to two reports.

Request no. 33770. Received: 23/08/2021

Parking Charges - Inverleith Allotments on East Fettes Avenue

Please provide information on the revenue generated by each location. Preferably a monthly figure of tickets issued and the amount collected since the charges were introduced.

Request no. 33771. Received: 23/08/2021, Resolved: 24/08/2021 09:24:00

Planning for Net Zero

For the final stage of my MSc in Urban Planning I am undertaking a research project titled: ‘Planning for net zero - what role does spatial planning play in the delivery of sustainable development with respect to net zero.’

Request no. 33772. Received: 23/08/2021

P1 Out of Catchment Places - 2020/21 & 2021/22.

How many children starting P1, who were NOT resident in catchment area at relevant time, by end of February preceding the start of School year, been refused a place in their non-catchment school despite having applied for a place there.

Request no. 33773. Received: 23/08/2021

Parking Spaces

Number of Blue Badge holders. Re Council-owned parking spaces: Total; Number for Blue Badge holders & Parent-child spaces. Number of fines per month for people parking in Blue Badge spaces without Blue Badge, & same for parent-child spaces.

Request no. 33774. Received: 23/08/2021

Use of PR & Media Firms

In the last five years: The name of the firm (or individual/freelancer), The contract number, The amount of money paid to each firm (including VAT) The remit/purpose of the hire, and detail of what activities they undertook for your organisation?

Request no. 33779. Received: 23/08/2021, Resolved: 17/09/2021

Payments to charities

The value of grants made to each of the organisations listed and the value of loans made to each of the organisations.


Request no. 33783. Received: 23/08/2021


How many HMO's are there in Edinburgh? How many people are employed in the HMO department? How many inspections in 2021?

Request no. 33786. Received: 23/08/2021

School Libraries

The number of school libraries closed last term as a result of covid restrictions

Request no. 33791. Received: 23/08/2021

Facilities Management Contracts

Please provide details of Facilities Management contracts and the contact details including name, job title and email address for the relevant individual (e.g. Director of Estates and Facilities) for these services?

Request no. 33792. Received: 23/08/2021

Monitoring Officer involvement in McGuigan Report

Evidence provided to investigation, and more generally held by the Council, regarding Monitoring Officer involvement in McGuigan Report

Request no. 33793. Received: 24/08/2021

Kinellan Road Traffic survey

Full data set for the traffic survey for the City of Edinburgh Council was carried out on Kinellan Road, Edinburgh, EH12 between 26th May and 1 June 2021.

Request no. 33794. Received: 24/08/2021

School Toilets

How many schools have moved from specific boys/girls toilets to unisex? Any future plans to convert specific boys/girls toilets in schools to unisex? Detailed costs of any such conversions carried out in schools.

Request no. 33795. Received: 24/08/2021

Social media profiles/email signatures

Can the Council confirm they have issued staff guidance over the use of pronouns in social media profiles/email signatures? If the answer to question one is yes, can the Council provide the guidance issued to staff.

Request no. 33796. Received: 24/08/2021, Resolved: 17/09/2021

Queensferry Conservation Area Character Appraisal

A digital copy of each the previous documents used before the current version to assist or guide both home owners and planners when reviewing planning permissions. Including any guidance documentation provided to planning.


Request no. 33797. Received: 24/08/2021

Road Signs

How many road sign problems ( have been reported to the Council in the last three years and how many of those have been resolved?

Request no. 33798. Received: 24/08/2021

Halmyre Street, Edinburgh

Information regaring inspections, maintenance and repairs for the roads and paving on Halmyre Street, Edinburgh from 1st July 2019 to date.

Request no. 33799. Received: 24/08/2021

Walter Scott Avenue, Edinburgh

Details of all works, defects, damage, repairs etc to Walter Scott Avenue including correspondence, policies & guidance re defects and damage - from 1 July 2019 to date

Request no. 33800. Received: 24/08/2021

Silverknowes Road North closure

A copy of the traffic analysis, risk assessment, public consultation, recommendations and reports for the closure of Silverknowes Road North.

Request no. 33802. Received: 24/08/2021

Advanced CCTV

A list of all Hikvision products your council owns or operates. A list of all 'advanced CCTV' products your council owns or operates. Data Protection Impact Assessments and contracts for these products supply.

Request no. 33803. Received: 25/08/2021, Resolved: 30/08/2021 15:24:00


Please can you email me a list of business rates credits you currently hold in the name of One Stop Stores, One Stop, One Stop Stores Limited, Day and Nite Stores or variations thereof

Request no. 33804. Received: 25/08/2021, Resolved: 26/08/2021

Death Rate

I’m looking to understand the number of deaths that have occurred in the last three years, particularly I’m looking to review the death rate increase in Edinburgh as a result of covid

Request no. 33806. Received: 25/08/2021, Resolved: 10/09/2021

Council use taxis

How many times did the council use taxis solely for the use of deliveries in 2018/2019/2020/2021? How much money did the council pay for unoccupied taxi with no passengers, carrying deliveries only)?


The Council has not used nor paid taxis solely for deliveries in any of the indicated periods.

Request no. 33807. Received: 25/08/2021

Litter picks

How often are there litter picks in the Gilmerton area & specific streets. When will the bins be replaced at the Mechanic Arms on Drum Street? Why were the old bins removed at least a year before the replacements will be installed?

Request no. 33809. Received: 25/08/2021


Information regarding International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance Definition of Antisemitism (IHRA) and its incorporation into code of conduct, for disciplinary purposes, and training on antisemitism.

Request no. 33813. Received: 25/08/2021, Resolved: 17/09/2021

Road Inspection - Fairview Road

Confirm the time of the inspection of Fairview Road, Ingliston on the 10th February 2021.


The time of the inspection of Fairview Road, Ingliston on the 10th February 2021 – 13:48.

Request no. 33814. Received: 25/08/2021

Transgender Guidance

Policy for toilet & changing room facilities for transgender pupils. Schools with gender neutral toilets. Transgender bullying incidents. Advice to schools on supporting transgender pupils. Discussions re Scottish Government's transgender guidance

Request no. 33815. Received: 25/08/2021, Resolved: 17/09/2021

Private Landlords

I would like a comprehensive list of all private landlords who own property in the Craigentinny area of Edinburgh for 2021


Request no. 33820. Received: 25/08/2021

Mobility impaired individuals & absence of disabled parking bays

Has Council examined or considered the physio-social effects on a mobility impaired individual who is prevented (real or imagined) from leaving home due to the absence of Disabled Bay parking close to their residence?

Request no. 33821. Received: 26/08/2021, Resolved: 30/08/2021

Public Health Funerals 01/06/2021 to 26/08/2021

Any information you hold relating to National Assistance Act or “Paupers funerals carried (sometimes referred to as 'Public Health' Funerals) where persons who have died with no known next of kin (blood relatives) since 1/6/21 to date.

Request no. 33822. Received: 26/08/2021

Flexi schooling

Number of children under 18 being 'home schooled' full-time, registered for 'Flexi schooling', & number of 'Flexi schooling' requests rejected. The number of checks made re adequacy of education. Number of children home schooled & not registered.

Request no. 33824. Received: 26/08/2021

Building Warrant application: 20/01333/WARR

Documentation relating to the refusal of the Building Warrant application for 13 Howard Place insofar as it relates to structural issues.

Request no. 33826. Received: 02/08/2021, Resolved: 06/09/2021

Trams to Newhaven extension of construction hours

Council official responsible for considering/approving extending construction hours. Factors in deciding granting approval. Ever refused an application to extend construction hours? What factors that official takes into account in decisions etc.


Request no. 33827. Received: 26/08/2021, Resolved: 17/09/2021

Repairs 30 Pilton Drive North

All records relating to any repairs requested, planned, carried out, assessed at stairwell 30 Pilton Drive North, EH5 1NG over the past 36 months.


See attached response


Request no. 33828. Received: 26/08/2021

Vacant council social worker roles

Number of social worker roles vacant for each of the last five years, broken down by salary band. How much has the council spent on recruiting new social workers over the same period.

Request no. 33829. Received: 26/08/2021

Agency social workers

In each of the last five years how many social workers has the council employed through an agency. And what was the total amount charged by each agency to the council for the cost of these contracted social workers over the same period.

Request no. 33831. Received: 26/08/2021


To ask how many people in the last two months have asked local authority to record their reports as:- Neighbours causing alarm and distress, overhang branches, hospital site littered with cigarette butts and Environment Wardens?

Request no. 33832. Received: 26/08/2021

Oxgangs Primary School

Copy of all incident/inspection reports held in relation to incidents involving the ceiling, ceiling tiles or roof on 01/02/2018, 07/10/2019 and 06/02/2020. Copy of incident/inspection reports held in January 2016 involving the collapse of masonry.

Request no. 33833. Received: 26/08/2021

Schools community groups & meals on wheels

Number of play parks & cost to repair them. Number of school pupils offered swimming lessons, FTE countryside rangers, schools offering cycling lessons & lollypop/school crossing assistants. Cost of a school dinner & carton of milk.

Request no. 33834. Received: 27/08/2021

Change of Use from Residential property to commercial use as a short term / holiday let

Since 2010: Residential properties granted permission for a change to short term holiday lets. Number have had complaints made against them, had enforcement action taken, had their change of use revoked due to enforcement action.

Request no. 33835. Received: 17/08/2021, Resolved: 15/09/2021

Rent Better - Scotland wide research on private rented sector

I would like the total number of Section 11 notifications from PRS landlords in 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020. Also the total number of PRS properties for each of these years from landlord registration data.


See attached response


Request no. 33836. Received: 27/08/2021

Discretionary funding for a further year of early learning and childcare

Discretionary funding for a further year of early learning and childcare (nursery/ childminder etc) for children whose fifth birthdays between the day after start date in Aug 21 and 31 Dec 2021.

Request no. 33839. Received: 20/08/2021, Resolved: 10/09/2021

Edinburgh Health & Social Care Partnership

Can each of the 26 Board members in turn confirm if they have any personal or family interests or investments in the private care and health sector?

Request no. 33840. Received: 27/08/2021

Edinburgh International Climbing Centre

Details on the number of visitors per annum to Edinburgh International Climbing Centre please.

Request no. 33841. Received: 30/08/2021

Damp Report Repair Works

A copy of the damp survey from February 2019 and a record of works carried out to the building.

Request no. 33847. Received: 27/08/2021

Court case documentation

All written legal advice, court summaries and documents held by City of Edinburgh Council regarding Court Case.

Request no. 33849. Received: 27/08/2021

Stafford Street

All documentation, electronic or hard copy, you hold relating to defects, repairs and inspections of Stafford Street, Edinburgh between 11 June 2018 and present

Request no. 33851. Received: 23/08/2021

Road Safety

Tell me if you do SCRIM (Sideways-force Coefficient Routine Investigation Machines) testing in Edinburgh or some other skid resistance testing?

Request no. 33853. Received: 30/08/2021

Burials and Cremations

Please can you tell me the number of burials and cremations in Edinburgh for the years 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020.

Request no. 33855. Received: 30/08/2021

Property Bids

What were the bids in relation to the sale of the laundry building and attached water tower at 8 Pittville Street Lane, EH15 2BU in 2019?

Request no. 33861. Received: 27/08/2021

Greendykes House, Greendykes Road, Edinburgh

We request documentation for a period of 12 months prior to and including 19 November 2019 being: records of inspection, maintenance records, including records of independent contractors, any complaints.


Request no. 33862. Received: 25/08/2021

Mobility Assessment Criteria

A copy of the criteria that occupational therapists use to make an assessment of physical mobility needs.

Request no. 33863. Received: 30/08/2021, Resolved: 10/09/2021

Kerbside recycling service

What number plastics are recycled from kerbside pick up. Where are these items recycled. How are plastics sorted before recycling. What happens to items that are in the kerbside bin erroneously? Can they prevent recyclable items from being recycled.


Request no. 33865. Received: 30/08/2021

Waste and Recyclable Materials

Total costs incurred by Edinburgh Council to collect waste and recyclable materials from domestic properties by year (since 2015) and waste stream. Budget for 2021 & future years.

Request no. 33866. Received: 27/08/2021

Child Protection

Request for the child protection procedures and policies and any other operational guidance being used by City of Edinburgh Council from 1978 — 1988 in child protection.

Request no. 33867. Received: 30/08/2021

Online Forms

Why all forms on the website do have 10 minutes limit? Why there is no note informing about 10 minutes cap in the beginning of the form?

Request no. 33870. Received: 31/08/2021

Road Assessment Plan

Hi there, i'm looking to receive a copy of the councils most recent Roads Asset Management Plan.

Request no. 33871. Received: 31/08/2021

Queensferry High Football Pitch

Which authority, body or organisation is responsible for hiring out the football pitch at Queensferry High after school hours - particularly in the evening? Guidance and noise testing.

Request no. 33872. Received: 31/08/2021

Social Housing Repairs/Modifications

The number of social housing repairs/modifications requested by tenants in Edinburgh City Council area and not yet carried out. Average repair/modification time.

Request no. 33873. Received: 27/08/2021

Pennywell Road, Edinburgh

Request written or electronic communication detailing records / maintenance / accidents or complaints for the period 1 January 2019 to date.

Request no. 33881. Received: 31/08/2021, Resolved: 08/09/2021

CCTV Footage

CCTV footage held in connection with a road traffic accident on 22/02/2020, the accident occurred at approximately 3pm on Leith Street, Edinburgh.


Duplicate. Please see 33923

Request no. 33883. Received: 31/08/2021, Resolved: 01/09/2021

Toilet Costs

Please can you provide an annual break down for the number and cost of running for council operated public toilets in the years 2015/16, 2016/17, 2017/18, 2018/19, 2019/2020 and 2020/21?

Request no. 33892. Received: 31/08/2021

Corstorphine Hill Gardens - Highway Report

Please provide a Highway report for Corstorphine Hill Gardens for the last 3 years (01/09/2018 to 31/08/2021).

Request no. 33893. Received: 31/08/2021

Leith Walk At Omni Centre

We would be grateful if you could provide us with details of all inspections/complaints and accidents concerning the eco drain covers on Leith Walk, Edinburgh particularly near the Omni Centre.

Request no. 33894. Received: 31/08/2021

Electric Vehicle Charger

CPS*Charger ID Number, City/Town, Location, Type, Total Charging Sessions, Total kWh over period requested

Request no. 33896. Received: 31/08/2021

Construction Funding

Please can you let me know how much you spent on the following types of work in both 2015 and 2020. I've included the ProClass Procurement Classification codes

Request no. 33897. Received: 31/08/2021

COVID Guidance Issued to Schools

All COVID guidance, procedures and advice issued to schools from 1 August 2021 - present, to include, but not limited to, direct from Edinburgh CC and NHS Lothian Health Protection Team.

Request no. 33898. Received: 31/08/2021

Escape of Water

All information/documentation relating to escapes of water on 11 August 2020 and 4-5 July 2021.

Request no. 33927. Received: 30/08/2021

Wording used to describe investigation objective

Please could you now provide the three different sets of words?

Request no. 33943. Received: 30/08/2021

City of Edinburgh Council history

When your organization was established Scope ( mission and vision ) Number of employees

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