Freedom of information (FOI) disclosure log

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Request no. 31028. Received: 01/02/2021, Resolved: 26/02/2021

Escape of Water - Kirkliston Drains

All information/documentation relating to escapes of water from October 2020 – January 2021. Documentation commenting on the cause of any escapes of water and all repair and maintenance records to the drains.


Request no. 31029. Received: 01/02/2021, Resolved: 26/02/2021

Braehead Quarry on Craigs Road

Was there a publicly advertised tender process to allocate the land? If there was no tender, what were the terms of the negotiation and sale/lease of the land to Iceni Projects Ltd.?


The City of Edinburgh Council still owns the land on which the quarry sits and have had no discussions over this land with Iceni Projects Limited.

Request no. 31030. Received: 01/02/2021, Resolved: 31/03/2021

Taxis & Private Hire

Current vehicles, Vehicle types (ie Ford Transit, Peugeot Expert)


See attached response


Request no. 31031. Received: 01/02/2021, Resolved: 25/02/2021

Covid-19 rates grants

Please supply details of the councils procedures in distributing the Covid-19 rates grants in respect of rate assessed business premises including any amendments for original version. (All version).


Request no. 31034. Received: 01/02/2021, Resolved: 24/02/2021

Self-isolation support grants

How many applications the council has received for self-isolation support grants? Of these, how many were granted?


Request no. 31035. Received: 01/02/2021, Resolved: 26/02/2021

Maintenance on Maybury Road

Please advise the exact spend on road maintenance on Maybury Road, 2019/2020, 2018/2019 and 2017/2018.


We do not record repairs by street. There is a budget for patching repairs that is spread city wide.

Request no. 31038. Received: 01/02/2021, Resolved: 26/02/2021

Daily Transactions of 316 Suppliers Over Two Years

Payments made to 316 separate suppliers from 1/1/2019 to 30/11/2020. Please include the date, value, recipient name, spend category, service area & any other descriptors/narrative, of each transaction, broken down to daily level.


Request no. 31039. Received: 01/02/2021, Resolved: 25/02/2021

Care home vacancies

Request for the number of care home vacancies (for residents) - also known as voids or empty beds - within the local authority as of now.


There are 142 vacancies over 9 care homes

Request no. 31040. Received: 01/02/2021, Resolved: 26/02/2021

Douglas House and Belford House, Belford Road, Edinburgh

Please conduct a brief search of your records in relation to potentially contaminative past last uses within and in close proximity to the site area, and whether the site or sites within close proximity have been identified for prioritisation?


Request no. 31042. Received: 01/02/2021, Resolved: 10/03/2021

15 Newington Road

Reports received regarding the condition of the pavement in the twelve months prior to our client’s accident; Details of inspections, maintenance, repairs carried out and reports of accidents.


Request no. 31043. Received: 01/02/2021, Resolved: 25/02/2021

Hardware devices

The total cost to the City of Edinburgh Council of purchasing hardware devices (laptops and tablets) Since 1st March 2020 to assist with providing children with access to these devices for learning at home.


Request no. 31044. Received: 01/02/2021, Resolved: 01/03/2021

Collective agreements coverage

Provide information on number of staff covered by collective agreements within the authority itself, in all arms-length external organisations (“ALEOs) and any health and social care Integration Joint Board (or equivalent body).


Request no. 31045. Received: 02/02/2021, Resolved: 02/03/2021

Safer Walking and Cycling Stakeholders

With regard to Policy and Sustainability Committee, specifically the policy on Safer Walking and Cycling, who, or what bodies, does the Council regard as 'stakeholders', and what criteria do they use for inclusion as a 'stakeholder''?


Request no. 31046. Received: 02/02/2021, Resolved: 26/02/2021

Covid Government Grant

List of Mot service and repair stations which received the larger covid government grant of £25,000


The Covid grant application information collated only includes the NDR account ref, beneficiary name and amount issued. We do not record data that only relates to MOT and repair services.

Request no. 31049. Received: 02/02/2021, Resolved: 08/02/2021

Environmental Offences Publication

Are the names of individuals who are prosecuted or fined for environmental offences (littering, fly-tipping, illegal dumping or unauthorised waste activity) published on the Council website? Are these names shared with other organisations?


Request no. 31050. Received: 02/02/2021, Resolved: 03/02/2021

Sexual Health Services

The number of sexual health clinic locations in your borough for the financial year of 2019/20? The number of sexual health clinic locations planned in your borough for the financial year of 2020/21?


This is an NHS run service. Redirect to NHS Lothian - [email protected]

Request no. 31051. Received: 02/02/2021, Resolved: 26/02/2021

Police Box

I am enquiring to find out of any details regarding the ownership of the police box located on the corner of Montgomery Street and East Montgomery Place. As it seems to be abandoned.


This Council does not keep records of current owners of former Police Boxes.

Request no. 31053. Received: 02/02/2021, Resolved: 30/03/2021

Correspondence details

I am looking to be provided with all correspondence details between Edinburgh City Council and a landlord of my neighbouring property.


Closed - no clarification received.

Request no. 31059. Received: 01/02/2021, Resolved: 26/02/2021

Spaces for People - Craigmillar Park / Minto Street

The budget figures of the costs involved in implementing the road changes in Craigmillar Park/Minto Street and other questions.


Request no. 31062. Received: 03/02/2021, Resolved: 02/03/2021

Public Health Funerals - 01/12/2020 to 03/02/2021

Regarding Public Health Funerals carried out between 01/12/2020 and 03/02/2021, please provide the dates of death and the ages at death.

Request no. 31063. Received: 03/02/2021, Resolved: 02/03/2021

Council Guardianship Deaths 01/12/2020 to 03/02/2021

Please provide the dates of death and the ages at death of persons who have died between 01/12/2020 and 03/02/2021 who were under Council Guardianship with no next of kin.


Request no. 31064. Received: 03/02/2021, Resolved: 02/03/2021

Gogar Roundabout Traffic Light Sequence

Details of the lighting sequence for the traffic lights controlling Gogar Roundabout, Edinburgh for vehicles: (i) entering the roundabout from Glasgow Road (southbound); (ii) entering the roundabout from South Gyle Broadway on 15/02/2020.


Request no. 31065. Received: 03/02/2021, Resolved: 04/03/2021

High School and for S1 students

For each Edinburgh High School and for S1 students, I would like to know what type and quantity of teaching students have been offered during the January 2021 home schooling period and, if possible, what the take up is.

Request no. 31072. Received: 03/02/2021, Resolved: 13/04/2021

Road Maintenance

The first time the Local Authority became aware of and when was the last time the LA attended to the sites listed.


Request no. 31074. Received: 03/02/2021, Resolved: 06/04/2021

Eastfield Road Safety Inspections

Eastfield Road, Edinburgh - the section between Arnold Clark Car Hire Depot and Edinburgh Airport Terminal: I would like to request the 'Site History Report/Condition Survey' for Eastfield Road, between 28th February 2019 - 28th February 2020.


Please refer to the attached Site History Report.

The full street inspections show as ‘Route: NW_CW1_West1’

One-off ad hoc inspections show as ‘Route: Ad hoc Route’


Request no. 31075. Received: 03/02/2021, Resolved: 03/03/2021

Turnhouse Road, Edinburgh, Safety inspection

Details of how carriageway safety inspections are undertaken, including whether walked or driven, the speed of the inspection vehicle, and the number of persons in the vehicle.


Request no. 31076. Received: 03/02/2021, Resolved: 02/03/2021

Registered Landlord

Who is the currently registered landlord for the properties at Flat 22/5 Gillespie Crescent, Edinburgh, EH10 4HU and Flat 22/6 Gillespie Crescent, Edinburgh, EH10 4HU?


The Public Register has been checked and there is no registered landlord for 22/5 Gillespie Crescent, Edinburgh, EH10 4HU or Flat 22/6 Gillespie Crescent, Edinburgh, EH10 4HU. The Licensing Enforcement Team will investigate this matter.

Request no. 31079. Received: 01/02/2021, Resolved: 26/02/2021

Forth Ports Ltd. - Planning Enforcement 20/00734/ELBB

Correspondence between CEC and FP Ltd. which confirms that CEC were aware this work would start without consent. If none such exists, I would like this stated.


Request no. 31081. Received: 03/02/2021, Resolved: 02/03/2021

Public Health Funerals

How many public health funerals were carried out by the council in the financial years 2020/21 (up to and including all of January 2021), 2019/20 and 2018/19? Please could you break this figure down year-by-year. Plus additional questions.


Request no. 31086. Received: 04/02/2021, Resolved: 03/03/2021

Non-Clinical Temporary and Fixed-Term Staff Framework

Spend ranked by Agency.


The City of Edinburgh Council has no record of having used this Framework.

Request no. 31088. Received: 04/02/2021, Resolved: 03/03/2021

Glow accounts

I'm trying to find out if school children in primary 1 and 2 have been given access to their Glow accounts (provided with their username and password) for the period of home learning during lockdown?


Request no. 31089. Received: 02/02/2021, Resolved: 27/05/2021

Printing Costs

For 2018-19, 2019-20 and 2020-21, based on centrally-held information only: How much money has the council spent on printing? * Cost of paper * Cost of inks / toner * Cost of printers / photocopiers * Cost of repair / servicing


Request no. 31090. Received: 04/02/2021, Resolved: 15/04/2021

National Framework for Home Care Services

How many Hours of Care were delivered, to persons over the Age of 65, for the period 1st January 2020 to 31st December 2020? Excluding persons with Learning Difficulties.


Request no. 31092. Received: 04/02/2021

Spaces for People Infrastructure on Princes Street

Request information relating to the Spaces for People infrastructure on Princes Street, Edinburgh, between its junctions with West Register Street and St Andrews Street, Edinburgh from 1 February 2020 to date.

Request no. 31093. Received: 04/02/2021, Resolved: 03/03/2021

Stonewall Diversity Champion

Any application you made in 2019 or 2020 to be a “Stonewall Diversity Champion or to be included on Stonewall’s “Workplace Equality Index, including any attachments or appendices to those applications.


Request no. 31094. Received: 04/02/2021, Resolved: 26/02/2021


What is the Council's policy on repurposing donated technology to benefit children and adults from disadvantaged backgrounds to reduce digital exclusion and other questions.


Request no. 31095. Received: 04/02/2021, Resolved: 30/03/2021

PPE, Clothing and Janitorial Spend in 2019

Please provide the total spend for the Council in 2019 for the following: Q1. PPE and clothing spend – Lion Safety – 80 x Disposable Nitrile Gloves – Medium – Box of 100. Q2. Janitorial spend – Lion Safety – 2 x Toilet Roll 2-ply White 36x230.


We are unable to provide the information requested as the cost to the Council of locating, retrieving and providing the information exceeds the statutory maximum of £600.

Request no. 31096. Received: 05/02/2021, Resolved: 05/03/2021

Trams to Newhaven project

When is the Trams to Newhaven extension estimated to be carbon neutral? modal-shift from cars, in terms of kilograms of emissions? Case model shows that the future “Port of Leith tram stop at Ocean Drive? Film Studio at Port of Leith?


Request no. 31097. Received: 05/02/2021, Resolved: 03/03/2021

Workstation Assessments

How do you complete ergonomic/DSE workstation assessments, including to meet the requirements of the Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations and make 'reasonable adjustments' in line with the Equality Act?


Request no. 31098. Received: 05/02/2021, Resolved: 05/03/2021

Fairview Road, Edinburgh EH28 8AP

Record of road defect reports and repairs for the past 2 yrs for Fairview Road, Edinburgh EH28 8AP, Westbound carriageway from Eastfield Road to Ingliston Road.


Cancelled. Duplicate of 30846

Request no. 31099. Received: 05/02/2021, Resolved: 05/03/2021

Penalty Charge Notices

Request for details of all Penalty Charge Notices issued by The City of Edinburgh over the last 10 years which have not been supported by photographic evidence provided by the issuing Parking Attendant.


Request no. 31105. Received: 05/02/2021, Resolved: 03/03/2021

Food Hygiene

The following questions relate to routine food hygiene inspection work from the period January 1st 2020 to January 31st 2021. Wherever possible, please use the answer boxes provided below.


Request no. 31107. Received: 05/02/2021, Resolved: 26/02/2021

Road Adoption - Craw’s Close, South Queensferry

Would it be possible to have a plan over the area outlined in red on the attached screenshot which would show the prospectively adoptable roads? We are looking for a plan similar to the one we received in December 2020.


Request no. 31113. Received: 08/02/2021, Resolved: 15/04/2021

Portobello Road, Edinburgh

Maintenance records including records of independent contractors working in relevant area. Records of maintenance / inspections / complaints / risk assessments and other records at the locus.


Request no. 31114. Received: 08/02/2021, Resolved: 09/02/2021

Unique Identifiers on Social Work Systems

I am writing to request an internal review of City of Edinburgh Council's handling of my FOI request 'Unique Identifiers used for Social Workers recording information on the Children's Services system'. Please see notes.

Request no. 31115. Received: 08/02/2021, Resolved: 04/03/2021


Request for the information on how many complaints there have been about tenants in this property during 2019 and 2020 and January 2021.


2019 - 4
2020 - 2
2021 - 1

Request no. 31117. Received: 08/02/2021, Resolved: 08/03/2021

Westbound Tram Tracks on Princes Street

Information of any written or electronic communication detailing any risk assessments / complaints / incidents between the junction with Lothian Road and Shandwick Place, Edinburgh, both prior to installation and subsequently.


Request no. 31118. Received: 08/02/2021, Resolved: 08/03/2021

Marriage Notices

Can a legal notice of marriage to the council be altered, free of charge, once it has been submitted? By legal notice of marriage, I'm referring to the notice of an arranged wedding that couples must give, ahead of the ceremony.


Request no. 31119. Received: 08/02/2021, Resolved: 08/03/2021

Royal Highland and Agricultural Society

Any correspondence, and details of meetings between Edinburgh City Council and the Royal Highland and Agricultural Society of Scotland which refer to the hosting of the Royal Highland Show 2021.


Request no. 31120. Received: 08/02/2021, Resolved: 04/03/2021

Edinburgh Zoo

How many reports were made of animals escaping from enclosures at Edinburgh Zoo from January 2015 to December 2020.


Request no. 31121. Received: 08/02/2021, Resolved: 04/03/2021

Council's fleet

How many vehicles are in your council's fleet? Please include make, model, petrol/diesel/electric, owned/leased. If you do lease your council's vehicles, who do you lease from?


Request no. 31122. Received: 08/02/2021, Resolved: 16/03/2021

School Elevators

If you would provide us with information in relation to the school elevators Liberton High School, Portobello High School, Trinity Academy and Gracemount High School from the period 8 December 2017 to date.


Request no. 31124. Received: 08/02/2021, Resolved: 08/03/2021

Contracts issued by the Council to Hikvision

The total number of contracts issued by the Council to Hikvision, through the company itself or one of its UK distributors (including ADI Global Distribution Ltd., COP Security, DVS Ltd., Dynamic CCTV Ltd

Request no. 31125. Received: 08/02/2021, Resolved: 09/02/2021

Portobello Road, Edinburgh

Confirmation that maintenance, upkeep and adoption of the road and footpath for the road above are the responsibility of CEC. Request maintenance / inspection / Repair records etc (see notes)

Request no. 31126. Received: 08/02/2021, Resolved: 24/03/2021

Trams to Newhaven: Impact on Constitution Street

Risk of structural damage to private property from vibration during the construction phase and vibration caused by tram operations (i.e. post-construction). Risk of statutory noise nuisance. Access to remedies and compensation to citizens.


Request no. 31128. Received: 08/02/2021, Resolved: 08/03/2021

Local Police Commander Contact

The number of meetings that have taken place between your local police commander and the appropriate council body (a committee of councillors for example) that scrutinises the police. Each FY since 2013-14 and up until 2019-20.


2013/14 – Seven

2014/15 – Five

2015/16 – Three

2016/17 – Four

2017/18 – One

2018/19 – Two

2019/20 - Seven

Request no. 31130. Received: 09/02/2021, Resolved: 09/03/2021

Housing Developments in the West of Edinburgh

As part of the housing developments in the west of Edinburgh was a Maybury Road relief road (from the top of Maybury Road close to the Barnton junction to Gogar roundabout) considered? If not, why not and if it was, why was it rejected?


Request no. 31131. Received: 09/02/2021, Resolved: 04/03/2021

Office Staff Numbers and First Aid Provisions

Number of people in office. Number of mental health first aiders on site. Is there usually a qualified first aider in the office, and how many? Number of people trained in first aid since 2018. Date most recent first aid qualification obtained.


See attached response


Request no. 31133. Received: 09/02/2021, Resolved: 25/02/2021

First Aid Equipment, Courses and Accidents

First aid equipment on site, and when this equipment was last serviced/checked. Last time a first aid course was undertaken by a member of staff. Accident book entries since January 2018.


See attached response


Request no. 31134. Received: 09/02/2021, Resolved: 09/03/2021

Noise Complaints

The number of noise complaints from public residents registered in the years 2019 and 2020, starting January 01, 2019 and finishing December 31, 2019 and January 01, 2020 and finishing December 21, 2020 and complaint types.


Request no. 31137. Received: 09/02/2021, Resolved: 10/03/2021

Looked After Children - Independent Provision

How many ‘looked after’ children have been placed in secured accommodation by your local authority in 2020/21, 2019/20, and 2018/19? How much spent on funding these places in those years – 2020/21, 2019/20, and 2018/19?


Request no. 31142. Received: 10/02/2021, Resolved: 10/03/2021

IT Training

Is your IT department internal, or outsourced to a third-party provider – for example, Capita?


Request no. 31144. Received: 10/02/2021, Resolved: 08/03/2021

Systems for keeping records

Request for information in regards to the systems you use to record care experienced young people.


Request no. 31145. Received: 09/02/2021, Resolved: 09/03/2021

Planning Application

Has the Council approved a development to a height one storey above the current building? If so, when was this decision made?


Request no. 31147. Received: 10/02/2021, Resolved: 11/06/2021

Litter, Dog Fouling, Potholes, Gritting Complaints and Fines in 2020

I am requesting records relating to the number of litter fines and dog fouling fines issued by the council in 2020, and the number of those paid and amount paid. Plus potholes and gritting questions.


Request no. 31148. Received: 10/02/2021, Resolved: 20/04/2021

Rate of absence

Request for the rate of absence for each of the below services between 1st March 2019 and today’s date?


Closed. No clarification received.

Request no. 31149. Received: 10/02/2021, Resolved: 24/03/2021

Edinburgh Tram

The Council policy which covers ground borne noises from tramway tracks and the required mitigations.


Request no. 31151. Received: 10/02/2021, Resolved: 10/03/2021

Complaints Against Landlords, Letting Agents and Estate Agents

For each financial year since 2015/2016 to 2020/2021, could you please tell me how many complaints from the public about landlords you have received - broken down into seven specific categories.


We are unable to provide the information requested as the cost to the Council of locating, retrieving and providing the information exceeds the statutory maximum of £600.

Request no. 31154. Received: 10/02/2021, Resolved: 10/03/2021

Statutory Notice 1R060547

I wish to request all the invoices for this work submitted to the Council by the original contractors.


Request no. 31155. Received: 10/02/2021, Resolved: 08/03/2021

Road Conditions Fault/defect report

The section of road I would like the report for is the A701 at the Kaimes cross road. The cross road is where Frogston Road East (B701), Captains Road (B701) and Burdiehouse Road (A701) all meet.


Please see the attached Site History Reports for all 4 sites leading into the Kaimes Crossroads,
• Captain’s Road
• Howden Hall Road
• Burdiehouse Road
• Frogston Road East


Request no. 31156. Received: 10/02/2021, Resolved: 10/03/2021

Business Rates

Please advise us of the liable party in respect of business rates at 2 Dundas Street from 28/01/2019 to date.


Request no. 31163. Received: 08/02/2021, Resolved: 08/03/2021

Granton Framework Masterplan

As the Council’s architects have confirmed that they do have more detailed plans for the Council’s Framework Masterplan that have not been published, please now supply us with a copy of the aforementioned detailed plans for the Framework Masterplan.


See attached.


Request no. 31165. Received: 11/02/2021, Resolved: 04/03/2021

Building safety incidents

The number of 'building safety incidents' recorded in schools in this local authority in each of the three most recent academic years. Such incidents should include any instances of the collapse or partial collapse of a wall or structure


Request no. 31168. Received: 11/02/2021, Resolved: 11/02/2021

Redacted Cliftonhall Road Reports

Request for redacted reports.

Request no. 31176. Received: 12/02/2021, Resolved: 12/03/2021

Bangholm Leisure Centre - Main Contractors, Consultants, Sub-contractors & Suppliers

List of all main contractors, consultants, sub-contractors & suppliers that are or have been involved on the Bangholm Leisure Centre - Sports & Outdoor Centre.


Request no. 31177. Received: 12/02/2021, Resolved: 19/03/2021

Planning & Building Standards Correspondence

Please provide correspondence (emails, Whatsapp messages and structural reports) relating to 43 Barony Terrace, Edinburgh, EH12 8RF in connection with planning consent 19/04561/FUL and building warrant 19/04399/WARR.


Information provided under the Data Protection Act 2018.

Request no. 31178. Received: 12/02/2021, Resolved: 08/03/2021

Noise, nuisance or anti-social behaviour complaints

The number of noise, nuisance or anti-social behaviour complaints made against neighbours between January 1st 2016 – December 31st 2020.


Request no. 31179. Received: 12/02/2021, Resolved: 12/03/2021

Drummond Street Pavement

Reports, complaints, incidents, accidents and near misses relating to a defect on the cobblestone pavement located outside 22 Drummond St, Edinburgh EH8 9TX - 15/07/2018 to 12/02/2021.


Request no. 31191. Received: 15/02/2021, Resolved: 09/03/2021

Former Royal High School, 5-7 Regent Road, Edinburgh EH7 5BL

Please provide details of cost of maintaining the building wind and watertight for every financial year, since and including 2014-2015, giving details for each financial year. Outline maintenance work carried out. There is no current water ingress.


Request no. 31192. Received: 15/02/2021, Resolved: 12/03/2021


How many people on the housing list qualify for two and three bedroomed properties? How many of people eligible for two and three bedroomed properties have gold and silver priority? and other questions.


Request no. 31194. Received: 15/02/2021, Resolved: 12/03/2021

Education Providers

1 how many alternative education providers you use 2 how many of these offer GCSE qualifications 3 how many of these are approved AQA or Edexcel GCSE EXAM CENTRES


Request no. 31195. Received: 15/02/2021, Resolved: 15/03/2021

Parking-related Complaints

Number of parking related complaints, and type of complaints received by CEC within the proposed Willowbrae North Controlled Parking Zone region. Can this be broken down by individual streets within the region cover the last 3 years.


Request no. 31196. Received: 15/02/2021, Resolved: 10/03/2021

Recorded MARAC Data Controllers

Please detail the Data Controller or Data Controllers that are recorded by the CEC to be present at the Edinburgh City MARAC that is run by EDDACS that is part of Edinburgh Women's Aid Ltd (Data Protection reference Z1216033).


Request no. 31198. Received: 15/02/2021, Resolved: 15/03/2021

Boundary of Portobello

What is the boundary of Portobello? There is a sign by the railway bridge between Brighton Place and Southfield Place but the CEC ward and the area of Portobello Community Council extend considerably towards Duddingston from that point.

Request no. 31199. Received: 15/02/2021, Resolved: 13/04/2021

Traffic Management and Parking

Information on the number of traffic related surveys the council have issued to residents of City of Edinburgh, specifically relating to traffic management and Parking with complaints recorded over all and split into regions within Edinburgh


Closed. No clarification received

Request no. 31200. Received: 15/02/2021, Resolved: 15/03/2021

Cycle Improvement Scheme - Costs & Usage

Can you provide the cost form implementing Cycle improvements schemes for the last 10 years and any statistics on the number of cyclists using these schemes per year as well. The aim is to understand the investment per cyclist year on year.


Request no. 31201. Received: 15/02/2021, Resolved: 19/02/2021

Indemnity third party insurance bonds

I would like to receive a copy of Edinburgh Council's indemnity third party insurance bonds.


Request no. 31203. Received: 15/02/2021, Resolved: 12/03/2021

Parking Services

Do you have a service that just deals with parking or, do you have a combined service that involves other enforcement duties? How many staff are involved in Parking Enforcement? Financially supported from parking revenue?


Request no. 31204. Received: 15/02/2021, Resolved: 16/03/2021


Information on dog fouling, fines, complaints and investigations in the Craigmillar, Niddrie areas.


Request no. 31205. Received: 15/02/2021, Resolved: 04/03/2021


The number and nature of complains from neighbours about the tenants between June 2019 and February 2021.


2019 - 4
2020 - 2
2021 - 1
All for noise and antisocial behaviour

Request no. 31206. Received: 15/02/2021, Resolved: 15/04/2021

Grove Street Complaints

This relates to any flat in the tenement and complaints in relation to noise, pest control or any other anti-social behaviour or disturbance in the stair from June 2018 to 18/03/2021.


Information provided

Request no. 31207. Received: 15/02/2021, Resolved: 24/02/2021

Housing staff and repairs & maintenance employee Covid-19 deaths

Number of employees working in housing, and repairs & maintenance operatives who have died from COVID/following a positive COVID test since beginning of pandemic.


Information not held by the Council. The Council’s absence reporting only records if the employee is absent due to experiencing Covid-19 like symptoms, not whether they have had a positive Covid-19 test.

Request no. 31212. Received: 16/02/2021, Resolved: 17/03/2021

Waste Processing

What company or companies hold the current contract for removal of domestic and commercial waste within your authority? What is the length and total value of the contracts?


Request no. 31213. Received: 16/02/2021, Resolved: 19/02/2021

Social Housing

I would like to know what is my position in a queue for a social housing.


Cancelled - Business as usual.

Request no. 31216. Received: 16/02/2021, Resolved: 15/03/2021

Business Rates New Liabilities

Can you please supply the following information in relation to business rates new liabilities for the period 21st of January 2021 until 15th February 2021 inclusive.


Request no. 31217. Received: 16/02/2021, Resolved: 15/03/2021

Spaces for People

Request for copies of all email correspondence and all minutes of meetings making any reference to the Lanark Road, Longstone Road, Inglis Green Road or Murrayburn Road schemes, between 1 January 2020 and 30 June 2020,


Request no. 31228. Received: 15/02/2021, Resolved: 14/04/2021

Environmental Assessment - Struan Lodge

Request for Environmental Assessment information - Struan Lodge, Balgreen Road, EG12 5SU


Closed - No clarification received.

Request no. 31229. Received: 16/02/2021, Resolved: 15/03/2021

Finance Systems

Several questions in regard to the Council's finance system and supplier information.


Request no. 31230. Received: 17/02/2021, Resolved: 17/03/2021

Top 5 Applications in Use

What are the top 5 applications in use for your council? This has to be based on the number of users and must exclude Email system which everybody uses and EXCLUDE desktop applications like Excel and word.


It is not possible to break the data held down to Department level, however, regardless of this, specific details on applications used is withheld under Section 30(c) – Prejudice to effective conduct of public affairs.

Request no. 31231. Received: 17/02/2021, Resolved: 15/03/2021


Please provide details of the total number of signatures per petition hosted on the City of Edinburgh Council website over the last 5 years, in table form with the columns 'Name of petition' and 'Number of Signatures'.

Request no. 31232. Received: 17/02/2021, Resolved: 16/03/2021

Changes to Parking Scheme

Request for analysis of the 'recent increase in requests from communities across the city and more, referred to in this consultation:

Request no. 31233. Received: 17/02/2021, Resolved: 16/03/2021

Controlled Parking Zone for Willowbrae North

Please provide a copy of the business case or similar documentation which was developed and used for review by committee in relation to the proposed Controlled Parking Zone for Willowbrae North.


Request no. 31238. Received: 16/02/2021, Resolved: 05/03/2021

Spaces for People

Which Edinburgh Councillors voted in favour of the Spaces for People Scheme being further rolled out.


Request no. 31239. Received: 16/02/2021, Resolved: 11/03/2021

Digital IT infrastructure and cyber security systems

Who is current provider for the council’s network infrastructure? When considering network infrastructure this is specifically the switching hardware and wireless access points that may be deployed and associated cabling etc.


Request no. 31240. Received: 16/02/2021, Resolved: 02/03/2021

Planning Application 21/00483/FUL

I would like to see correspondence, any notes of the telephone discussion and any associated documentation and information in relation to this 'Pre-application discussion' relating to the property held by the Council.


Request no. 31244. Received: 17/02/2021, Resolved: 18/02/2021

Road Adoption - Marionville Road, Meadowbank

Please can you arrange a Highways Adoption Search at the location shown below.

Request no. 31245. Received: 15/02/2021, Resolved: 15/03/2021

Daily Rate Calculation for Teachers' 'Keeping in Touch' Days

Based on a teacher at the top of the scale earning £41,412, how does the council currently calculate a daily rate for a ‘keeping in touch day’ for a teacher?


Request no. 31247. Received: 17/02/2021, Resolved: 17/03/2021

Craigcrook Castle, Edinburgh EH4 3TW

We are currently carrying out desk study researches ahead of proposed ground investigation works at the above site. As part of the desk study researches for the site, we are interested in any records regarding fuel tanks presently on the site.


We have searched through the records for both current and derelict petroleum stores and have been unable to locate any information in the zone outlined with regard to the current or derelict petroleum stores at the Craigcrook Castle, Edinburgh.

Request no. 31251. Received: 17/02/2021, Resolved: 16/03/2021

Dog Fouling

How many fixed penalty notices for dog fouling handed out for each month of 2020, and 2021? For each month how many of those fines have been paid? The monetary value for all fines collected, and the monetary value for all fines uncollected?


Request no. 31252. Received: 17/02/2021, Resolved: 18/02/2021 16:14:00

Dog Fouling

How many fixed penalty notices or fines for dog fouling you have handed out for each month of 2020, and 2021? For each month can you tell me how many of those fines have been paid?


Already logged - see 31251 - Request to be cancelled (duplicate)

Request no. 31253. Received: 17/02/2021, Resolved: 16/03/2021


1. How many potholes since 2015 2. How many potholes fixed since 2015 3. How much money on payouts/compensation since 2015


Request no. 31256. Received: 17/02/2021, Resolved: 23/02/2021

Road Adoption - Ferry Road, Davidson's Mains EH4 5PZ

Request no. 31258. Received: 17/02/2021, Resolved: 15/03/2021

City of Edinburgh Vehicle Noise Complaints

I would like to request the total number of noise complaints relating to vehicle noise, received by the council in the last year (2020).


The Council has received 8 complaints relating to vehicle noise in 2020.

Request no. 31261. Received: 17/02/2021, Resolved: 16/03/2021

Self-Isolation Support Grant

Please could you provide the total number of applications for the Self-Isolation Support Grant The City of Edinburgh Council has received since it was introduced in September 2020 and total applications was rejected and why?


Request no. 31262. Received: 17/02/2021, Resolved: 22/03/2021

Safeguarding Referrals Received

Between the dates of 1 Jan 2020 and 1 Feb 2021 how many 'Adult Support & Protection' referrals have been received from the following organisations 'Department for Work & Pensions', 'Centre for Health & Disability Assessments?


There were no such referrals received from these organisations in this period.

Request no. 31265. Received: 17/02/2021, Resolved: 17/03/2021

Recruitment Agencies

List of recruitment agencies currently being used for the supply of agency staff. Breakdown of current spend per agency [2019-2021]. What framework/DPS this spend is going through.


See attached response


Request no. 31266. Received: 17/02/2021, Resolved: 19/02/2021

Policy and Procedural Statement

Request a copy of your policy and procedural statement for the identification, recording, marking and repair of potholes that develop in the carriageway.


Request no. 31267. Received: 17/02/2021, Resolved: 16/03/2021

Controlled Parking Zone Engagement

Please disclose how many residents who live in the Murrayfield (B9 PPA) area as set out in the leaflet have requested that the CEC 'take action to tackle the issues caused by non-residential parking' over the last 12 months (to February 2021).


Request no. 31268. Received: 18/02/2021, Resolved: 05/03/2021

Spaces for People Floating Bus Stops

In relation to SFP, what is the cost to reinstate a floating bus stop?


As a floating bus stop has not yet been reinstated we are unable to determine the associated cost, therefore the information is not held by the Council.

Request no. 31269. Received: 18/02/2021, Resolved: 16/03/2021

BNO visa resettlement scheme

Please could you provide me with any data and documentation the council holds relating to Hong Kongers gaining (or attempting to gain) residency in your council's jurisdiction under the BNO visa resettlement scheme.


Unfortunately, we are unable to provide you with the information requested because it is not held by the Council.

Request no. 31270. Received: 18/02/2021, Resolved: 23/02/2021

Public Health Funerals 17/12/2020 to 18/02/2021

Information you may hold relating to National Assistance Act or “Paupers funerals carried (sometimes referred to as 'Public Health' Funerals) where persons who have died with no known next of kin (blood relatives) since 17/12/20 to date.

Request no. 31271. Received: 18/02/2021, Resolved: 17/03/2021

Statutory Repair 3GI84

Records pertaining to work carried out under statutory repair 3GI84. This should include money paid by the Council and records of all monies reclaimed from relevant home owners and all monies outstanding by relevant homeowners.


We have searched our records both electronically and hard copy and we no longer retain any archived project information for the emergency repair in question.

Request no. 31274. Received: 18/02/2021, Resolved: 17/03/2021

M&G Outstanding Business Rate Credits

Could you please reply to me with the following report attached: - Unclaimed business rate credit balances.

Request no. 31275. Received: 18/02/2021, Resolved: 16/03/2021


How many farm animal welfare inspections/visits did your Local Authority carry out in 2010 and 2020 and what was the outcome of these inspections/visits? Ie were breaches detected and what action was taken by your Local Authority?


Request no. 31276. Received: 18/02/2021, Resolved: 17/03/2021

Darroch Building Refurbishment for James Gillespie High School

All documents, including, but not limited to, minutes, reports, emails and other papers (between 2018 and the present), in connection with refurbishment incl when the council became aware of delays to the planned refurbishment programme.


The request falls into the category of a “manifestly unreasonable request under regulation 10(4)(b) of the Environmental Information (Scotland) Regulations and we are not obliged to respond.

Request no. 31277. Received: 18/02/2021, Resolved: 17/03/2021

James Gillespie High School Alternative Classroom Accommodation

We would like to see all documents, including, but not limited to, minutes, reports, emails and other papers, in connection with seeking alternative classrooom accommodation for S6 classes for the school year 2021 – 22.


Prior to 18/02/2021, request receipt date, no relevant documents, minutes, reports, e-mails or other papers, were held in connection with finding alternative teaching space as this was not part of the contingency plan agreed with the school.

Request no. 31278. Received: 18/02/2021, Resolved: 17/03/2021

James Gillespie High School Hub Space

We would like to see all documents, including, but not limited to, minutes, reports, emails and other papers, in connection with seeking a 'hub space' for S6 pupils for the school year 2021 – 22.


The information we hold which is within scope of the request is attached. It takes the form of e-mail correspondence. There is no other type of relevant recorded information held.


Request no. 31279. Received: 18/02/2021, Resolved: 16/03/2021

Teacher vacancies

How many teacher vacancies advertised received zero responses or were unfilled after the final advertised date. How many either re-advertised or had their deadline extended as result or left unfilled or remain advertised due to not being filled.


Request no. 31284. Received: 18/02/2021, Resolved: 17/03/2021

North Bank Street, Edinburgh

What category of priority the above falls into under the council’s defect categorisation criteria; Documentation showing the policy by which defects are categorised and ranked any deliberate design to include “steps in paving.


Request no. 31286. Received: 18/02/2021, Resolved: 17/03/2021

Buffer Zones Petition

Date of signature and postcode for each of the 5,000 signatories for the petition which ran from 06/11/2020 to 16/02/2021.


Partial postcodes have been provided as full postcodes are considered to be the personal information of those signing the petition. See attached document.


Request no. 31287. Received: 18/02/2021, Resolved: 15/03/2021

Fairview Road

Inspection records for Fairview Road EH28 8AP. 24/06/2019 TO 28/02/2020


Request no. 31288. Received: 18/02/2021, Resolved: 17/03/2021

Waste Services citing Avenue Stores

A report by Waste Services citing Avenue Stores LTD as being responsible for misuse of a public bin plus correspondence related to this report and the decision to remove a bin from Blackford Avenue, EH9 2PP.


Request no. 31291. Received: 18/02/2021, Resolved: 17/03/2021

Road Inspection Report from 9th March 2020.

A90 (West) linking with B924 fly-over.


Request no. 31295. Received: 18/02/2021, Resolved: 22/03/2021

Level of Modal Shift From Private Vehicle to Tram

Total number of sec1 requests received:?

Request no. 31296. Received: 16/02/2021, Resolved: 17/03/2021

Protocol for paying an outside agency for care/help

What measures of protection and criteria you uphold when you pay an agency to provide care for a vulnerable person needing support. Information of your safeguard protocols.


Request no. 31300. Received: 18/02/2021, Resolved: 18/03/2021

Complaints regarding non-residential parking

I wish to know the number of complaints regarding non-residential parking in the EH6 area (designated west leith in your consultation) over the past two years.


Request no. 31301. Received: 19/02/2021, Resolved: 17/03/2021

Household Refuse Collection 2018 - 2020

The number of households under your care in 2018, 2019 and 2020, the total cost of refuse collection operations in 2018, 2019, 2020, the percentage of bins missed during refuse collection rounds in 2018, 2019 and 2020.


Request no. 31303. Received: 19/02/2021, Resolved: 18/03/2021

Structure Chart Request

Please provide a diagram of the management structure for both adults and Children's social services, including the full name of the service managers and line managers, their job title and their E-mail address/contact details.


See attached.


Request no. 31304. Received: 19/02/2021, Resolved: 18/03/2021

Grant Giving

Would you kindly inform me who is in charge of Grant Giving and/or funding for not-for-profits and the community at your City Council. I would also like to request a contact email address for them too.


Request no. 31305. Received: 19/02/2021, Resolved: 17/03/2021

Glenrothes Taxi Centre

Request for all invoices paid to Glenrothes Taxi Centre Ltd 2015/16, 2016/17, 2018/19 and 2019/20


Request no. 31306. Received: 22/02/2021, Resolved: 23/03/2021

Road Repair Costs

Please provide road repair costs for all roads within the City of Edinburgh Council boundary for 2019-20. Broken down by each month, road name and amount spent.


We do not keep financial information to this level of granularity.

Request no. 31308. Received: 22/02/2021, Resolved: 22/03/2021

Road Repairs & Spaces For People Complaints

How many official complaints have been made then answered for the period 01/04/2020 until 31/01/2021? Complaints must include Spaces For People and Road Repairs.


There have been 39 such complaints in this period.

Request no. 31309. Received: 22/02/2021, Resolved: 19/03/2021

Restalrig Terrace and East Restalrig

The number of complaints made by residents of Restalrig Terrace and East Restalrig in relation to the absence of parking on those streets made prior to current consultation on controlled parking in West Leith


Request no. 31310. Received: 19/02/2021, Resolved: 08/04/2021

Development Management Sub-Committee (DMSC) - 17th Feb 2021

Correspondence related to the Development Management Sub-Committee meeting of 17/02/2021. Records of complaints ,etc.


Request no. 31311. Received: 16/02/2021, Resolved: 12/03/2021

Venison Dealer Returns

A list of all venison dealers licensed by your council that are current from the 1st January 2021. Name and address of the licence holder Address of the premises licensed (if different from the applicant's) Start and expiry date of the licence.



Request no. 31312. Received: 22/02/2021, Resolved: 18/03/2021

International Classification of Diseases - Training

The date when Children & Families Social Workers received training on ICD-11 Code QE.52. If point 1 is a nil response then the date when the training on ICD-11 Code QE.52 for Children & Families Social Workers is scheduled to take place.


Request no. 31314. Received: 22/02/2021, Resolved: 22/03/2021

Covid-19 Home-Testing Kits for Staff

Are you providing home testing kits for other council employees who work with the public – e.g. education? If so, which groups of employees are being provided with tests?


Request no. 31315. Received: 22/02/2021, Resolved: 18/03/2021

Business Rates

Please can you send over the full and up to date list of businesses that have become liable for business rates from the 1st November 2020 to the 11th Feb 2021.


Request no. 31316. Received: 22/02/2021, Resolved: 23/03/2021

Saughtonhall Area Controlled Parking Zone

Has the requirement for a CPZ come about as a result of requests for such by residents in the area? If so, how many individual requests were made?


Request no. 31317. Received: 22/02/2021, Resolved: 22/03/2021

Illegal Use of Wood-burning Stoves

I would like to know: How many fines have you issued for the illegal use of woodburning stoves between January 2015 - February 2021? Please can you provide me with a breakdown of the number of fines for each year.


Request no. 31318. Received: 19/02/2021, Resolved: 19/03/2021

Repairs to A199 - Junctions at Fillyside Road and Inchview Terrace

Documentation relating to the repair of traffic bollards, illuminated sign equipment, illuminated street furniture, traffic islands and street lighting. Records and reports of defect and risk assessments relating to the removal.


Request no. 31319. Received: 22/02/2021, Resolved: 18/03/2021


I would like to see all details for repairs and actions taken regarding my council flat from the time that I moved in.


Information provided

Request no. 31322. Received: 23/02/2021, Resolved: 22/03/2021

Household Landfill Bins

How many large household landfill bins were issued in each of the last three years and of those how many did not meet the criteria?


Request no. 31329. Received: 22/02/2021, Resolved: 19/03/2021

City of Edinburgh Council's Decant Policy

How many people were decant during the lockdown restrictions; How many were decanted to a larger property; How many were decanted to a larger property; and other questions.


Request no. 31332. Received: 22/02/2021, Resolved: 22/03/2021

Ferniehill Avenue Contractors

Confirmation of which independent contractors completed the laying of cables on Ferniehill Avenue, Edinburgh on, or around, the 26th of October 2020. Who is responsible for restoration of pathways following the works?


CityFibre Holdings Limited.

Request no. 31333. Received: 23/02/2021, Resolved: 22/03/2021

Spaces for People

The value of monies that are being set aside to remove some of these temporary measures when required.


The current estimated projected cost for final removal are £877,403.00k but this is subject to change.

Request no. 31335. Received: 23/02/2021, Resolved: 19/03/2021

Lanark Road

The site was noted to have been formerly occupied by a car repairs garage and therefore we were looking to see if you have any information pertaining to the presence of any potential above ground and underground fuel tanks at the site


We have been unable to locate any information in the zone outlined in the map provided with regard to the current or derelict petroleum stores at the Lanark Road, Edinburgh.

Request no. 31345. Received: 23/02/2021, Resolved: 04/03/2021

Regional Economic Strategy or Regional Economic Recovery Strategy

The results of any modelling of the potential for job creation in the public sector over the next 5 years (or for any other time period that has been undertaken) as part of meeting the inclusive growth outcomes.


Responded to directly as 'business as usual'.

Request no. 31348. Received: 23/02/2021, Resolved: 14/05/2021

Recruitment Demographics

Please provide anonymised raw data for the protected characteristics of age-group, gender and ethnicity for successful and unsuccessful job applicants to all roles at Local Government from 01/01/2016 - 31/12/2020.


Closed. No clarification received

Request no. 31349. Received: 23/02/2021, Resolved: 28/04/2021

Adults and children yearly transport costs

What was your average cost for financial year 2020 for adults and children transport services (as financial year 2020 is not over yet please provide us with cost you are up to for financial year 2020 currently)?


Closed - no clarification received

Request no. 31350. Received: 23/02/2021, Resolved: 22/03/2021

Flood, Drainage and Surface Water Management

Please provide all Flood Risk Assessments, Critical Drainage Area Reports and Surface Water Management Plans.


Request no. 31352. Received: 23/02/2021, Resolved: 24/02/2021

Smoke-Controlled Areas

Are there any Smoke-Controlled Areas in your region, and if so where are they?

Request no. 31353. Received: 24/02/2021, Resolved: 01/04/2021

Council Policy and Sustainability Committee

To see the results of the survey at 4.8, above. To see a copy of each completed survey form, including the date the form was completed.


Request no. 31354. Received: 24/02/2021, Resolved: 24/03/2021

Child Protection Concerns

Changes caused by lockdown/COVID on the number of child protection concerns reported to Social Work over 2020 and then to compare it with the numbers in the previous year.


Request no. 31355. Received: 24/02/2021, Resolved: 23/03/2021

Facilitating the Holyrood election

Are you able to share any briefings, correspondence, memos, or any information about the May Scottish Parliament election and coronavirus?


Request no. 31356. Received: 24/02/2021, Resolved: 22/03/2021

Currie Community High School

The total forecast construction cost, The total floor space of the building in square metres


Request no. 31358. Received: 24/02/2021, Resolved: 24/03/2021

Community Payback Orders

Complete list of specific tasks that offenders on Community Payback Orders completed to satisfy the “unpaid work or other activity requirement of their CPO (under the supervision of the council’s Criminal Justice Social Work Department)


Request no. 31359. Received: 24/02/2021, Resolved: 19/03/2021

FOIs received by YouTube

How many FOI requests included YouTube links in asking for FOI


Request no. 31361. Received: 24/02/2021, Resolved: 19/03/2021

Noise complaints

Please provide a month-by-month breakdown, classified by type and/or location (postcode area?) for the most recent 24 months period available.


The information, by ward, is attached.


Request no. 31363. Received: 24/02/2021, Resolved: 24/03/2021

Pollution on St John’s Road

Do you have any plans to limit pollution on St John’s Road in the next 5 years? If so, please advise what plans you have in mind.


Request no. 31367. Received: 24/02/2021, Resolved: 24/03/2021

Oxgangs Place - Escape of Water

Copies of reports/invoices/emails/faxes or any other information pertaining to show any problems with the Edinburgh City Council owned water tanks and/or neighbouring property in the loft above Flat


There are no records held in relation to this address for the period requested. The only records we hold in relation to this block are attached.


Request no. 31369. Received: 24/02/2021, Resolved: 19/03/2021

Hygiene report

Request for the hygiene reports done for, Good Choice and Nine Dragons both establishments are on West Granton Road.


Request no. 31371. Received: 25/02/2021, Resolved: 24/03/2021

Council Spend

Please advise the council spend to date on the following companies Tetratech and LDA Landscape Design.


Tetra Tech Environment Planning Transport Limited - £1,590,252.20
LDA Design Consulting Ltd - £7,393.20

Request no. 31378. Received: 25/02/2021, Resolved: 22/03/2021

North West Locality Streets

Please provide a full list of streets in the North West Locality in alphabetical order.


Request no. 31380. Received: 25/02/2021, Resolved: 24/03/2021

Business Support Fund

I would like to receive the application forms for the Business Support Fund from organisations/charities/businesses in the EH16 postcode between 1st January 2020 and 1st November 2020.


We are unable to provide the information requested as the cost to the Council of locating, retrieving and providing the information exceeds the statutory maximum of £600.

Request no. 31381. Received: 25/02/2021, Resolved: 22/03/2021

Business Support fund

A list of recipient's of the Business Support Fund and the amount received, where the funds were transferred to the recipients in October 2020.


This grant closed in July 2020. No further applications were accepted and no further payments were issued after this date.

Request no. 31382. Received: 24/02/2021, Resolved: 24/03/2021

Review of Rockfall Risk Management at Edinburgh Castle

It would be very useful to have sight of the report from the expert from whom you have sought an opinion. Are you able to disclose that to us?


Request no. 31384. Received: 24/02/2021, Resolved: 07/04/2021

South Gyle Broadway - Inspection, Maintenance, Complaints

Details of complaints/accidents reported / inspection records / details of maintenance and resurfacing and contractors relating to the locus from 20th September 2019 to date.


Request no. 31388. Received: 25/02/2021, Resolved: 05/03/2021

Injuries due to Raised kerbs

Statistics on how many people have been hurt due to raised kerbs.


No statistics have been compiled on how many people have been hurt due to raised kerbs. However, it is recorded that there has been 4 accident claims submitted regarding the Spaces for People measures.

Request no. 31389. Received: 25/02/2021, Resolved: 30/03/2021

Road Maintenance Budget

Please advise total road maintenance budget / road maintenance spend and road maintenance costs paid to contractors in the Northwest locality 01/04/2019 to 31/03/2020.


Request no. 31390. Received: 25/02/2021, Resolved: 22/03/2021

Spaces For People objections

How many objections were received for SfP during period 1/4/20 to 1/1/21? How many SfP objections received in the same period were answered? How many SfP objections in the same period remain outstanding to be answered?


Request no. 31391. Received: 25/02/2021, Resolved: 25/03/2021 17:16:00

Disabled Council Housing Waiting List

Total of disabled people on housing waiting list. Average wait time, for those currently waiting, for a disabled person. Who has been housed in 2020-21. Longest case of a disabled person, who is currently waiting, being on the waiting list.

Request no. 31392. Received: 26/02/2021, Resolved: 22/03/2021

Spaces for People

Please advise why the SfP team did not ask for official complaints to be submitted on any of their documentation issued?


This information is not held

Request no. 31393. Received: 26/02/2021, Resolved: 25/03/2021

Looked After Children

For the years 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 Number of new looked after children, Breakdown of ethnicity of new looked after children Number of children adopted Breakdown of ethnicity of children adopted


Request no. 31394. Received: 26/02/2021, Resolved: 08/03/2021

Parkgrove Road, Edinburgh

Confirmation of whether or not the road is adopted. Request all records relating to the above locus.



Request no. 31395. Received: 26/02/2021, Resolved: 23/03/2021

Complaints for Spaces for People

How many official complaints for SfP have been logged via the online complaints form for the period 01/04/20 to 31/01/21?


Request no. 31396. Received: 26/02/2021, Resolved: 25/03/2021

Hermitage Park Grove

When did the Council take over the land at Hermitage Park Grove.


Request no. 31397. Received: 26/02/2021, Resolved: 23/03/2021

Discrimination of workers over 50

From 01/01/2016 - 31/12/2020 Do you have any specific age friendly practices to support the recruitment of older workers aged over 50? Are job descriptions for posts advertised externally assessed or age discrimination claims?


Request no. 31398. Received: 26/02/2021, Resolved: 22/03/2021

Protections to foster carers

Are foster carers being put forward for coronavirus vaccines as part of Health and Social Care workers within your local authority?

Request no. 31399. Received: 26/02/2021, Resolved: 21/04/2021

Waste disposal Bin Location Plan

I would like see a copy of the waste disposal bin location plan for Smiths Place Edinburgh EH68NT (currently).


Request no. 31402. Received: 26/02/2021, Resolved: 26/03/2021

Successful Applicants - ethnicity

What percentage of all and successful applicants to all jobs at your council were white males over 50-years-old in 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020?


Request no. 31406. Received: 26/02/2021, Resolved: 01/04/2021

Private and Council Homes

As of 26th February 2021 (or the most recently available date), please could you tell me how many private and council homes have been vacant in your authority for the following numbers of financial years.


Request no. 31506. Received: 27/02/2021, Resolved: 29/03/2021

Divest pensions from fossil fuels and invest in a local green recovery

I would be most grateful for the details of such 'active engagement' over the last five years.


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