Freedom of information (FOI) disclosure log

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Request no. 28078. Received: 01/06/2020, Resolved: 29/06/2020

Edinburgh Council's Lending List

Q1. I would like a list of the local authorities which are on Edinburgh Council's lending list. Q2. Which local authorities have been taken off Edinburgh Council's lending list since 2015 and when they were taken off?


A1. All UK local authorities are on Council’s lending list bar those with “On Credit Watch status in Operational Investment Restrictions at any point in time.

A2. Information withheld under Section 33(1)(b) - Commercial interests & the economy.

Request no. 28079. Received: 01/06/2020, Resolved: 23/06/2020


Copy of parking restriction /enforcement policy for Edinburgh City Council

Request no. 28080. Received: 01/06/2020, Resolved: 25/06/2020

Workplace Accident 12/10/2019

Request accident records.


No relevant information held

Request no. 28081. Received: 01/06/2020, Resolved: 23/06/2020

Rackstraw Place, Edinburgh

Request inspection records, minutes of meetings, copy documentation relating to all repairs and complaints.


Request no. 28091. Received: 01/06/2020, Resolved: 30/06/2020


Request copies of any correspondence that you hold on file either sent to you by, or received by you from, HC-One in relation to care homes in your council area.


We do not hold any information within the scope of your request.

Request no. 28093. Received: 01/06/2020, Resolved: 29/06/2020

Donaldson area (or the wider EH12)

Request copies of any correspondence received from residents or other bodies in the Donaldson area (or the wider EH12 area if easier) dating from October 2017 in support of the partial road closure of Stanhope Street.


Request no. 28095. Received: 01/06/2020, Resolved: 24/06/2020

Road Adoption - 23 Cannonmills

Request for a Road Adoption Plan


Request no. 28096. Received: 01/06/2020, Resolved: 29/06/2020

COVID Workforce

What proportion of your workforce has been working from home in each of the last 14 weeks dating back to week beginning 2 March 2020 and various other questions.


Request no. 28097. Received: 01/06/2020, Resolved: 10/07/2020

COVID Preparedness

What steps has your organisation taken to ensure the safety of employees that are still required to work in the office over the course of lockdown? and other questions.


Request no. 28098. Received: 01/06/2020, Resolved: 08/07/2020

COVID Correspondence

Any correspondence sent by Directors and Heads of Service to Nicola Sturgeon, Fiona Hyslop or Kate Forbes at the Scottish Government with complaints or comments regarding Personal Protective Equipment and/or access to testing.


Having completed all relevant searches with each of our Executive Directors and Heads of Service, I can confirm that there was no such correspondence sent in this period.

Request no. 28099. Received: 01/06/2020, Resolved: 02/07/2020

NHS Lothian and CEC

Any correspondence from, to, or between NHS Lothian and any Edinburgh City Council email address on the topic of the outbreak of Covid-19 at the Hilton Carlton Hotel in Edinburgh in March and other questions.



Request no. 28100. Received: 01/06/2020, Resolved: 25/06/2020


The number of fly- tipping incidents reported in your local authority area in each week from 2 March to date and other questions.


Request no. 28101. Received: 01/06/2020, Resolved: 24/06/2020

PPE Stock

The size of Personal Protective Equipment stockpiles in each week going back to 2 March to date. Please provide an estimate of the number of pieces of different pieces of equipment including differing types of masks and gowns.


Request no. 28106. Received: 01/06/2020, Resolved: 25/06/2020

Criminal Justice Social Work

The number of face-to-face meetings between the council’s criminal justice social workers and offenders in each of the following months in 2020: January, February, March, April, May and other questions.


We are unable to provide the information requested as the cost to the Council of locating, retrieving and providing the information exceeds the statutory maximum of £600.

Request no. 28109. Received: 01/06/2020, Resolved: 28/07/2020

Public Health Funerals

Public Health Funerals - Persons who have died with no known next of kin (blood relatives) from 01/03/2020 to 01/06/2020.


Closed - No clarification received.

Request no. 28110. Received: 01/06/2020, Resolved: 25/06/2020

Public Health Funerals with Guardian

Any information you may hold relating to persons who have been assisted with their financial affairs by a GUARDIAN at the Council who have died between 01/02/2020 and 01/06/2020.


Request no. 28113. Received: 01/06/2020, Resolved: 24/06/2020

Enterprise Application

ERP system and may include service support, maintenance and upgrades and other questions listed.


Request no. 28114. Received: 01/06/2020, Resolved: 29/06/2020

Lothian Pension Fund

I am seeking information about any correspondence that Lothian Pension Fund have received from UK Lawyers For Israel (UKLFI).


Request no. 28115. Received: 01/06/2020, Resolved: 26/06/2020


From 15 February 2020 to present: Details of the number of homeless people the council is temporarily housing in hotels, hostels, B&B’S and/or otherwise due to the COVID-19 outbreak?


Request no. 28117. Received: 02/06/2020, Resolved: 29/06/2020

Mayfield Road, Edinburgh

We have recently been commissioned to undertake site investigation works at a site located on Mayfield Road, Edinburgh. Any information pertaining to the presence of any potential above ground and underground fuel tanks at the site.


No relevant information held.


Request no. 28118. Received: 02/06/2020, Resolved: 20/11/2020

Seafield Road, Edinburgh

In regard to a site investigation works at Peter Vardy (Vauxhall), located on Seafield Road East, Edinburgh. Any info pertaining to the presence of any potential above ground and underground fuel tanks at the site.


Request no. 28119. Received: 02/06/2020, Resolved: 30/06/2020

Transgender Guidance

Can you tell me whether schools in the council area are still using this guidance, or has it been withdrawn pending the Government replacement? If alternative guidance is in place could you please provide a link to it?


Request no. 28120. Received: 02/06/2020, Resolved: 29/06/2020

Seafield Road, Edinburgh

I am looking for information on when the Council inspected Seafield Road 100m either side of the junction with Marine Esplanade, what frequency the inspections are normally carried out?


Request no. 28127. Received: 04/06/2020, Resolved: 29/06/2020

Provision of school buses

I am currently involved in a project which is to assist Transport Scotland looking at the future of low carbon transport in a post COVID-19 world.


Request no. 28134. Received: 02/06/2020, Resolved: 12/06/2020

Homeless Individuals

The number of homeless individuals that City of Edinburgh Council has been housing in the Hilton Edinburgh Carlton Hotel, and on which dates they were housed there. I would like this information from 20 February 2020 until the 15 March 2020.



Request no. 28135. Received: 03/06/2020, Resolved: 28/07/2020

Care Home Beds

I am interested in accessing details relating to Edinburgh’s Local Mobilisation Plan and its planning to tackle the Covid-19 pandemic.


Request no. 28136. Received: 03/06/2020, Resolved: 01/07/2020

Highways Adoption Search

Please can you arrange a Highways Adoption search at the location shown below. Specifically the area marked with the traffic cone and backpack. Site - Newcraighall Road SW.


Request no. 28139. Received: 03/06/2020, Resolved: 30/06/2020

Ratepayer Details

The Ratepayer and the Rates payable for the financial years 2019/20, for the hereditament below. 8 MELVILLE STREET, EDINBURGH, EH3 7NS


The liable party for the financial year 2019/20 was Hub South East Scotland Ltd.
The rates payable for 2019/20 was £26,522.40.

Request no. 28141. Received: 03/06/2020, Resolved: 01/07/2020

Coronavirus Tests - Teachers

Full details of the number of teachers in your council area that have received a coronavirus test after being sent for a test under instruction of your council authority. Broken down by day.


We do not send any member of staff for a test, neither do we ask school staff to advise if they are being tested. Any person can apply for a test should they express symptoms.

Request no. 28143. Received: 03/06/2020, Resolved: 25/06/2020

Business rates

Can you please supply the following information in relation to business rates new liabilities for the period 16th of April 2020 until 31st of May 2020 inclusive


Request no. 28144. Received: 03/06/2020, Resolved: 30/06/2020

Stray Dog Kennels & Dog Warden Contact Information

Q1. The contact details for all stray dog kennels within your area. Q2. The contact details for the dog wardens that operate within your area.


A1. The Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home, 6 Seafield Road, Edinburgh EH15 1EH, 0131 669 5331 -

A2. - 0131 666 2623

Request no. 28145. Received: 04/06/2020, Resolved: 12/03/2021

Granton Harbour Estate, West Harbour Road, Edinburgh

All documents, in respect of City of Edinburgh Council proposing to purchase the Granton Harbour Estate, West Harbour Road, Edinburgh by means of a Compulsory Purchase Order.


Having completed searches within the relevant service areas, I can confirm that no such documentation is held within the stated period.

Request no. 28146. Received: 04/06/2020, Resolved: 01/07/2020

Disabled Children in Care

How many disabled children are in residential care or foster care (showing the different numbers) in the Edinburgh and Lothians area in the current financial year and what is the distribution of children in Edinburgh and the Lothians?


Request no. 28148. Received: 04/06/2020, Resolved: 07/07/2020

Siting of Bins at Goldenacre Terrace

I would like to see the council documents, relating to the siting of a recycling centre at Goldenacre Terrace.


Request no. 28149. Received: 04/06/2020, Resolved: 09/06/2020

Planning Permission for Bins

Please provide a copy of the planning permission for the siting of 8 bins on the north side of Goldenacre Terrace.

Request no. 28151. Received: 05/06/2020, Resolved: 03/07/2020

Recovery of Water Over-charges and Savings

What did your organisation pay for water in 2018/9 and 2019/20? Plus various other questions.


Request no. 28152. Received: 05/06/2020, Resolved: 02/07/2020

Road Adoption - Cameron Toll Centre, Lady Road, Edinburgh

Please provide a Road Adoption Plan in colour confirming the extent of all the adopted roads, verges, landscaped areas, pavements/paved areas etc. with regards to the roads in and surrounding Cameron Toll, as seen on the attached plan.


Please see attached. Light and dark pink shows carriageway and footway adoption, Green shows adopted verges, Yellow carriageway/footway areas are private.


Request no. 28153. Received: 05/06/2020, Resolved: 03/07/2020

Public Comments on Planning Application

I would like the public comments that have been made in support and objection to our planning application.


Request no. 28154. Received: 05/06/2020, Resolved: 06/07/2020

Living at Home with support of Care Package

The number of people who died at home in 2020 during March, April and if available May in your authority, who had been living at home with the support of a care package.


Unfortunately, we are unable to provide you with the information you have requested as the cost to the Council of locating, retrieving and providing you with the information exceeds the statutory maximum of £600.

Request no. 28155. Received: 08/06/2020, Resolved: 06/07/2020

Covid Deaths

The number of deaths from Covid-19/coronavirus or presumed Covid-19/coronavirus that are under investigation by your council and the number of deaths reported to: (a) the fiscal (b) police And please state the setting for the death i.e. care home.


We do not investigate deaths as a ‘council’. Any deaths within care homes are subject to the same actions as any deaths in the community and are reported to the proper authorities, including the Care Inspectorate for registration purposes.

Request no. 28157. Received: 08/06/2020, Resolved: 03/07/2020

Parking Tickets

I would like information on all parking tickets issued from 24 March 2020 to 6 June 2020 at Gladstone Court just off the Canongate (Royal Mile), Edinburgh.


There have been no Penalty Charge Notices (parking tickets) issued at Gladstone Court for the period 24/03/2020 to 06/06/2020.

Request no. 28158. Received: 08/06/2020, Resolved: 08/07/2020

Public Entertainment Licences

I would like to know how much the Council has earned as income from each type of licence issued under the Civic Government Scotland regulations in 2019, in particular Public Entertainment licences and market operators licences.


Request no. 28159. Received: 08/06/2020, Resolved: 06/07/2020

East Princes Street Gardens

How much has been spent by the Council on normal maintenance costs and additional costs related to events, including drainage works, on East Princes Street Gardens in the last two financial years, 2018/19 & 2019/20 and so far in 2020/21?


Request no. 28160. Received: 08/06/2020, Resolved: 29/06/2020

Oxgangs Broadway - Inspection and Maintenance

Please provide us with the following information in relation to the area of paving outside the front entrance of Oxgangs Post Office, 1 – 2 Oxgangs Broadway, Edinburgh EH13 9LQ for the period 12/05/2019 to date.


Request no. 28163. Received: 08/06/2020, Resolved: 03/07/2020

Historical Noise Complaints

Advise if there has been any significant history of noise complaints/antisocial behaviour in this postcode area / from neighbouring properties? Post Code EH16 6XD


There have been no significant history of noise complaints/anti-social behaviour in this postcode area / from neighbouring properties.

There is one complaint report in 2015/16 of alleged parties and one in 2016 of dog barking.

Request no. 28164. Received: 08/06/2020, Resolved: 22/07/2020

Pesticides/ Glyphosate/Weed Killers

Any case studies or justifications that were used for the elimination of pesticides/ glyphosate/weed killers. What is used instead. What the cost of the replacement is if this is not included within the original justification /case study.


The Council is not eliminating pesticides/glyphosate/weed killers.

Request no. 28165. Received: 08/06/2020, Resolved: 06/07/2020

5G Masts and Towers

I would be grateful to receive details of all the locations within the city of Edinburgh boundary where 5G masts and towers are being erected. Either highlighted on a map or in list form.


Request no. 28166. Received: 08/06/2020, Resolved: 01/07/2020

Complaints about recycling centres

Since 1 June 2020 to date (inclusive) how many complaints have been received by the local authority about recycling centres in the local authority area?


No complaints have been received.


Request no. 28169. Received: 08/06/2020, Resolved: 06/07/2020

International Animal Welfare and Conservation

Details of all animals requiring licensing under the Dangerous Wild Animals Act 1976 in your jurisdiction.


There are currently no such animals in our jurisdiction, no such licences have been issued and no such applications were made.

Request no. 28171. Received: 08/06/2020, Resolved: 06/07/2020

Preparations for Reopening of Schools

Any general plans relating to the reopening of primary and secondary schools in this local authority on 11 August.


Request no. 28172. Received: 08/06/2020, Resolved: 22/07/2020

Bus Tracker Contract

The Bus Tracker contract was recommended to be awarded to a company called 21st Century in March has this been awarded?


Request no. 28174. Received: 09/06/2020, Resolved: 06/07/2020

Complaint Records

Questions regarding the storage of Complaints.


Request no. 28175. Received: 09/06/2020, Resolved: 29/06/2020

Care Homes

Please provide a copy of structure charts which show all staff employed at City of Edinburgh council owned care homes?


Request no. 28176. Received: 09/06/2020, Resolved: 06/07/2020

List of Adaptations to Homes

A list of extensions to homes financed by Edinburgh City Council Social Work department in the last three financial years for disabled adults and children and how much spent.


Request no. 28184. Received: 09/06/2020, Resolved: 07/07/2020

Draft Resurfacing Programme

Which roads in Edinburgh have been included within the council’s draft resurfacing programme for the 2020/21 financial year?

Request no. 28186. Received: 09/06/2020, Resolved: 07/07/2020

Planning Consultation Responses - 15/05100/FUL

Land 150 Metres South West of 28 Newmills Road, Balerno. Consultation and communications regarding the application.


Request no. 28189. Received: 10/06/2020, Resolved: 07/07/2020

Glass Recycling Bins

Please provide the number and location address of all on street glass recycling bins in Edinburgh city.

Request no. 28190. Received: 10/06/2020, Resolved: 06/08/2020 15:59:00

Nike Conference

I would like information held by ECC on the Nike conference at the Carlton Hilton Hotel, please. Communications about the conference held late February 2020. And all dates since.


Closed. No clarification received.

Request no. 28191. Received: 10/06/2020, Resolved: 07/07/2020


St Johns Road

Request no. 28194. Received: 10/06/2020, Resolved: 07/07/2020

Council Tax Bands

I would like to know how many properties are in each council tax band A to H in Edinburgh City Council and also how much each band it total brings in to the council.


Request no. 28197. Received: 11/06/2020, Resolved: 09/07/2020

Maybury Road Study

Questions regarding the Maybury Road Transport Feasibility Study (Draft).


Request no. 28199. Received: 11/06/2020, Resolved: 30/06/2020

Henry Dundas Statue

Disclosure of all minutes of all meetings facilitated by Edinburgh City Council related to the committee on the rewording of the Henry Dundas statue from its establishment until 31 May 2020.


In response to a petition, a working group was formed and asked to consider a draft statement. There was no requirement for the working group meetings to be minuted and no collective notes were taken

Request no. 28200. Received: 11/06/2020, Resolved: 08/07/2020

Self-Directed Support

What are the total number of users currently receiving Self directed support for each of the four options?


Request no. 28202. Received: 11/06/2020, Resolved: 10/08/2020

Swimming Pool Use Guidance

In relation to school pools available to the public, all guidance provided to swimming instructors in relation to teaching people how to enter the swimming pool and provide copy of swimming pool rules.


Request no. 28203. Received: 11/06/2020, Resolved: 07/07/2020

Occupational Health provider for CEC

Number of employees referred to PAM OH since they became Occupational Health providers for CEC.


Request no. 28204. Received: 11/06/2020, Resolved: 23/06/2020

HMO Register w/ Licence Holder & Address

I would like to obtain the HMO register for Edinburgh which contains the name and address of the homeowner, landlord or licensee. How frequently do you update the register?


Closed - Invalid request.

Request no. 28205. Received: 11/06/2020, Resolved: 23/07/2020

Advance care planning

Information in regard to a DNR order following Scottish Government clinical guidance issued on anticipatory care planning prompted by coronavirus.


Unfortunately, we are unable to provide you with the information you have requested as the cost to the Council of locating, retrieving and providing you with the information exceeds the statutory maximum of £600.

Request no. 28206. Received: 11/06/2020, Resolved: 28/07/2020

Granton Harbour Development

All documents, notes, notes of discussions, diary entries, minutes and email held in respect of CEC promoting and supporting and fast tracking its own proposed development site in place of GCDL’s.


Searches of all documents, notes, notes of discussions, diary entries, minutes and e-mail, whether held electronically or otherwise, in respect of any such discussions, show that there is no information held which is within scope of the request.

Request no. 28208. Received: 12/06/2020, Resolved: 08/07/2020


The percentage of working households in your borough who are living in Private Rented Sector accommodation and various other questions.


Request no. 28210. Received: 12/06/2020, Resolved: 08/07/2020

Home-Working Health and Safety Compliance

Enforced home-working for CEC staff looks set to continue until at least October 2020. What measures has the Senior CMT taken to ensure staff home-working conditions are complaint with health and safety regulations?


Request no. 28211. Received: 12/06/2020, Resolved: 08/07/2020

Traffic Enforcement

Whether Edinburgh council has the powers to enforce moving traffic offences (apart from bus lanes)?


Edinburgh Council does not have the power to enforce moving traffic offences, apart from Bus Lane contraventions. Other moving Traffic Offences would fall under the remit of Police Scotland.

Request no. 28212. Received: 12/06/2020, Resolved: 17/06/2020

Road Adoption - Finance House, Orchard Brae, EDINBURGH, EH4 1PF

Please can you provide a Road Adoption Plan in colour confirming the extent of all the adopted roads, verges, landscaped areas, pavements/paved areas etc. with regards to the roads surrounding Finance House.


Request cancelled.


Request no. 28213. Received: 12/06/2020, Resolved: 26/06/2020


I would like to find out the formula (square meters per person per class) used to assess capacity of schools when they return in August 2020.


A planning ratio of 4.7m2 per pupil was used. This is now being used as part of contingency planning as the Scottish Government’s preference is for schools to return without any social distancing in place.

Request no. 28214. Received: 15/06/2020, Resolved: 20/08/2020 16:25:00

Correspondence relating to Marketing Edinburgh

All correspondence relating to Marketing Edinburgh between Cllr Kate Campbell and Mr Paul Lawrence, from September 1 to the present date. it is a refined request relating to EDIR: 27637

Request no. 28215. Received: 15/06/2020, Resolved: 25/06/2020

In-school Learning from August

All papers, notes of meetings and correspondence related to the analysis and discussion that led to the decision that only 33% of the school roll will be engaged in in-school learning in Edinburgh from August.


Request cancelled.

Request no. 28217. Received: 15/06/2020, Resolved: 08/07/2020

CCTV - Chambers Street

Request CCTV footage.


No relevant footage held.

Request no. 28218. Received: 15/06/2020, Resolved: 25/06/2020

Carberry Woodlands

Information regarding the use of Carberry Woodlands by Edinburgh Council.

Request no. 28219. Received: 15/06/2020, Resolved: 19/08/2020

Care Homes

What is the total number of adult safeguarding incidents raised against each care home in your local authority area, during the period 1st April 2019 to 31st March 2020?


Adult safeguarding is an English Term that doesn't apply in Scotland

Request no. 28221. Received: 15/06/2020, Resolved: 13/08/2020

Evidence Passed

It is noted that as a Vulnerable Witness and intimdated as such - a lot of evidence was passed to CEC.


Closed - no clarification received.

Request no. 28223. Received: 15/06/2020, Resolved: 08/07/2020

Bloomberg Private Equity

I request access to and copies of alternative investment portfolio records specifically for close-ended: various funds.


Information provided

Request no. 28224. Received: 15/06/2020, Resolved: 09/07/2020

Hermitage Park Grove, Edinburgh

Inspection records of the pavement at Hermitage Park Grove from 10/02/2019 to present; minutes of meetings, correspondence, accident reports and records of complaints.


Request no. 28225. Received: 15/06/2020, Resolved: 22/07/2020

Melville Street, Edinburgh

Inspection records of the pavement at Melville Street, Edinburgh from 10/08/2018 to present; minutes of meetings, correspondence, accident reports and records of complaints.


Request no. 28226. Received: 15/06/2020, Resolved: 14/07/2020

'Public Health Act' Funerals

Funerals carried out under the National Assistance Act (s.50) (sometimes referred to as 'Public Health Act' Funerals or 'Paupers' funerals) and/or of persons who have died with no known next of kin (blood relatives) between 16/03/2020 and 15/06/2020.


Request no. 28227. Received: 15/06/2020, Resolved: 08/07/2020

Road Adoption

Provide details as to whether the council adopts the following road adjoining pavements or not: Corner of Montgomery st and Elgin terrace I would be grateful if you could prove me the adopted land map for this.


Request no. 28228. Received: 15/06/2020, Resolved: 08/07/2020

Scottish Welfare Fund

Please provide various information about the Scottish Welfare Fund for the period 16/03/2020-12/06/2020.


Please refer to the following attached document:

28228 Response Data


Request no. 28229. Received: 15/06/2020, Resolved: 13/07/2020

Road Adoption - 111 Princes Street, Edinburgh

Please can you provide a Road Adoption Plan in colour confirming the extent of all the adopted roads, verges, landscaped areas, pavements/paved areas etc.


Request no. 28230. Received: 15/06/2020, Resolved: 22/06/2020

Road Adoption - 16-26 Forth Street, Edinburgh, EH1 3LH

Provide a Road Adoption Plan in colour confirming the extent of all the adopted roads, verges, landscaped areas, pavements/paved areas etc.




Request no. 28231. Received: 15/06/2020, Resolved: 09/07/2020

Carrick Knowe Primary

Can you please confirm the number of children in each primary year for Carrick Knowe Primary.


P1 = 51; P2 = 46; P3 = 54; P4 – 35; P5 = 47; P6 = 65; P7 = 46

Request no. 28237. Received: 16/06/2020, Resolved: 08/07/2020

Digital Platform

Do you have any plans to deliver Citizen facing AI chatbot functionality? Are you planning on Standardising virtual appointments for all departments, e.g. housing, planning etc?


Request no. 28239. Received: 16/06/2020, Resolved: 08/07/2020

Road Adoption Plan

Please can you provide a Road Adoption Plan in colour confirming the extent of all the adopted roads, verges, landscaped areas, pavements/paved areas etc. with regards to the area shown on the plan provided.


Request no. 28242. Received: 16/06/2020, Resolved: 10/07/2020

5G Equipment Safety Regulations

Regarding 5G equipment, what plans has the Council to introduce a safety policy to ensure these structures are, in fact, compliant with safety regulations?


Request no. 28243. Received: 16/06/2020, Resolved: 08/07/2020

Craigentinny Golf Course

The number of users per annum of Craigentinny Golf Course over the last 5 years and various other questions.


Part information provided

Request no. 28248. Received: 16/06/2020, Resolved: 10/07/2020

Vacant or unused plots of land or buildings

What vacant or unused plots of land or buildings the Council owns within its boundaries.


Information provided

Request no. 28251. Received: 17/06/2020, Resolved: 14/07/2020

Housing Waiting List

House or flat 1 bedroom or 2 bedroom waiting time in Edinburgh council for homeless people how long its takes?


Request no. 28254. Received: 17/06/2020, Resolved: 14/08/2020

Supported Accommodation

In total how many accommodation places are available for adults with additional support needs/learning disabilities in council run facilities and third sector facilities.


Request no. 28255. Received: 18/06/2020, Resolved: 08/07/2020

Gracemount Leisure Centre

The Gracemount Leisure Centre website for information regarding activities that are done in the pool and the costs of the activities.


We do not hold any information regarding the reopening of Gracemount Leisure Centre or the activities that will be offered.

Request no. 28260. Received: 18/06/2020, Resolved: 08/07/2020

Primate Licensing - 2020

Primate licensing information as of 25 February 2020.


Request no. 28261. Received: 18/06/2020, Resolved: 15/07/2020

PFI Service Providers and Authority Representative

Can you provide the name of the company or companies providing the services for each of your PFI projects and the name of the Councils representative, otherwise known as the Authority Representative on each PFI Project?


Request no. 28262. Received: 19/06/2020, Resolved: 16/07/2020

Revised European Charter on the Participation of Young People in Local and Regional Life

Does the local authority have a position on the implementation of the Revised European Charter and referenced the Revised European Charter on the Participation of Young People in Local and Regional Life in any relevant documentation?


Request no. 28264. Received: 19/06/2020, Resolved: 10/07/2020

Wester Hailes Education centre

What plans are in place at Wester Hailes Education Centre to reopen to pupils on 11 August – please provide these plans.


Request no. 28265. Received: 19/06/2020, Resolved: 10/09/2020

Plans to Repurpose Buildings

What guidance has the council received from the Scottish Government on repurposing existing council properties for schooling purposes? Please provide this guidance.


Closed - No Q3 clarification received.

Request no. 28267. Received: 19/06/2020, Resolved: 10/07/2020


How many ‘portacabins’ or other types of temporary structures were purchased or hired by the council for use in education in 2019 and 2020. What was the cost of this?


Request no. 28269. Received: 19/06/2020, Resolved: 28/07/2020

Free Music Provision

What plans are in place to scale back free music tuition in schools as a result of the coronavirus? Please outline these plans? What meetings taken place? And been the cost of free music tuition?


Request no. 28270. Received: 19/06/2020, Resolved: 25/08/2020

Central Government Funding

Since 1 March 2020 how much additional funding has been received by the council from central government? How much of this additional funding has been apportioned to be spent on education?


Closed - No clarification received.

Request no. 28271. Received: 19/06/2020, Resolved: 15/07/2020

Per Pupil Funding Figure

What was the per pupil funding figure for pupils in schools within the local authority area in each of the last 3 school years?


Request no. 28272. Received: 19/06/2020, Resolved: 10/07/2020

Glencairn Terrace and Palmerston Place, Edinburgh

Details of the traffic light sequence at the junction of Glencairn Terrace and Palmerston Place, Edinburgh on 10th August 2018; and confirmation of any defects or faults reported affecting those traffic lights on 10th August 2018.


Request no. 28273. Received: 18/06/2020, Resolved: 30/06/2020

Online Learning

All documentation relating to the provision of online learning during the Covid 19 school closures. I'm specifically looking for documentation which may explain the reasons why online classrooms have not been provided


Cancelled by requester.

Request no. 28274. Received: 19/06/2020, Resolved: 17/07/2020

Cairn Hotel – Covid 19 Pandemic

Detail of the Risk Assessment conducted regarding use of the Cairn Hotel for the current emergency temporary accommodation prior to the project’s inception.


Request no. 28275. Received: 19/06/2020, Resolved: 31/07/2020

Home Care Packages

How many home care packages were delivered by the health and social care partnership on February 1st 2020? How many disabled people were housed in supported living accommodation on February 1st 2020?


Request no. 28276. Received: 19/06/2020, Resolved: 17/07/2020

Social Distancing

Social distancing will impact on how public transport operates. Routes, stations, terminals and taxi ranks, pedestrian areas, etc. will presumably need to be redesigned to accommodate this.


Request no. 28279. Received: 22/06/2020, Resolved: 10/07/2020

School Buses

Full details of whether the school bus provision in your council area is going to be different from 11 August 2020, compared with the provision pre-school closure due to COVID-19 pandemic (in January – March 2020).


Request no. 28281. Received: 22/06/2020, Resolved: 10/07/2020

Use of PE Halls

Council guidance on the use of PE halls as additional classroom space for primary and secondary schools so that they can enact social distancing measures.


Request no. 28282. Received: 22/06/2020, Resolved: 14/07/2020

School Distancing

Copies of any correspondence (email, minutes of calls, internal briefing, texts, minutes and/or otherwise) to, from and between the council and schools as to considerations between a 1 or 2 metres social distancing measures in schools.


Request no. 28283. Received: 22/06/2020, Resolved: 10/07/2020

Cleaning Advice for Schools

Copies of any and all guidance that the council has received from the Scottish Government on cleaning advice for schools when they return in August.


Request no. 28284. Received: 22/06/2020, Resolved: 10/07/2020

Cleaning Guidance

Copies of the guidance that the council have distributed to schools that sets out the guidelines and advice for cleaning in schools when they return on 11 August 2020.


Please see the two documents attached. We are awaiting further guidance from Scottish Government/Health Protection Scotland so the cleaning guidance/regime may well change from the attached guidance.


Request no. 28285. Received: 22/06/2020, Resolved: 14/07/2020

Early Learning and Childcare Budget

Have the council transferred their budget for Early Learning and Childcare to Schools as the Scottish Government indicated would be possible to help deal with the necessary changes in schools as a result of coronavirus?


The Council has not transferred any of the Early Learning and Childcare expansion funding provided by the Scottish Government to meet schools re-opening costs.

Request no. 28286. Received: 22/06/2020, Resolved: 10/07/2020

School Toilets

Copies of any guidance that the council has or will be giving to schools in the council area on a) the use of toilets and b) the cleaning of toilets (how often and to what standards) when pupils return to school on 11 August 2020.


Please refer to the information provided for reference 28284.

Request no. 28287. Received: 22/06/2020, Resolved: 14/07/2020

School Cafeteria Use

Copies of any guidance that the council has or will be giving to schools in the council area on a) the use of the school cafeteria/canteen and b) the cleaning of the cafeteria/canteen (how often and to what standards) when pupils return.


Request no. 28288. Received: 22/06/2020, Resolved: 20/07/2020

Care Home Coronavirus Deaths

How many coronavirus-related deaths there have been to date in the old peoples’ homes run by your local authority and how many by private providers?


The information we hold on deaths in care homes is not broken down by internal or external care home and we do not collect this routinely as a Council.

Request no. 28289. Received: 22/06/2020, Resolved: 22/07/2020

Freedom of Information responses

To ask how many Freedom of Information responses have been received in the time of world crisis COVID 19 CRISIS situation and other questions.


Request no. 28290. Received: 22/06/2020, Resolved: 17/07/2020

Henry Dundas Statue

Provide information on what will be done to the statue of Henry Dundas in Edinburgh.


Request no. 28295. Received: 22/06/2020, Resolved: 17/07/2020

Crisis Grants

For the period 23 March 2020 to 22 June 2020 could you please provide: The total number of applications for crisis grants received by the local authority and various questions.


We are unable to provide the information requested as the cost to the Council of locating, retrieving and providing the information exceeds the statutory maximum of £600.

Request no. 28296. Received: 22/06/2020, Resolved: 23/10/2020

Learning Hubs

How many children who attended the learning hubs set up to look after keyworker children during the coronavirus pandemic?


Request no. 28297. Received: 22/06/2020, Resolved: 14/07/2020

EU/EEA/Swiss Nationals

How many EU/EEA/Swiss children, or children of EU/EEA/Swiss nationals are in the care of the City of Edinburgh Council, or have recently left care?


Request no. 28298. Received: 22/06/2020, Resolved: 20/07/2020

Dundas Statue in St. Andrew Square

I would like to receive details of the historic research and sources used to inform the wording of the plaque to be fixed on the Dundas statue in St. Andrew Square.


Request no. 28305. Received: 23/06/2020, Resolved: 13/07/2020

Lothian Pension Fund

Request for the latest quarterly cash-flow reports of all your private capital investments.


Information provided.

Request no. 28306. Received: 23/06/2020, Resolved: 07/08/2020

Care Packages

1. Records of people’s concerns at their care and support being reduced or ended from the start of March to 23/6/2020. 2. The number of people receiving care packages, as at the first day of each of the following?


Request no. 28307. Received: 23/06/2020, Resolved: 14/07/2020

SAR - CCTV Request

Request for CCTV footage.


We have reviewed the footage and nothing of the incident you describe was seen. Consequently we are unable to provide any relevant data.

Request no. 28310. Received: 23/06/2020, Resolved: 10/07/2020

ICT Documents

Request for the organisation’s information around the internal plans and strategy documents around ICT.


See the response to 27928.

Request no. 28311. Received: 23/06/2020, Resolved: 30/06/2020

PSA Support in Edinburgh

Regarding a new model for PSA support in Edinburgh which was put in place some time ago, I now need information to check whether support funding had decreased.


Cancelled by requester.

Request no. 28326. Received: 23/06/2020, Resolved: 14/07/2020

Seafield Road, Edinburgh

Works to make locus safe following incident 20/05/17 at Seafield Road, close to the junction with Seafield Way.


Request no. 28328. Received: 23/06/2020, Resolved: 21/07/2020


Can you please disclose your IJB's COVID-19 Mobilisation Plan?


Please refer to the following attached document:

28328 IJB's COVID-19 Mobilisation Plan

Although this document is now outdated, it is the most up-to-date version held and was submitted to the Scottish Government 03/04/2020.


Request no. 28332. Received: 24/06/2020, Resolved: 25/06/2020

Business Rates Data

I am trying to access your business rates data and usually do so on this website: However the link does not appear to be working, and I can't find the information anywhere on your website.

Request no. 28335. Received: 24/06/2020, Resolved: 21/07/2020

UK Government’s Job Retention Scheme

How many employees from your organisation have been furloughed under the UK Government’s Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme? As a consequence, how much funding is expected to be received from the UK government in total from this scheme?


The headcount figure is 374. We expect to receive approximately £500,000.

Request no. 28336. Received: 24/06/2020, Resolved: 14/07/2020

Edinburgh / Lothian Pension Fund Investments

The full details of what the Lothian Pension Fund currently invests in, including the name and amounts of each asset class or investment being held.

Request no. 28338. Received: 22/06/2020, Resolved: 20/07/2020

LED Street Lights

I would like to know how many LED street lights have failed since January 2019 and many complaints the council has received about LED street lights since January 2019.


Request no. 28339. Received: 25/06/2020, Resolved: 13/07/2020

Portobello High Street

Intended plans to widen the pavements in Portobello High Street in order to let people pass safely.


Request no. 28340. Received: 25/06/2020, Resolved: 23/07/2020

Elm Row, Edinburgh

Highway Inspections from 2 December 2019 and any previous for 2-years of Elm Row, Edinburgh Including details of who put tarmacadam on the road between May 2018 and July 2019


Request no. 28341. Received: 25/06/2020, Resolved: 13/07/2020

Gilmerton Primary School (Refurbishment)

Please can you send me an up to date list of all contractors, sub-contractors and suppliers that have been working on the construction.


Request no. 28342. Received: 25/06/2020, Resolved: 23/07/2020

Council Tax

The total amount of unpaid council tax for each financial year for the last three full years.


The figures we hold for the last full three years are as follows:

2019 - £1,608,989.06

2018 - £1,230,757.42

2017 - £1,198,573.88

Request no. 28343. Received: 25/06/2020, Resolved: 13/07/2020

Incidents Lodged by Teachers

The number of incidents lodged by teachers in your local authority involving primary school students or nursery students making racist insults or derogatory comments about homosexuals in 12 months.


Request no. 28344. Received: 25/06/2020, Resolved: 23/07/2020

Motor Vehicles Registered for Public Hire

Motor Vehicles registered for public hire ie Taxi/Private Hire/Hackney Carriage that were either issued a new or renewal licence in the period 1st January 2020 to 31st May 2020.


Request no. 28345. Received: 25/06/2020, Resolved: 13/07/2020

Health and Social Care Partnerships

How many people in sheltered housing and who receive care at home services within the HSCP have died from February to the start of July 2020 and, of that number, how many have died from COVID-19 or suspected COVID -19.


Request no. 28346. Received: 25/06/2020, Resolved: 23/07/2020

Public Liability Insurance

Copies of all commercial Edinburgh City Council public liability insurance policy certificates with what is covered, policy numbers, providers and underwriters held by Edinburgh City Council .


The Council’s insurers do not provide public liability insurance policy certificates. In addition, the term ‘certificate of indemnity’ is not one that is recognised.

Request no. 28352. Received: 25/06/2020, Resolved: 24/07/2020

HMO Licences

A request for information about the number of properties that have not received three year licence for not adhering to the licensing conditions for HMO properties in particular about continuity of certification.


Request no. 28357. Received: 29/06/2020, Resolved: 01/09/2020

Waste Base Data

Quality and quantity of all waste streams collected (kerbside, and commercial if they do it) and received (deposit points, HWRCs* etc) under the previous fully co-mingled system and the current arrangements for the last 10 years.


Request no. 28359. Received: 26/06/2020, Resolved: 14/07/2020

Edinburgh West Adoption Map

As part of our ongoing works in Edinburgh, we require some information on adoption status at: Junction Boswell Parkway & Crewe Rd N, Edinburgh, EH5 2NS / West Granton Rd, Edinburgh, EH5 1QN.


See 28372

Request no. 28360. Received: 26/06/2020, Resolved: 23/07/2020

Portobello Beach Cleaning

Information about the littering on Portobello beach. The estimated cost of clearing up the litter each day on the beach in the summer months, specifically July, including the cost of the tractor and the crew who clean the prom etc


Request no. 28361. Received: 26/06/2020, Resolved: 13/07/2020

Business Rates

Can you send me a full list of businesses and charities that have become liable for business rates due to recently taking over a new business premises between the 16th April 2020 to the 20th June 2020.


Request no. 28362. Received: 29/06/2020, Resolved: 24/07/2020

Fixed Penalty Notices for Littering

How many fixed penalty notices have been issued by the council for littering in 2020 to date and for 2019? (Environmental Protection Act 1990 Section 88).


In 2019 there were 36 issued. In 2020 there have been 13 issued up to 29/06/2020.

Request no. 28363. Received: 29/06/2020, Resolved: 07/07/2020

CCTV Footage

CCTV footage of the pavement on chambers Street outside the museum on 25th June 2020 from 5:05pm to 5:20pm.


We have reviewed the footage from our cameras and, unfortunately, neither camera was directed towards the relevant location at the time requested.

Request no. 28364. Received: 29/06/2020, Resolved: 27/07/2020

Recently Planted Trees

I am concerned that many of the recently planted trees planted in Edinburgh are showing signs of drought stress.


Request no. 28365. Received: 29/06/2020, Resolved: 24/07/2020

Road Traffic Collision Data

I am researching road traffic collisions with otters in Scotland and require information on any animal mitigation measures installed, posted road speeds and traffic volume.


Request no. 28366. Received: 29/06/2020, Resolved: 27/07/2020

Roads Permit

Has a Roads Permit been issued for the operation of a mobile snack bar outside Halfords, Craigentinny Avenue North, Edinburgh?


Request no. 28367. Received: 29/06/2020, Resolved: 23/07/2020

Adopted Highway Check

I would like to request an adopted highway check for the two following location; Location 1: Ingliston Road, Newbridge, Location 2: Fairview Road, Ingliston, Newbridge,


Request no. 28368. Received: 29/06/2020, Resolved: 27/07/2020

Intranet / IT Service

How many people are employed by your organisation, including full time and part time? What is your current intranet solution? (Sharepoint, Wordpress, Invotra, etc). Plus nine further questions.


Request no. 28369. Received: 29/06/2020, Resolved: 07/07/2020

Colinton Mains Road, Edinburgh

Details of all inspection and maintenance records together with details of any complaints for the following address for the period 23 November 2016 to 23 November 2019: Colinton Mains Road, Edinburgh.


We believe that all, or part of the information you seek is held by Link who are our service provider for the Private Sector Leasing scheme.

Request no. 28371. Received: 29/06/2020, Resolved: 24/07/2020

Councillors attending Committee Meetings

Could you give me the attendance records of all Edinburgh councillors?


Request no. 28372. Received: 29/06/2020, Resolved: 28/07/2020

Edinburgh Highways Adoption Maps Required - Various Locations

As part of our ongoing works in Edinburgh, we require some information on adoption status of several locations around the city.


Request no. 28373. Received: 29/06/2020, Resolved: 24/07/2020

Support for a Local Youth Forum

Several questions in regard to support for local youth forums. (group led by young people (aged 12-26) which aims to understand and advocate for young people’s views within the local area in which they are based).


The City of Edinburgh Council supports a wide range of youth participation work but it does not support a local youth forum. The questions following are therefore not applicable.

Request no. 28374. Received: 30/06/2020, Resolved: 27/07/2020

Tables and Chairs Permits

The total amount collected in 2019 calendar year, or alternatively 2019/20 financial year, in respect of Tables and Chairs Permits placed by premises serving food and drink, on roads or pavements.


The income for Table and Chair Permits for the 2019/20 financial year was £410,139.

Request no. 28375. Received: 30/06/2020, Resolved: 27/07/2020

Children in Care - EU Settlement Scheme

How many children needing to apply to the EUSS are in the care of Edinburgh Council or have recently left care and are they receiving support with their applications?


There are between zero and five such children receiving support with their applications in the care of the City of Edinburgh Council with none having recently left our care.

Request no. 28376. Received: 10/06/2020, Resolved: 14/07/2020

Niddrie Mains - Adoption Status

Query regarding prospectively adopted land.


Request no. 28378. Received: 30/06/2020, Resolved: 24/07/2020

Total Number of Complaints - Seafield Sewerage Works

The total number of complaints for 2019 and 2020 relating to Seafield Sewerage Works.


In relation to Seafield Waste Water Treatment Works we received the following:

2019: 571 complaints. 524 odour complaints and 47 noise complaints.
2020 to 30 June: 461 complaints. 439 odour complaints and 22 noise complaints.

Request no. 28379. Received: 30/06/2020, Resolved: 31/08/2020

New Town Gardens

I would like information about the names, locations, sizes and any council costs associated with the 47 New Town Gardens.


Closed - no clarification received.

Request no. 28380. Received: 30/06/2020, Resolved: 24/07/2020

Expenses Claims

Could you please provide a list of all expenses claimed by all councillors between 01 January 2019 and the 30 June 2020.

Request no. 28387. Received: 30/06/2020, Resolved: 27/07/2020


I'm looking for details of the graffiti that has been removed by Edinburgh City Council in the last five years - from 1 June 2015 to 1 June 2020.


Request no. 28391. Received: 30/06/2020, Resolved: 24/07/2020

Refuse Collection Complaints

How many complaints has the council received about local refuse collections since 23 March 2020 to date. Provide copies of any letters or emails received by the council that contain complaints.


Please see attached.


Request no. 28392. Received: 30/06/2020, Resolved: 27/07/2020

Correspondence - Allocation of £155 million

Copies of any correspondence the councils has had with Kate Forbes and/or Ministers in the Scottish Government about the allocation of £155 million in announced Barnett Consequentials.


No such correspondence is held.

Request no. 28393. Received: 30/06/2020, Resolved: 24/07/2020

Usable reserves

What was the value of the council’s useable reserve funding in March and July 2020. How much of the council’s useable reserves has been spent on measures related to the coronavirus pandemic.


Please see attached.


Request no. 28394. Received: 30/06/2020, Resolved: 28/08/2020

High Streets Complaints

Since 1 May 2020 how many complaints, comments, letters or emails have been received by the council about the state or condition and or concerns about the future of high streets in the local authority area?


Closed - No clarification received.

Request no. 28395. Received: 30/06/2020, Resolved: 31/07/2020

Key Worker Definition

Any internal advice or guidance prepared by the council on what constitutes a ‘key worker’ in the context of COVID-19 from 1 March 2020 to date.


Request no. 28396. Received: 30/06/2020, Resolved: 28/07/2020

Licensing Authority

What guidance or advice was prepared by the licensing authority about the potential reopening of beer gardens or similar outdoor spaces on 19 June?


Request no. 28400. Received: 23/06/2020, Resolved: 23/07/2020

Deferral Funding Applications

The number of discretionary deferral funding applications to the City of Edinburgh Council for children due to start primary school in August 2020, that is for children whose fifth birthdays will fall between the day after the school start date.


Request no. 28401. Received: 30/06/2020, Resolved: 28/08/2020

Road Adoption Plan - Morningside Road

Can you please provide plans showing the extent of the Adopted Highway at this location: Morningside Road.


Closed - No clarification received.

Request no. 28443. Received: 30/06/2020, Resolved: 30/07/2020

Private Hire and Public Hire Vehicles

How many private hire and public hire vehicles and drivers were licensed by CEC on 31 December of each year from 2009 to 2019 and for 2020 up to 30/06/2020?

Request no. 28799. Received: 30/06/2020, Resolved: 28/08/2020

Road Adoption Plan - Milton Road

Road Adoption Plan for specified part of Milton Road.


Request no. 28800. Received: 30/06/2020, Resolved: 28/08/2020

Road Adoption Plan - Murray Cottages, Corstorphine

Road Adoption Plan for specified part of Murray Cottages, Corstorphine.


Request no. 28801. Received: 30/06/2020, Resolved: 28/08/2020

Road Adoption Plan - Duddingston Park South

Road Adoption Plan for specified part of Duddingston Park South


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