Freedom of information (FOI) disclosure log

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Request no. 28078. Received: 01/06/2020, Resolved: 29/06/2020

Edinburgh Council's Lending List

Q1. I would like a list of the local authorities which are on Edinburgh Council's lending list. Q2. Which local authorities have been taken off Edinburgh Council's lending list since 2015 and when they were taken off?


A1. All UK local authorities are on Council’s lending list bar those with “On Credit Watch status in Operational Investment Restrictions at any point in time.

A2. Information withheld under Section 33(1)(b) - Commercial interests & the economy.

Request no. 28145. Received: 04/06/2020, Resolved: 12/03/2021

Granton Harbour Estate, West Harbour Road, Edinburgh

All documents, in respect of City of Edinburgh Council proposing to purchase the Granton Harbour Estate, West Harbour Road, Edinburgh by means of a Compulsory Purchase Order.


Having completed searches within the relevant service areas, I can confirm that no such documentation is held within the stated period.

Request no. 28288. Received: 22/06/2020, Resolved: 20/07/2020

Care Home Coronavirus Deaths

How many coronavirus-related deaths there have been to date in the old peoples’ homes run by your local authority and how many by private providers?


The information we hold on deaths in care homes is not broken down by internal or external care home and we do not collect this routinely as a Council.

Request no. 28289. Received: 22/06/2020, Resolved: 22/07/2020

Freedom of Information responses

To ask how many Freedom of Information responses have been received in the time of world crisis COVID 19 CRISIS situation and other questions.


Request no. 28443. Received: 30/06/2020, Resolved: 30/07/2020

Private Hire and Public Hire Vehicles

How many private hire and public hire vehicles and drivers were licensed by CEC on 31 December of each year from 2009 to 2019 and for 2020 up to 30/06/2020?

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