Gritting routes and grit bin locations

Winter road and pavement maintenance map

Use the interactive map below to view winter gritting routes and/or find your nearest grit bin.

Gritting routes - roads and pavements

The map below shows the Priority 1 road gritting routes in Edinburgh. These routes will be the first to receive treatment. Please note that the full length of certain roads may fall into more than one treatment category. The map also shows the pavement gritting routes.

Grit bin locations

You can also use the map below to search for grit or salt bins within 250m of a specified location.

In addition to our map based data you can use our information directories to search by street name for Road gritting routesPavement gritting routes and grit bins.

You can report a damaged or missing grit bin.

View a mobile friendly version of the map.

If your query is not answered in the information above, you can contact us on 0800 23 23 23.