People-led local development

Re-energise the local community

Granton Waterfront aims to create a socially sustainable local community where people can

  • live
  • work 
  • play 
  • thrive.

This will be supported by placing control and benefits into the hands of local people, growing the economy in a sustainable way.

Granton Waterfront will

  • reduce inequality
  • improve social inclusion 
  • create a self-sufficient ‘20-minute’ neighbourhood, one where you can walk or wheel to the local shops, to public transport, and where children can safely get to school.    

We’ll also deliver 

  • a new school 
  • a new NHS healthcare centre
  • high-quality public spaces
  • creative, learning and cultural hubs.

We’ll nurture health and wellbeing alongside culture and the arts, creating a place where everyone can explore, discover, experience and be inspired while supporting a community that prioritises learning.