Proposals for the streets crossing George Street

Frederick Street (North)

Computer generated image of proposals for Frederick Street south.
  • The road will have granite setts and be narrowed to two lanes to allow for widened pavements.
  • Pavements are upgraded in natural Yorkstone slabs. 
  • Parallel parking spaces for taxis, residents and pay and display are shown in laybys, also shown in granite setts. 
  • Widened pavement spaces are built out either side of the Thistle Street and Hill Street junctions to allow for an non-signal controlled crossing point to the north of Thistle Street and cycle parking space to the south.
  • The non-signal controlled crossing across Frederick Street (north) is shown with dropped kerbs and dark grey blister tactile paving. The crossings over Thistle Street are raised tables, bringing the road flush with the pavement, and delineated with dark grey blister tactile paving.

The proposed layout and operation of Frederick Street (north)Plan showing proposed layout of Frederick Street north

Diagram key

  1. Loading area
  2. Motorcycle parking
  3. General car parking
  4. Pedestrian corridor
  5. Indicative threshold line
  6. Waste disposal area
  7. Road
  8. Seating
  9. Cycle parking area
  10. Bus shelter

A view of how Frederick Street (north) looks now

Birdseye view photo of Frederick Street north as it is now before construction.