Construction will take approximately two to three years to complete. We will keep you informed of specific dates and our construction programme.

We will draw on lessons learned from other similar infrastructure projects to minimise disruption during what we recognise will be a challenging period.

Working with you to reduce disruption

Unfortunately, some disruption and noise is inevitable, but we will work with you to reduce impact as much as possible. We will plan to keep this to a minimum.

Safety is our priority

During construction, traffic management measures will be installed and maintained to make sure the works can be carried out safely for everyone, including residents, businesses and our workforce.


We want to make sure that access to your business or property is maintained and will work with you throughout construction. 

Disabled access during works can be challenging, but you will be able to discuss specific requirements with the contractor once they have been appointed. They will be happy to assist. For example, if you know you have an appointment with someone who may need special assistance, we will do everything we can to support this.