If you live, or run a business in an area prone to flooding, you should protect your property by having your own sandbags ready. You can buy these from any builders merchant. It is best to store hessian sandbags unfilled, in a waterproof area, as the hessian will rot and may only last around four months when filled.

We provide a limited number of sandbags which you can collect at 

  • Tollcross Fire Station – 6 West Tollcross, EH3 9QN
  • Crewe Toll Fire Station – 223 Telford Road, EH4 2PW
  • Liberton Fire Station – 19 Kirk Brae, EH16 6TS
  • Newcraighall Fire Station – 90 Newcraighall Road, EH21 8QS
  • Marionville Fire Station – 51 Marionville Drive, EH7 6BH
  • South Queensferry Fire Station – Ferryburn, Rosebery Avenue, EH30 9QS
  • Sighthill Fire Station – 376 Calder Road, EH11 4AT.

Temporary flood defences

In certain locations we erect temporary barriers and sandbags to protect vulnerable areas during flood alerts. It is vital that you do not remove these. You may be putting your own and other people's lives and properties at risk.

We do not supply or deliver sandbags to individual homes or businesses.