Local Flood Risk Management plan

As the lead local authority for the Forth Estuary, Falkirk Council has published the Forth Estuary Local Flood Risk Management plan 2022-2028. They have also published the section 38 final report for the 2016-2022 plan

We were the lead authority for the area around the Forth Estuary and as lead authority we produced the Local Flood Risk Management Plan (LFRMP). The plan provides further information on funding and the timetable for delivering the actions identified in the strategy between 2016 and 2022. The Flood Risk Management strategy and LFRMP will be updated every six years.

After publication of the initial LFRMP, Falkirk Council replaced us as lead local authority for the forth estuary local plan district. To review the progress made in delivering the actions of the flood risk management plan, Falkirk Council have published the Forth Estuary Flood Risk Management plan interim report.