What to do in a flood

Who to contact for help and advice

If you spot a flood please contact us.

During Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm call 0131 608 1100

Out of hours call 0131 200 2000

You can check current flood warnings on the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA) website.

Police updates

During a flood alert, the police will use local radio news bulletins on Forth One 97.3 FM and Forth Two 1548 AM to keep you informed.

Blockages in rivers and burns

To report a blocked bridge or large pipe contact us.

0131 200 2000

Rubbish dumped in rivers and burns can cause blockages and make flooding worse. If you see rubbish dumped, please call . 

0131 608 1100

Electricity and water

Switch off your electricity supply at the fuse box and your water supply at the mains. You should check where to find these before the flood happens.


Floodwater can be contaminated and dangerous to health. Don't allow pets to drink it or play in it and wash your hands if you come into contact with the water. If you are worried about contamination or any other health concerns, call 

0131 608 1100.

To report sewage rising up from man holes, contact Scottish Water.

0845 601 8855

Vulnerable neighbours

Please be a good neighbour and keep an eye on people around you, particularly older people, and people with disabilities or with young children. If they need help and support, contact Social Care Direct.